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Percy P.O.V

700,000 years that's how long ago I left Camp Half-Blood. Life was good and Camp Jupiter had joined up and we had a ton of new campers.

Anyway I needed to go visit my mum and Paul who were in Canada at the moment. When I came back the whole camp was in chaos and Annabeth came up to me screaming, 'what were you doing?'

I replied, 'what the hell are you talking about?'

'You know what I'm talking about,' whispered Annabeth, tears streaking down her face.

'Percy come with me to the Big House, we have something to talk to you about,' said Chiron.

Annabeth P.O.V


I remember it clearly; the camp was being attacked by Hyperion and Atlas with an army of 1000 monsters. I got out of my bed and hurried to get my dagger and out onto the forest where the battle was being held. The monsters were pushing the demi-gods back. I ran out and plunged my dagger into the nearest empousa.(spelling?)

We had already lost half the demi-gods and I was getting battered. We had only 75 demi-gods left facing an army of thousands. 'Where are you Percy?' I whispered.

'Right here,' someone replied.

I looked up and saw Percy standing next to Hyperion and Atlas. He was wearing dark armour and his eyes were not his usual sea-green but a horrible black that showed betrayal and hatred. 'You see Annabeth I am tired of saving the camp all the time and I decided to change sides, join us Annabeth,' said Percy, holding out his hand. I remained silent. Percy went on, 'No? Pity. Nevertheless we shall strive without you, but I, Perseus Jackson challenge you to a duel, if not I will slaughter your best friend, who I took hostage, he held out Grover with Riptide at Grover's neck. The satyrs hissed and pushed Annabeth forward. 'When do we start?' I asked meekly.

'Now,' he replied.

Percy stabbed at my stomach and I flew back wards as I was flew backwards I caught my knife on his arm and a gash of dark blue blood trickled down his arm.

'Ah you filthy piece of shit' he said when I stabbed his arm. 'We will finish this next time Chase' he snarled and Percy disappeared along with Hyperion, Atlas and the rest of the army.

All the satyrs rushed to Grover who was on the ground, I stared at the sky how could Percy betray us?

In The Big House

Percy was standing in the middle of the room. The Olympians and half-bloods surrounded him.

'Percy Jackson, you have been accused of aiding Hyperion and Atlas in the battle against Camp, do you deny it?' Zeus shouted across the hall while everyone glared at Percy.

I stared at Percy, how could he betray us?

Percy stared at Zeus in shock, confusion and tears. 'I would never betray, Lord Zeus,' Percy whispered. The hall erupted in laughter and the demi-gods started shouting liar, liar. 'We saw you with our own eyes,' shouted an Ares kid.

'Enough of your lies,' thundered Zeus making Percy flinch. 'We will be passing judgement now, all in favour of keeping Percy alive put your hands up, Hermes, Apollo, Hestia, Hephaestus and Artemis raised their hands. 'It has been decided, any last words Percy?' Zeus bellowed.

Percy remained silent. Zeus raised his lightning bolt and shot a fiery blast at Percy. It hit Percy with force and Percy disappeared leaving nothing but dust.