Right before Rio boarded the ship she puked on the way up the ramp. Every single clone watching was looking at her with pity. They knew if she got caught the consequences for her would be much worst than for the men company. Rex grabbed her arm to steady her. "You ok?" He whispered right into her ear. Rio just nodded to sick to reply.

Anakin walked past Rex and Rio and boarded the ship motioning for them to hurry so they could be on time. Rio turned and tried to smile at the men she was leaving behind but all she got as a reply were grimaces and Jessie, Fives, Coric, and Chopper looked like they wanted her out of this mission. "I'll be fine boys, trust me," Rio shook as she talked.

"You better be or else we are all going to come and murder thoseā€¦" Chopper yelled but cut off realizing what he was about to say. Rio gave a real smile and nodded.

"I know you will Chopper," she stated before turning and entering the ship Rex right behind her. When they finally boarded Rio sat down and tried not to cry, she was scared so scared. The king was a male and he had a reputation for brutally raping then murdering his female slaves. Plus this was one mission she for once wished she wasn't assigned to. Rex came up beside her and gave Rio a loose hug full of warmth and comfort he couldn't say aloud.

They stayed that way for quite awhile until they heard the hatch open and Anakin and Obi-wan walk out. "SO what's the game plan masters?" Rio questioned still shaking.

"You and Rex are going to infiltrate the palace Rex as your slave master." Obi-wan answered. Rex grimaced at the slave master part.

"While Obi-wan and I investigate to see if the missing Jedi we are looking for is here."

Both Rio and Rex nodded understanding every word both the masters walked back to the cockpit. AS the door shut with a hiss Rex asked "Are you scared?"

"NO!" Rio retorted hotly not trying to show how horribly terrified she was.

"You're a horrible liar Rio, you know that?"

"Yeah Rexter I'm scared but I don't want to be, I bet I'm the first Jedi who is terrified of a mission they were assigned to." Rex looked at Rio like she was crazy.

"First Jedi? ARE you kidding me? Rio you are scared but its normal to be afraid especially when your fate would be horrible if we are caught. But we won't be. Coming to a battle not afraid is like handing your life over." Rex practically screeched.

"But if your scared it blinds your senses dulls them makes it hard to do anything!"

"Rio if you are not scared then something is wrong, because your senses are actually more alert when you are cautious and without those senses I would have died long ago."

Rio finally realized his point and hesitantly nodded her head in agreement. After 5 minutes of comfortable silence. "Rex," Rio asked, "have you ever kissed anyone?" Rex turned a bright shade of red and hesitantly answered.

"You could say I have done more than a few kisses I guess." Rio chuckled at his embarrassment but looked slightly angry for a second.

"Well your company is famous for being playboys so I wondered if the captain might have started some of those rumors." Rio mischievously chuckled.

"My "adventures" you could say are all real." Rio then instead of sitting stretched out on the floor exposing more of her tan soft looking skin and right now all Rex could focus on was that skin.

"Rex? Rex.. REX!" Rio yelled obviously seeing him zone out but not seeing him zone out over her. "You ok? Delusional at all? You seem sort of out of it Rexy you ok?" Rio asked her voice like silk. Rex shook his head trying to get it out of the clouds.

"Yeah Rio I'm fine, just tired." He tried not to notice how when she stood up how the skirt brushed her thighs. "Hey I um got to go and take a shower and get ready." Rex practically ran out of the room to his small chambers and locked the doors.

He stood there panting and tried to calm himself and his racing heart. Rex was worried now to be honest he tried to tell himself that the feelings he had for the padawan was just simple flirting. Get a grip man he told himself and walked off the take a shower.

Rio mentally slapped herself she should have known Rex was off in his own world and wouldn't want to talk about past memories. Uh I'm such an idiot Rio thought. And she stalked off to her room to take a shower. Rio was walking by the cockpit when she heard her name.

"Why are we endangering Rio on this one?" Obi-wan Shrieked. "Secura offered to be the slave why couldn't you just have said yes to that?"

"Because we needed Rio, Aayla is a twi'lek, she's to common in the slave world to really win the slave king over." Anakin explained. "Rio is exotic how many women like her have you ever seen?" Obi-wans face portrayed the emotion Anakin was looking for. "None exactly Rio is part angel that's what makes her so desirable!"

Rio having heard all of this felt sadden horrible even at the fact that her own master and good friend had kept something from her the fact that she was not a full human but part alien. This might have helped her find her mother again but instead they kept it from her. And once she realized this she cried.