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Chapter 14 Finding His Pup

Remus stared down at his friend's trembling body. The sobs coming from the man were heartrending. He knelt down and pulled his best friend's head onto his legs.

"Come on Sirius, you can't give up. We'll find Harry." He tried to calm the man.

But Sirius couldn't hear him. He was into much pain. This pain was worse than the Cruciatus Curse his parents used to use on him. His Baby was gone. He had lost him again. He just wanted to curl up and die. Life wasn't worth living without his Puppy.

The same words kept repeating themselves in his head. 'James, oh James I've lost our Baby. He's gone James.' It was a mantra that wouldn't stop, and every new time it was repeated the pain intensified.

Remus kept shaking the man and calling his name trying to get him to calm down. He could see that his friend was truly slipping away from him. His fear for Sirius's sanity had him slapping the man hard across the face to try and get his attention.

The sharp gasp of pain that left the distraught father's mouth made the werewolf relax a little bit.

"What the Hell Moony? Why the bloody blazes are you hitting me? Aren't I in enough pain for you?" was the indignant cry of shock.

"I was trying to get you to come back. I know you are in pain Padfoot, but you need to push it aside so we can find Harry." Remus explained while rolling his eyes, but he was happy to see the man sit up calmer than he had been.

"I don't know where to look Remus. His scent just stopped." Sirius still had tears dripping down his face as he rocked back and forth.

"Exactly where did it stop?" Remus asked trying to get the man to not give up.

The distraught man pointed to the tree branch that he had kept going back to as Padfoot. "Over there. He walked over there and seems to have sat down to rest, but except for the way he approached the thing there isn't any of his scent around it."

Remus walked over to the branch and after looking at it for a minute he bent down and picked something up. He spun around looking up at all of the trees in confusion.

"What are you doing Remus? What have you got there?" Sirius stood up so he could approach his friend.

The man held a bright red apple up for Sirius to see. "There are no apple trees around here." He started talking almost to himself. "As a matter of fact this apple looks like the ones that Rocky keeps in the fruit bowl on the dining room table."

"What?" Sirius grabbed the apple from his friend. He also started looking at the tree tops, but even as he did he was remembering that his Pup's scent had led to the table before he had left the house.

Remus was pondering what had happened. "It looks like he decided to bring some food with him." He seemed cautious as he said the next words. "I think he ran away from home."

The words were like a knife being stabbed into the Animagus's heart. His Baby had run away from him.

Remus spoke up fast as he saw how those words had caused the grey eyes to fill with even more pain. "I think it's like what you said when you talked me into adopting Neville."

"What are you talking about Moony?" He snarled with anger trying to mask some of his pain.

"Remember when you said Harry had been shoved aside by the Dursleys for Dudley, and that you couldn't take Neville, because Harry would feel like it was the same thing?" He explained patiently. "I know you didn't intentionally push Harry away, but between Draco and Reggie you haven't really had the chance to spend time with him."

Sirius grabbed his hair and tugged it in frustration. Damn it Moony was right. Hell that was the reason he had asked him just today to stay with the boys, so he could have some time alone with his Pup. His Baby had to be in so much pain feeling like he wasn't wanted or needed. He was a horrible father.

Remus shook Sirius's arm before he could be lost to his pain again. "This apple though, why would he leave it behind? He carried it all of the way out here just to leave it. That doesn't make sense. Were there any other smells around the area?"

"I don't know all I was concentrating on was Harry's scent." He admitted ruefully.

"Well no time like the present to check again." Remus gave him a small encouraging smile.

A simple shift later, and Padfoot was once again smelling around the branch. It was only then that he noticed a couple of different smells. He had been so intent on his child's scent that he hadn't even noticed that the little boy must have had Paddy with him. There was no mistaking that smell of the small stuffed toy now that he was trying to identify other scents. He couldn't help the tiny feeling of gratitude that went through him, as he realized that his Baby had his treasured toy with him for comfort.

The other smell he picked up confused him to no end. He could detect a dog on the branch. Wasn't he the only dog on the Island? Was there a dog here without anybody's knowledge, just like Thunder had been?

He started following the smell with his nose, and that was when he realized that it was going in the direction Harry had before he sat down to rest. Was his Puppy riding the dog like he would ride on Padfoot sometimes? That would explain why he dropped the apple. He knew the tiny child would not have even thought of leaving Paddy behind, but he would need his other hand to hold on.

He followed the trail until it was leaving the small clearing. He stopped and turned back into Sirius, so he could talk to Remus who was still standing by the branch.

"He's got Paddy with him, but there is also the smell of a strange dog there as well. The dog's scent goes this way. I think Harry might have decided to ride on the dog's back. It would explain why he left the apple behind, since he would need his hands to hold on to both the dog and Paddy."

"But how did a dog get here?" Remus had a puzzled expression on his face.

"I don't know, but is it any more unbelievable than finding a horse on the Island?" Sirius asked turning to look in the way the dog went. "I only know that I smell a dog's scent and it went this way, and that scent was where my Baby was last smelled. I'm following it."

"Change to Padfoot, I'm right behind you." Remus assured him.

A second later the black dog was running with his nose to the ground. He was running so fast that Remus knew if he wasn't a werewolf he would never have been able to keep the grim in sight.

Remus lost track of how long they had been running. The only time he would get even the smallest chance to take a breather was when Padfoot would stop and backtrack for a moment or two. He would sniff the ground and take off in a different direction. Remus was running a little behind and to the side of the big dog, not wanting to mask the scent if he needed to backtrack again.

All of a sudden he gave a cry of pain and went down sprawled face first on the ground. His sudden cry had caused Padfoot to stop and watch him. The dog was waiting for him to get up and continue, but Remus didn't. This had the grim hurrying to the man's side. He changed into Sirius right before he reached his friend.

"Remus, are you alright?" He knelt and gently turned his brother in all but blood over.

He saw a large bloody spot on the werewolf's face along with a knot. His eyes were closed, but as he gave the thin shoulder a sudden shake a groan of pain was heard.

"Bloody hell, that hurt." Remus moaned as he tried to sit up. That was when he realized his foot was stuck in a hole. "Ouch."

Sirius seeing the problem helped his best friend extract his foot from the hole that had caused him to trip. He ran a diagnostic spell and saw that Remus's ankle was broken. He also had a slight concussion besides the two inch cut on his forehead.

"You can't go on with me to search for Harry with these injuries. He couldn't keep the agitation off his face. He needed to find his Pup but Remus needed attention.

"I will apparate back to the house and you can go on alone." Remus tried to sooth his friend.

"No if you try by yourself you could do more damage. I will take you back to the house and tend to your wounds before leaving you in Rocky's hands." His voice held a decisive edge to it.

He cast Ferulla to bind Remus's ankle. He helped him to his feet and wrapped an arm around the other man's waist. A moment later they were standing in the sitting room of the big house.

"Daddy," Neville cried out when he saw the blood on his father's face.

"Siri, you're back." Reggie sounded happy at the thought.

"Uncle Siri, where's Harry?" Draco was biting his lip when he didn't see his littlest cousin.

"Quiet all of you." Sirius ordered a little more forcefully than he normally would due to his current state of mind. "Rocky."

Rocky and Bubby both popped into the room. "Master Sirius called for Rocky?"

"Yes Rocky." Sirius helped his friend to lie on the sofa. "Please watch over Remus while I get some potions for him."

"Right away Master Sirius," The elf stood by the hurt man's side.

Sirius hurried into the potions lab grabbing a few bottles off the shelves. He couldn't help being impressed at the numerous potions that Reg had in the room. He quickly sped back to Remus's side. He had to hurry and get him taken care of so he could find his Pup.

The one good thing about Remus getting hurt was it had the effect of pushing Sirius's almost overwhelming worry for his pup into a more manageable feeling.

"Here Remus take this." He handed him a vial of pain potion followed by skelegrow.

He then used his wand to clean the cut on his forehead before spilling a little from another vial on the open wound. He watched as the potion worked to make sure all foreign bodies were clear of the cut. He then used his wand to knit the wound back together.

"There that is all I can do. I will take you to Gringotts after I find Harry if you still need medical help, but I think that should do it." He was running another diagnostic to be on the safe side.

"I will be fine Sirius. You just go find Harry." Remus reassured him.

Sirius stared at his friend for a minute trying to gauge if the man was telling the truth. He gave a decisive nod. "Rocky please watch over him and don't let him go to sleep. I will be back as soon as I can."

"You're not leaving again?" Reggie looked heartbroken.

"Reggie I have to find Harry. He is all alone out there and could be hurt too. Wouldn't you want me to come find you if you were lost?" He tried to make his little brother see reason.

"Yes," Reggie agreed sadly, "just come back soon."

"I will you boys help Rocky watch Remus and be good. I'll be back as soon as I can with Harry." He gave them all a hug before disapparating to the spot Remus had fallen.

A moment after he got to the spot he turned back into his Animagus form and found the strange dog's scent. He was once again off hoping that he wasn't making a mistake following the dog. His fear for his Puppy was stronger than ever.

Padfoot travelled through the foliage and brambles on the Island following the dog's scent. At times he would literally have to crawl on his belly to get through. He couldn't understand how this was possible. He did wonder if maybe Harry had used accidental magic after they had gone through to create a smaller area.

The longer it was taking the more scared he got. He had no idea how long he had been searching, but it felt like forever to him. He finally started talking in his mind.

"James please watch over our Baby. Help me find him Love. I don't think I could survive without him. Please James let me know if I'm going the right way. Oh James what if I have been wasting time following this dog scent, and our Baby is far from here needing me at the moment?"

It was only a few minutes later that he burst out unto a small clearing. A bright blue light caught his attention immediately. He turned his eyes towards that light, and it took a few seconds for it to penetrate his mind what he was seeing. The light was surrounding a cave entrance.

"James is that you showing me the way to go?" was the desperate plea inside his dog head.

He all of a sudden felt like somebody was running a hand over his head and rubbing between his ears. He turned every which way but nobody was there, but the feeling was still with him. Was it James answering him? Was he trying to comfort him? He took a doggy sniff and smelt a familiar smell. It was a musky smell that reminded him of stag, brooms, treacle tart and sandalwood. The combination of smells that he knew together spelt out James to him in every way.

He gave a bark of excitement and headed for the cave. There was no way he didn't believe that his husband was giving him a sign. He put his nose to the ground as soon as he was near the cave entrance and gave a doggy grin. The dog's scent had definitely gone into the cave. He followed the trail through different turnoffs in the cave until he came to one that had a very low ceiling. He would have to crawl through on his belly again.

This was very confusing to him because he knew that his Pup didn't use accidental magic to lower the ceiling of the cave. He couldn't smell his child anywhere on the ground either. He knew if it hadn't been for that positive feeling that James led him here on purpose he would have thought he was going the wrong way. He decided to follow the scent and trust in his husband's guidance.

He crawled through the tunnel for about sixty feet at the end of it he came out into a large open space. It was lit up in the middle and to one side of the room, because of a hole in the roof on that side.

He took in the large room like opening with wide eyes. On the lit side was a pool of water, and he had noticed the dog's scent had went that way. He didn't see anything in the room, so he headed straight for that water. Had the dog and his Pup fallen in? The pool was a nice size and he couldn't tell from here how deep it was. Please for the love of Merlin don't have let his Baby have drowned. He followed the scent to the pool's edge and seeing nothing he decided to check out how deep it was. He started walking into the water at a slow pace, but it didn't matter that he was so cautious, because the level of the pool only came up to his underbelly.

He shook the excess water off when he came out on the other side of the pool. He took in the shadowed areas on this side but didn't see anything. He was making his way back around the pool to where he had lost the scent when he heard a small whimper coming from the other side of the largish room. His head turned to the spot instantly trying to see in the darker shadows there.

The whimpering sound came again along with the sounds of nails on rock. He started towards where the sound came from when all of a sudden he heard,

"No he wasn't supposed to find me. He was supposed to take care of Little Reggie and Draco."

Padfoot barked at the sound of his son's voice, but he couldn't make out his child. He heard more nails on rock, but it seemed to be getting farther away from him. He hastened to where he heard the sound coming from, but when he got there it was to see nothing but Paddy and another tunnel opening.

He turned back into Sirius and called out. "Harry James where are you? You stop running from Daddy now."

He frowned when he only heard a whimpering again coming from the tunnel, a tunnel that was way too short for him to go in as a man unless he crawled. He knew Padfoot would make better time, so he phased back into his Animagus form and headed after his child. He once again heard his son.

"No, no Daddy's mad at me. I just wanted to make everybody happy and now Daddy's mad."

Sirius knew he couldn't turn back into himself while in this tunnel. He knew if he did he would probably kill himself, since every time he changed back he ended up in a standing position, and the ceiling of this tunnel was too short for him to stand in. He didn't know how to tell his child that it was going to be okay until he got into a larger tunnel or opening.

The worried father started talking in his head the words he wanted to say to his Baby just to make himself feel better. "Harry, Puppy it's going to be okay Daddy's not mad at you. Daddy is just scared to lose you, Baby. Please come back to Daddy. It hurts so bad Baby that you don't want to be with Daddy."

"Daddy I want to be wit you, but I can't be wit you Daddy cause Reggie and Draco need you more." The childish words were heard coming from the distraught child.

Padfoot's eyes got as wide as possible. How had Harry heard the words he said in his mind? The only time that ever happened was when he talked to James when he was Prongs. What the Hell was going on?

"Puppy, can you hear Daddy?"

"Yes Daddy, but please you have to go back. The others need you more."

"Harry James I am not going back without you. You, young man are the most important person in my world. I love Reggie and Draco but you come first. Now you get back here to me Harry James unless you want to make Daddy angry."

Sirius heard the sounds of the paws on the stones stop moving. The whimpering became louder as he got closer to the sound.

But Daddy I is just trying to help." A sob of anguish could be heard.

"Running away from Daddy is not helping Baby. It is just making Daddy very sad, because it makes me think you don't love me anymore."

"But I do love you Daddy." A pitiful wail filled Sirius's mind. "I just wanted to make everybody happy."

"If you really want to make everybody happy Baby then come back to Daddy now."

"It will really make you happy?"

"Oh Baby it's the only thing that will ever make me happy again. You are my happiness Harry James and without you all the happiness is gone from my world." The heartfelt words were once again spoken in his head.

Sirius couldn't help the doggy grin on his face when he heard the sound of the nails moving his way this time. He continued on but stopped all of a sudden when his silver-grey eyes took in the sight before him. He knew that his dog eyesight was better in the dark than if he was a man, but he thought he was seeing things now. He gave his head a vigorous shake. There was no way that he could be seeing what he thought he was.

"Daddy, are you okay?" The tiny voice asked worriedly.

"Puppy?" Sirius shook his head again. Okay this was weird. What the Hell was going on? "Harry James is that you?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Puppy… I mean Baby how did you get to be a puppy?" The very confused man asked.

"I wished for a way to make it harder for you to find me, and I turned into a doggy just like you." Harry explained as if this was all perfectly normal.

"Well not just like Daddy, Baby. You are quite a bit smaller than Padfoot." Sirius was thinking not that much bigger than Paddy actually. "Why don't we go back to where you left Paddy okay?"

"Okay Daddy."

Harry went around his Daddy's bigger dog form and took off running back to his Paddy. He had no way of knowing that his Father thought he was having a nervous breakdown. He just knew that Padfoot was following behind him right on his little tail.

Sirius was so lost in his musings on the fact his son was a dog at six years old that they were back in the open cave room before he knew it. When it finally registered it was to see the puppy that was his child holding Paddy in his tiny teeth. This was the weirdest thing he had ever experienced.

"Puppy, can you turn back into Harry for me?" He was taking in every inch of the little guy's looks.

The puppy really did look like he belonged to Padfoot. He had grey eyes and a tiny little bit of white fur on its forehead. He licked it with his tongue to get the black hair around it to lie down and wasn't really surprised to see it was shaped like a very small lightning bolt like his scar.

"I don't know how to Daddy."

"Okay I want you to try this. Close your eyes and think real hard I want to look like Harry again. Can you do that Baby?"

The pup closed his eyes and kept thinking. "I want to look like Harry. I want to look like Harry."

Sirius could hear the little chant in his own head, but when the small dog opened his eyes yips were heard instead of the words that were being said in Sirius's head.

"Did it work Daddy?" It seemed Harry didn't realize the yips were from him.

"No Baby."

"Won't I ever be Harry anymore Daddy?" The worried little voice asked.

"Yes Baby, Daddy can fix it, but I think we should get out of here first. We have a couple of tunnels to get through that are too small for me to travel through as a man. I think you should stay a puppy until we are outside, so we can still talk like this if we need to. Is that okay with you?"

"Uh-huh." The little pup headed towards the tunnel that first brought him into this room. Paddy was still clutched in his teeth.

"Do you want me to carry Paddy for you?"

"No I got him."

"Okay but if you get tired of carrying him let me know." Sirius got in front of the puppy and started leading the way following his own scent to get out of the cave.

It didn't seem to take as long to reach the entrance, as it had to find his way earlier, but Sirius figured that was because he had been worried about finding Harry then. He finally padded out into the afternoon sun before turning to watch his Puppy who was really a puppy now, exit the cave entrance. His brow furrowed in concern as he thought about forcing the change back. He really dreaded doing that because it would cause his son pain that way.

"Harry I want you to try again to turn yourself back into a little boy. Okay?" He encouraged him. "Remember to keep wishing really hard to be Harry again."

"Okay Daddy." was the reply. "I wish I was Harry again. Please let me be Harry again."

But no change was made to the tiny form. It didn't matter how many times the words were repeated.

"Okay that's not going to work." Sirius soothed as he could hear the fear in his child's voice. "I can turn you back but it will hurt a little bit, so Daddy thinks it will be better if we go back to the big house first. I can give you a potion right after I change you back to help with the pain."


"I'm going to turn back into a man and hold you as a puppy. I will pop us there just like Bubby does, but I won't be able to understand you when I'm a man. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy." The little dog trotted over to stand in front of the bigger dog with Paddy still clutched in his little teeth.

Sirius transformed and picked up the puppy and toy dog. "Remember this will be a little uncomfortable." He reminded him before turning on the spot.

A pandemonium of noises was what they were met with when they came to a stop in the family sitting room of the big house.

"Siri, you're back." Reggie cried out happily.

"It's a puppy." Neville's excitement was plain to hear.

"Where's Harry?" Draco wailed at not seeing his little cousin. He was feeling guilty for not watching out for the smaller boy.

"Sirius, where did you find a puppy?" Remus asked incredulously.

"Can we play with the puppy?" Bubby was almost jumping up and down in his excitement at seeing the tiny dog.

The only one that hadn't said anything was Rocky, and he was just standing there with his mouth gawping open.

"Oi everybody clam down and give me a minute to answer all of your questions." Sirius called out loudly, so he could be heard over all of the voices. He rubbed the furry little back to try and stop the shaking the tiny body was doing at all of the noise.

At once everybody closed their mouths and looked at him expectantly.

"This puppy is Harry."

That was all he got to say before yells of "What?" was repeated by all of the other occupants of the room.

"You heard me. This is Harry he kind of wished himself to this form and his accidental magic made it happen." He shared a glance with Remus over the kids' heads. "He can't turn himself back."

"Does that mean he will always be a doggy?" Draco looked like his world was falling apart. His Daddy was a little boy and his bestest friend and cousin was now a doggy. He was trying really hard to not start crying again.

"No I can turn him back, but it will hurt him a little bit, so I need to go get him some potions." Sirius reassured him. "If I sit him on the floor you guys are going to have to be gentle with him and not scare him until I get back. Okay?"

"Yes Uncle Siri," Neville and Draco promised.

"Yes Siri," Reggie also said.

"I'll keep an eye on them to make sure he is fine." Remus assured him.

Remus could see it was with great reluctance that Sirius sat the tiny pup on the floor. He couldn't really blame him. He knew if that was Neville he would be hard pressed to let loose of him.

Sirius once again hurried off to the potions lab and grabbed a small vial of pain reliever.

The three little boys and Bubby were sitting around the puppy. They were all petting him gently trying not to scare the little guy.

"You sure make a cute puppy, Harry." Draco smiled. "You look just like Paddy except you have a little white mark just like your scar."

The dog dropped Paddy and gave a tiny yip.

"I think he is trying to say something to you, but I'm not sure what." Remus told them, as he watched the interaction between the boys and pup.

Sirius entered the room. "Just a minute and I'll tell you."

"What?" Remus questioned with a furrowed brow.

"Do you remember when I told you James and I could talk in our minds when we were in our Animagus forms?" At the nod from his friend he continued. "Well I can speak to Harry the same way when I'm Padfoot."

"You can tell what he is saying as a doggy?" Draco was jumping around happily. "That would be so cool. I wish I was an animal too."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than a golden light encompassed him, and when it faded away a little lion cub was sitting in his place.

Neville seeing this jumped up and exclaimed. "I want to be an animal too."

Another golden light appeared and after is disappeared there was a tiny wolf cub where Neville had been.

Reggie of course not wanting to be left out was bouncing around. "Please I want to turn into an animal."

To Sirius shock after his little brother was changed he was a little black lion cub. It looked exactly like Draco's form except it was black. It had all happened so fast he hadn't even had time to stop the little boys.

Remus was on his feet well one foot as he wasn't putting pressure on the one with the broken ankle. His eyes were wide as he took in the four baby animals in front of them. To his amazement they were all jumping on each other in what he could tell was a playful way. It was Bubby's wail that brought him out of his shock.

"I can't turn into an animal too." The tiny house elf cried.

"That's cause house elves can't turn into animals." Rocky explained to his elfling.

"But I want to play with my friends." was the forlorn cry.

The four tiny animals all made their way to their little friend. Tiny barks, howls and roars were heard as the little guys tried to talk to their friend. The licking of his little hands showed they were trying to comfort him.

Sirius was still trying to take in what he was seeing. Four little boys were now animals. He had thought he and his friends had done an amazing job of becoming Animagus in fifth year, but these little six year olds had already turned themselves into animals. Yes, he knew it was accidental magic, but he knew it was a little more than that since they had wanted to be changed and they did. He couldn't help wondering if this would be what their Animagus forms would be later when they learned the transformation. Reggie did have a lion for his Patronus after all.

Well as I was writing the scene in the house I had intended to change Harry back right away, but the boys seemed to take over and turned into animals. I guess that means the next chapter might be a little different than I had thought it would be.