Ok so here's the first edited updated chapter! I hope you enjoy! Here are some basic translations for thing's i'll probably use either in this chapter or further down the line.
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utreekov= fool/idiot
kriff/kriffing= fuck
Shinie= New clone trooper
Bantha fodder = nearly equal to bullshit
Osik = shit
A pain in the choobies= pain in the ass
di'kut= idiot
shebs= ass
verd'ika = soldier (but it's an affectionate way, almost like you would call a child)
sithpit= hell hole

Haar'chak= nearly means shit/fuck

Rio sat in the seat next to a clone pilot as they dropped out of hyperspace, through the window she could see the hulking form of the Resolute in front of them. Her stomach twisted and turned into knots at the sight. She was nervous, nervous for many reasons, one of them being she was to meet her new master today.

"Hawk is it?" Rio asked carefully. She never liked messing up a trooper's names.

"Yes Sir, it's Hawk..." His visor turned towards her. "Ma'am do you need something?"

"It's just Rio, not Sir or Ma'am…" Rio started then paused, thinking of her words. "Yeah actually, I wondered… What's Skywalker and his men like? I've heard quite a lot…" For a moment Rio just looked at the pilot next to her and waited for an answer.

"Umm, well the general is very, very, unorthodox. You two will get along. And I also expect you'll like the captain as well, he's quite something…"

"What makes you think we'll get along?" Rio questioned him, when had it ever hurt her to be curious? Nearly every single kriffing mission, she answered her own thought.

"Ma'a… I mean R-Rio, your master and squad were talked about frequently in Torrent Company." Hawk explained, then he paused as he looked for some words to say, "I am truly sorry for what happened."

Rio had known it was coming, but she hadn't expected the tears to start leaking from her eyes. "So am I…" She whispered. Then suddenly she felt the transport vessel lurch as the tractor beam locked on to them. Guess it's time… "Thanks for taking me Hawk, hopefully we'll see each other again."

"I'd like that Rio." The pilot admitted before opening the base of the ship up so she could walk out. When she was out of earshot he stated to himself, "It's like the ex-commander walked back into my ship."

The light in the Resolute was bright and it caused Rio to blink multiple times to compensate for the brightness that reached her eyes. She walked down the platform, her black combat boots made loud thuds on the ground at every step. Many of the troopers who worked in the bay, refueling ships or making repairs to damaged vessels ignored her, only a few looked her way at all. Rio looked around for her Master since he wasn't in front of Hawk's ship. After turning around, Rio knew immediately where her new master stood when her eyes made contact with the brown messy hair, tall build, bright blue eyes, one of which had a scar. In front of her, stood Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one, and her new master.

A blue and white clad Captain with Jaig eyes stood by Anakin's side, his visor never leaving her form. Rio refused to slow her approach, no matter how nervous she was, how scared. She masked her force signature so Skywalker would be unable to sense her fear of meeting him, instead she put on the aura of a calm Jedi padawan and walked towards her new charge.

She respectfully nodded at him, not bothering to bow, she had given up on many useless Jedi customs the day her master had died. Rio waited to see how Anakin would react to her blatant disregard for traditional Jedi customs. She was pleasantly surprised when he just gave her a sharp grin, which turned into a smile.

"So you're the kid I'm getting assigned?" Anakin asked, taking her in, she watched his eyes carefully assess her.

"And you're the one who gets to deal with me…" Rio replied, her voice low as she looked between him and her new captain, she stuck a hand out for him to shake before stating her name. "Rio."

Anakin took her hand in his own as they shook hands, he then gestured to his captain. "This is Rex, my second in command and the best captain you could ever ask for. As you probably already know, I'm Anakin Skywalker." Her new master stated cockily, it sounded like he had said this once before.

"Rex," Rio gave him a smile, before making a comment on what Anakin said. "And yes master, I have heard of your antics from Kenobi many times."

"You know Obi-wan?" Anakin asked surprised.

"Of course, he and Tula are close… Were close." She corrected herself bitterly and in an attempt to disguise this, asked a quick question. "Anyway, when can I meet the rest of the 501st. I've heard much about your men."

"Rex will take you to meet them now and afterwards you will come find me." Anakin explained, while Rio watched Rex stare at his General, obviously annoyed at being put on babysitting duty.

"Is there a problem Rex?" Rio innocently questioned him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"No problem at all Sir." Rex gruffly answered her. "Let's go." She followed his blue streaked battle armor as he started walking away from the hangar. Once they were walking down the different hallways, Rio started speaking.

"I don't want you to call me Sir, it's just Rio. Nothing more." The Padawan stated. Rex at this point took of his helmet and stared down at her. She could now see now how the Captain looked, he had extremely short blonde fuzzy hair shaved close to his head, and the same speckled amber eyes of all his brothers.

"Yes, Si… Rio." Rex muttered for a second. "So kid, where did you come from?"

"Came from an assignment in Ryloth, my Master and I were in charge of Demon Company…" Rio looked down at the white metal floors as she talked. She could feel Rex as he watched her and brushed back a loose strand of blonde hair from her eyes as a distraction. She felt nervous at what his response to this would be.

"So you were Jep's Commander?" Rex asked her, his voice was slightly off. Rio could feel a slight shift in his emotions through the force. She stopped and grabbed his arm, holding him in place. She could feel his discomfort at her holding him this way but didn't pull back when he saw the pained look in her eyes.

"You knew him?" Rio questioned, her voice a low whisper.

"Aye, we trained together… Probably one of the best clones I ever knew."

"Men, Captain Rex." Rio corrected, Rex stared down at her confused. "He was one of the best men I ever knew, you are more than just clones Captain, embrace that." And with that statement Rio, let go of Rex's arm and gestured for him to continue leading her down the hallway.

When they reached a certain section of doors Rio automatically knew this was the mess hall. The reason? She could hear the familiar sound of the soldiers inside, joking, laughing, eating, and just being themselves. It put a smile on her face just listening to the familiar sound of the men around her joking around with each other. She looked up to see Rex with a smirk plastered on his face, obviously referring to her smile.

"You're really that happy to see hundreds of men with the same face every day?"

"Rex, when that face is on the men who cover my shebs, make me laugh, and make me cry, it's impossible not to be ecstatic."

"Come on then, time to meet the boys."

As soon as Rio walked into the mess, nearly everyone went silent, many of the men whispered to each other as she walked by. She could hear the occasional sexual innuendo that one clone would say to his brother, and the laughter that followed. It probably would have caused a deep blush to spread across her cheeks if she wasn't already used to this kind of behavior. One trooper whispered a comment to his brother about her just being "eye-candy for them in battle", she just rolled her eyes at this but Rex stopped.

"This is the new Commander you're looking at! Show some respect trooper!" Rex reprimanded, his voice was stern and Rio immediately knew why he was captain. Because as soon as the words were let loose from his mouth, the offending trooper immediately straightened up and glanced over at her and started mouthing an apology.

"Sir, I'm sorry I meant no disrespect, it's just… W-we haven't seen a woman in awhile." The trooper eventually managed to choke out. Rio felt a smile form on her face and she involuntarily let out a very un-Jedi like laugh. This seemed to surprise the men who glance at each other and to Rio it seemed as if they were nervous about what her end answer would be.

"I missed being around my men, you have no idea how dull temple life can be on Coruscant." She laughed, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, "and it's just Rio lads, none of this Sir Haar'chak, cause the only time I'm gonna pull rank is on the battlefield."

Damn, he had known Skywalker was getting a new padawan, but the one he received was nothing like he expected. Rex had been waiting for an awkward fourteen year old to come padding out, freshly new to war and already acting like he was superior and wise. Just like Ahsoka had when you first met her, Rex thought to himself. Instead, a girl had walked out of the ship, no scratch that, a woman. She was undeniably beautiful with long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and large gray eyes. Her legs were incased with thick nerf hide leggings where her dual lightsabers clipped on, and a simple black top very similar to Aayla's with her toned stomach visible. Rex was already thinking of a plan to get her to wear proper armor, something that he was never able to convince his previous Commander to do.

The thing that still puzzled him, was her attitude. He could count on one hand how many Jedi let their clones call them by their first names without a thought. Let's just hope the kid can fight, cause I'd rather have a Jedi with an osik attitude towards us clones, then a nice one who can't fight for shit…