A/N...just a short drabble that has been rattling around in my skull. Enjoy!

Usually when Michael and Fiona make love, it is fast paced and somewhat violent. Fiona is tossed around as Michael changes positions quickly. Michael is always getting scratches and bites from Fiona in the heat of the moment. Love making has always been about passion, fire and release.

On the rare occasions, they do take it slower. Touches and caresses are softer, kisses are deeper and breathing is heavier. During these slower paced moments together, Michael's hands shake as lets his hands linger over Fiona's face, breasts, her luscious hot core and her long legs. He keeps wondering how he is lucky enough to have such an incredibly beautiful woman wanting him to make love to her. As he wants to savor each moment with her, he takes his time and lets their passion build. His movements as he enters her are slow, achingly slow. During their more frenetic bouts, Fiona is grabbing and clawing at him to speed up. However during their more subdued moments, like this, she keeps her hands on his face, hair and chest. She never lets her hands leave his body for fear of losing her connection to him.

Michael relishes these moments with Fiona. The constant sensation of her hands on his skin, her scent, hearing her moans and watching her body and face respond to him fills him with amazement. These are the moments when there are no jobs, no CIA, no bad guys and no communication from family and friends. Its just Michael and Fiona showing their love to one another.

These are also the the times Michael gets to see Fiona with her guard completely down. As his hands move around her body, he never stops looking in her eyes. Moments like these, Fiona finds the most memorable of their sexual encounters and yet the most rattling at the same time. Along with all the pleasure that Michael is causing her to feel with each kiss, lick and thrust, he is also causing her to feel scared. When she looks in his eyes, all she sees is passion and love. During the more spirited moments spent in bed, Fiona knows she is loved by Michael but his eyes have a more raw and wild look to them. These moments that are more about a deeper, more emotional need. Michael is the only man who has loved her so deeply and so completely and for some unknown reason it unnerves her because she can't imagine what she has done to earn such love.

As they both near their mutual release, they cling to one another. Their limbs are entwined with one another and they enter into a long, deep kiss that is not broken no matter how much they can't breathe. Once they reach the edge of oblivion their kisses turn into loud groans, grunts and they both scream out the others name.

Once they start to come back to earth, Michael doesn't withdraw right away and roll off of Fiona. Instead he plants kisses over her cheeks and lips. He brushes the sweaty hair from her face and whispers to her how much he loves her. She swears his eyes fill with tears as he admits his love to her, but she will never say a word. Instead she lays under him and pulls him down for a last kiss. He wriggles his way down and rests his head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat. Their fingers are entwined as they both fall asleep, both feeling exhausted but feeling happily relaxed and completely in love.