Hey there! I'll make this short, since I really don't have that much to say. I discovered Legend of Legaia a few months ago, and I almost instantly became a huge fan. It's severely underrated, though at least those few who know about it do generally acknowledge it as a great game. Even without Songi, the game would be amazing, but with him... Well, it kicks ass. :D As a result, I don't know how many people will actually read, much less review, this fic, but I do plan to finish it, even if it takes me years. If you enjoy the story, please drop me a review and let me know. It'll really make me happy. :)

Warnings: Gala/Songi; slash; non-canon; very, VERY Songi-fangirl author. Rating may change.

Chapter 1

Songi had been sleeping ever since Gala had left, Zalan had said. The use of the Horn Ra-Seru and Spoon Seru had kept him from dying, and the several Fury Boosts Zalan had regularly administered had helped to restore something of the some two and a half litres of blood Songi had lost, but even so it wasn't looking good.

Songi's skin, though no longer the deathly grey it had been in the Seru-kai, was still nowhere near the right color; it was closer to pasty white than anything else, and despite Zalan's constant use of wet wash cloths, it was hideously clammy, too. His hair wasn't much better, looking as though someone had thrown several full glasses of water over it. Its usual prominent spiked style was hardly recognizable, and Songi's breathing seemed incredibly forced.

"Thank you so much for your help, Zalan," Gala said politely to the jeweller. He was trying to fight the panic growing quietly but unmistakably in his chest. "I'll take over now. Again, I'm very sorry I had to trouble you with all this."

Gala moved forward to take the wash cloth, and though Zalan handed it willingly to him, he looked uncertain.

"Are you sure, Master Gala?" he asked as the teen stepped forward and knelt beside him and Songi. "You look exhausted, and it's really no trouble-"

"No, it's fine," Gala said. He was very happy that news of Juggernaut and its defeat hadn't yet reached Jeremi or the rest of the Sebucus Islands. He didn't think he could face the endless gratitude and praise he'd been met with in Rim Elm again right now.

Zalan hesitated for a moment longer before nodding and getting to his feet.

"Very well, Master Gala. But if he wakes up, please inform me immediately."

"Yes, sir," Gala said. He bowed as best he could from his limited position as the man left the room.

Zalan had been very generous, Gala didn't deny that. When he'd first appeared at his porch after teleporting to Jeremi on a Door of Wind, just barely managing to support the unconscious and heavily bleeding Songi on his powerful shoulders, Zalan hadn't wasted a second with questions. He'd sprung forward to take some of Songi's weight and help Gala carry him into the house, all the while calling for his son, Pepe, to grab the medicine kit.

Then, ten minutes later, when Songi was lying on an ankle-high bed with the gaping, still-bleeding gash on his torso dressed and bandaged, Zalan hadn't argued at all when Gala had announced that he had to leave and wasn't sure how long it would be until he came back. He'd neglected to mention that he might never come back if Juggernaut finished him, but even then Gala had a feeling that Zalan still wouldn't have minded.

But still, Gala wanted to be the one to watch Songi. It wasn't that he didn't trust Zalan. He didn't trust Songi. Even when he was barely alive, the guy could be incredibly unpredictable, and Gala didn't want to risk anything. After all the things the bastard had done, Gala didn't deny for a second that he'd harm people of Jeremi if he felt so inclined.

Once he was alone, Gala looked down at his former best friend. He swallowed a painful lump in his throat as he thought about everything that had led to this: Songi betraying and attacking the Biron Monastery, obtaining his own Ra-Seru and joining a group of evildoers intent on using the evil Mist to take over Legaia. Songi taking control of the horrible Sim-Seru Juggernaut, eventually using its powers to engulf Rim Elm before fleeing to and attempting to take over the Seru-kai and make himself a god. Then...


Songi laughed coldly as the Sim Ra-Seru Jedo separated from his arm before flickering and disappearing altogether. Though covered in bruises and cuts from their fight and panting hard, he grinned at Gala, as though the whole thing were nothing more than a huge joke.

"Look at me, Gala! How pitiful I am! Even with the power of the Ra-Seru, I couldn't... couldn't defeat..."

He broke off with an agonized scream that seemed to echo all throughout the godly dimension. He fell to the ground, writhing and spasming, still screaming at the top of his lungs. Gala, despite everything, found himself rushing to his former best friend's side in an instant.

"Songi, what's wrong?!"

He reached out and grabbed the older man's shoulder, shaking it in a combination of dread and concern. He was dimly aware of Vahn and Noa coming up beside him and even of Noa leaning down next to him, but right then he had eyes only for Songi.

"My whole body hurts! I can't take it!" Songi rasped in between screams. His skin was beginning to turn a stone-grey color, and his whole body was flickering, much like the Ra-Seru he'd just been separated from. Gala's rising dread was only magnified when Vahn and Noa's Ra-Seru, Meta and Terra, spoke.

"The Seru-kai is a world intolerant of the presence of ordinary human beings."

"Now that he has lost his Seru, Songi will return to nothingness."

"Gala!" Songi cried, tears coming to his eyes as his body briefly disintegrated into shards before reforming. "The pain is unbearable! You're my friend... Help me!"

Gala gulped. Songi hadn't called him his friend in literally years. He must've been extremely desperate to fall back on that now.

"Ozma, can't we do something for him?"

Gala didn't even feel the words enter his brain or leave his mouth, nor did he hear Ozma's reply. Songi was holding onto the arm he had on his shoulder like grim death, as though he were a drowning man clutching at a floating piece of debris.

As Songi screamed again and Noa drew back, looking mortified, Gala felt that his heart would break. He didn't think of it then, in his panic, but Songi was the closest thing to a family he'd ever had. They'd been raised together since they were kids. They'd practically been brothers.

"Curse all you Seru! Is this all your powers can do?!" Songi shouted in a near delirium. Just as furiously as he'd been gripping it, he pushed Gala's hand away, his blue eyes mixed with real hatred behind all the terror and pain. "Gala... You... You're next!"

Gala's hand was knocked back hard into Vahn's right knee directly behind him. That was when Gala thought of what he did. It was a long shot, but maybe, just maybe...

The former Biron Monastery monk jumped to his feet, turned to Vahn, and all but grabbed the boy by the collar.

"Vahn! Vahn, give me that Light Talisman, now!"

Vahn blinked in confusion for a moment before understanding dawned on his face, and he wrenched the talisman from around his index finger and handed it to his senior. Gripping the powerful ring for all it was worth, Gala threw himself back down beside Songi and, grabbing one of his flailing, grey arms, forced it onto one of the red-head's fingers.

Instantly, Songi's body stopped flickering and de-forming, and his writhing and thrashing stilled considerably, but he was still clearly in a great deal of pain. Now that his body was stable again, Gala noticed a huge, deep gash running along Songi's entire torso. It was bleeding uncontrollably, and one didn't have to be a doctor to know that such a wound, if not treated quickly, could prove to be fatal.

Songi was breathing hard, his eyes squeezed shut. He wasn't flailing around anymore, but he was twitching and shuddering every few seconds. Gala didn't know if he was even conscious or not.

"Terra, what's wrong?" Noa asked her Ra-Seru, clutching a hand to her chest in order to better communicate with her partner.

"It's no use, Noa!" Terra said. It was hard to tell with a Seru, but there was definitely a clear note of panic in Terra's voice. "The Great Genesis Tree is too weak to be revived!"

"What? You mean the Great Genesis Tree is going to die?!" Vahn said as Noa got to her feet.

Gala stayed kneeling by Songi, but he turned his attention towards the Genesis Tree. No sooner had he done so did a huge, ground-shaking earthquake erupt through the Seru-kai, throwing Noa and Vahn off-balance. Above them, the sky grew rapidly dark and began to crackle with ominous lightning. Vahn and Noa struggled to their feet, calling out to their Ra-Seru in panic. There was no answer. For the first time, Gala half-forgot Songi and stood up also.

"The Ra-Seru are growing weaker, too! The Great Genesis Tree is almost dead!" He clenched his fists in helpless frustration and fear.

No! Are our lives to expire with the Seru-kai?!

Noa shook her head fiercely and faced the Great Genesis Tree again, placing her hand on her heart and closing her eyes.

"Vahn, Gala! Let's pray! Let's pray to the Great Genesis Tree!"

Vahn and Gala didn't say anything but rushed to join the wild girl, holding their chests and closing their eyes also.

"Our faith is all we have left," Gala said quietly, before gritting his teeth and putting everything he had into his prayers.

More to come soon, for the possible one or two people who might actually be reading this. XD