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Title: Only the Night Knows

Written for: CullensTwiMistress

Written By: WitchyVampireGir

Rating: M


Only the night knows the secrets, the desires, and the truths of two strangers with an unconventional arrangement. When circumstances force things to change, what will happen? Only the night knows.

Prompt used: Night, truck, trees, alone


May 14, 2011 11:27 pm Black Moon Night Club

"Hmm, feels good. Harder…ohh…right there," I moaned as I bent over the sink in the bathroom. I looked behind me to see Mase pounding into me. The wet sound of skin on skin filled the tiny room, creating an echo.

"You feel so fucking tight, Izzy," he panted as his hands dug deeper into my hips holding me tightly. He was bent over me, his warm breath tickling the back of my sweat soaked neck. "It only gets better," he whispered.

Just then he picked up the pace and pumped into me wildly. My knuckles were white from gripping the ledge of the counter as I pushed back hard each time he thrust into me. The familiar tightening in my belly signaled my coming orgasm.

I snuck my hand to my clit and rubbed tight circles to bring me over the edge faster.

"So fucking hot. I can feel you rubbing your clit. Rub it for me, baby. I want your sweet pussy to grip me hard when you come."

Like always, his dirty words were like an automatic trigger. They turned me on like nothing else and always brought me closer to the edge.

"So close, please, Mase …" I arched my back and tilted my pelvis causing a shift in the angle, and it was just what I needed as white, hot heat exploded down my spine. I felt my pussy as it pulsed and I clenched down hard on his cock.

"Fuck…yes," he hissed as I felt his cock swell. He gave me a few erratic pumps before he spilled into the condom. I continued to thrust as I rode out the last waves of my orgasm. When I was finally spent, I slumped down on the cold marble counter and moaned as he pulled out.

It amazed me that after a fast and furious fuck in a bathroom, Mase still looked fucking sexy as hell, while I felt as sexy as a limp noodle. He tied off the condom and flushed it down the toilet before he hauled me closer to his chest.

We were so frantic for each other that our shirts were still on. I nuzzled into his chest, smelling the familiar scent that was all Mase; spicy, earthy, and clean. His hand pushed my chin up and he looked deep into my eyes. His green ones sparkled like emeralds and held me captive in his gaze.

Ever so slowly he brushed his lips against mine. It was surprisingly tender. It threw me for a loop and I froze. If Mase noticed he never acted like he did, instead he kept on kissing my chastely and sweetly until I was dizzy and had to push him away.

"Thank you, Izzy," he murmured before placing another sweet kiss on my nose and then he was out the door.

I watched the door for a few moments, partly hoping he would come back. When he didn't, I had to give myself a shake. I looked at myself in the mirror, hair tousled, eyes bright and shining, and cheeks that were still colored with a blush. I had hoped that after some time the attraction and mind-numbing lust would have faded. It hadn't and now there were other feelings and emotions I had no desire to go through again. So, I did what I did best, I brushed them aside and denied they existed.

I washed my hands, reapplied my lip gloss, and smoothed out my hair the best I could before I went looking for my brother. It was right about the time that he was supposed to meet me. The noise and smoke from the bar hit me full force and it took a while before my eyes adjusted.

Just then I heard a loud, "Bells! Over here!" I scanned the crowd to see my rather large brother standing on a chair waving his arms like a mad man. I couldn't help but laugh.

I made my way through the crowded bar to the table where he was seated.

"Could you be any louder, Emmett?" I asked as I plopped myself into a chair. A frosty mug and a pitcher of beer were already there and I helped myself to some. I drank nearly half a glass, not realizing how thirsty my workout with Mase had made me.

"Just wanted to make sure you could find me," he replied as he eyed me warily. "Awfully thirsty there, Bells. Is it safe to say that you met up with your tall, dark stranger?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and I bit back a laugh.

Just as I was going to give him some scathing retort, I was saved by the sound of a sweet southern voice.

"Hey there McCarty clan! What's hopping?" I turned to see Jasper, Emmett's boyfriend of two years, slide into a seat next to Em. They kissed their hellos and I turned away, the intimacy just a bit uncomfortable.

"Well, Bells was just going to spill the beans on why she's so thirsty and looks as if she was ridden hard," replied Em, his voice sugary sweet and all too knowing.

"Ohh, did you meet up with your mystery meat…errr, man?" Jasper giggled at his intentional slip.

Wanting to be difficult, I deflected, "You know Jasper it's hard to take ya seriously when you sparkle like a cheesy vampire." I motioned to his cheek. Jasper danced a few nights a month at the local gay bar as a drag queen named Jazzmin. I'd seen him a few times and it was sad when your brother's boyfriend looked better in lingerie and stilettos than you did. My self-esteem couldn't take the hits.

Faster than most girls, Jasper whipped out a compact mirror out of his backpack and checked his appearance. He scowled at me when he found no glitter.

"Real funny, Bella. Now dish." I looked into two pairs of highly expectant eyes and sighed. There was no way I could get out of telling them what happened earlier, so I did. In all its glorious fucking detail.

Later that night I thought back to what lead me to where I was, having a weird kind of affair with a stranger. It was over two months ago and I was at the Black Moon. I was drunk and feeling no pain. Not even pain from my break-up with my longtime boyfriend, Fred, hours earlier. I was dancing by myself when two pairs of strong and beautifully inked arms encircled my waist. It was Mase, with his green eyes fringed with thick eyelashes too pretty to be on a man and hair that was streaked with brown, copper, and auburn. His scent surrounded me and with him grinding on me it all made me extremely horny. I hadn't had sex in months, which should had been clue number one something was wrong with my relationship.

One thing led to another and we were in the men's room pawing and clawing at each other. One look at his thick cock and I was a goner. He made me come at least three, maybe four times, when all was said and done. I didn't think I'd see him again, but the following week there he was, looking sexy as fuck.

That night I took him outside where I blew him, and then he proceeded to lick the hell out of my kitty before fucking me up against the wall. I wasn't exactly sure why I proposed no strings sex. But he agreed; no real names, no phone numbers, no personal information, and absolutely no relationship.

If we both happened to be at the Black Moon, then we would end up having incredible sex. Problem was I was going to the bar more and more in the hopes of seeing him. My vag craved him and my B.O.B was no longer able to get the job done. I was in too deep and there was no way out.

The question was did I even want out?

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