The wolf within

HPJB – slash, RLSB, TwilightXover

Harry moves to Forks after the war. Sirius and Remus follow him when England isn't safe anymore.


Harry smiled; he stood in his room in Grim Manor, Sirius' and Remus' new home. Everything they owned was packed, they were moving to Forks, Washington. Well actually, he already lived in the house, for a week, now his godfathers were following him to this quiet town.

He smiled and put another box down; he couldn't wait to start this part of his life. The last 7 days was spent, thinking over everything that had happened over the years. He hadn't really been out of the house, only one time for groceries, but he hadn't seen or spoken to anyone, except the girl behind the register.

As of today, his life would change; Sirius was planning on looking into the Blacks living onto the reservation in La Push. According to old records, one Ares Black had moved out, fallen in love with a girl from the Quileute tribe. After that the only thing he had found was the name of a son, Ephraim.
Remus wanted to open a bookstore in the town, as there weren't a lot of shops; only a bakery and a café.
Harry on the other hand wanted to open a restaurant, in the future, for now he would help Remus in the bookstore and entertain the customers with tea, coffee and some bakings. They all looked forward to this.

When they were done setting everything up in the house; mostly only clothes and personal possessions; movers had already put furniture in the house and Harry had been busy all week putting them in the right places.
So now they were sitting in Sirius' dark grey land rover, making their way over to La Push.

Sirius was being giddy, he hoped this Black family were descendants of Ares and Ephraim Black, so he had family that weren't totally nuts or separated with an ocean in between. In had been a fast ride, Sirius never really held himself to the speed limit and pulled up in front the house of the Blacks.

They rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door. A middle ages woman opened the door with a smile, "can I help you?"
Sirius nodded, "we're looking for William Black?"
She nodded and stepped aside, letting them enter, after closing the door, she walked into the kitchen, telling someone named Billy, he had guests.

A middle aged man in a wheelchair joined them in the living room, he nodded at them and extended a hand, "I'm William Black, but please call me Billy."

Sirius shook the offered hand, "I'm Sirius Black, this is my partner, Remus Lupin and our godson, Harry Potter."
Billy looked surprised at the surname, but still shook all of their hands, "nice to meet you, may I ask why you are here?"

Sirius smiled, "I was wondering if your father was Ephraim Black? And your grandfather's name was Ares?"
As Billy nodded, he became excited, "than we're family!"

The older man was a bit overwhelmed by Sirius' enthusiasm.

Remus shook his head, "let us explain, we are originally from England. Your grandfather was one a part of the Black's in England. At one point in his life he decided to immigrate to here and fell in love with your grandmother. Sirius here is still part of the English Black family, when we moved here and found out other Blacks lived here. We wanted to find out if you were distantly related to us."

They were suddenly interrupted by the front door opening, and a loud voice yelling, "Dad! I'm home!"

A young man entered the living room, but stopped shortly at the strange people on the couch. The men were looking at his dad and him, but the younger man sitting on the couch, was looking at him. When they looked at each other, it looked like they were drowning in each other's eyes; looking like nothing else matters, but the other young man."

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