Disclaimer: ElfQuest is the creation and property of Wendy and Richard Pini.
This poem was written for a Sinterklaas gift, to accompany the Picknose action figure.


Deep in the earth, the hammers swing
Deep in the earth, the forges ring
In the troll caves, the fires roar
In the troll caves, near the earth's core

Most wondrous things are forged down there
Most wondrous things, in the trolls' lair
One king does over all trolls rule
One king is a bit of a fool

In the deep, where metals are mined
In the deep lives his greedy kind
There the troll smiths forge wonders rare
There the troll smiths their arts lay bare

Under the land the trolls reside
Under the land no soul can hide
Evermore the hammers will ring
Evermore, for the old troll king

In his realm, father to them all
In his realm, they obey his call
All know the troll king, as he chose
All know the troll king by his nose

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