Hey guys! I know it's been a LONG TIME! And I'm so sorry for it.. But here's a pretty long chapter to make up for it. Anyway Hope you like, R&R. Stay Safe Everyone and May the FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL!

utreekov= fool/idiot
kriff/kriffing= fuck
Shinie= New clone trooper
Bantha fodder = nearly equal to bullshit
Osik = shit
A pain in the choobies= pain in the ass
di'kut= idiot
shebs= ass
verd'ika = soldier (but it's an affectionate way, almost like you would call a child)
sithpit= hell hole
Haar'chak= nearly means shit/fuck
jari'eyc = ugly
slana'pir verd'ika= get out little soldiers
Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya= train your sons to be strong, but your daughters to be stronger.
Shiny boy= slang for arc trooper or commando
Bug slut= an insult
Ni copad at kyr'amur gar. a Ni liser't.= I want to kill you, but i cant.
alor'ad = captain
ad'ika = little one
mir'osik= dung for brains
k'uur= hush
cyare = love
osi-yaim = useless despicable person
gar cuyir = you are a
ad'gotar = sex
vod = sister

Rex slammed his dual pistols on the table in front of him, his eyes never leaving those of the separatist who sat in front of him. His mouth drawn into a thin grim line. Rio was beside him, her teeth bared and both her hands on her black light saber hilts.

"I'm going to ask you one more time. Are there more droid forces incoming?" Rex hissed through his teeth. The Kerkoiden in front of him promptly ignored his question and raised his chin before turning his attention to the wall.

"I will not answer questions asked by a clone and a whore." Rex and Rio looked at each other, her silver orbs looking straight into his. He watched her eyes dart to the door of the interrogation cell, she wanted to get out. Rex couldn't blame her, being trapped in a room with this piece of separatist scum was making him nauseated. He followed her towards the door of the cell and as soon as it closed behind his armored form, her shoulders sagged.

"You doing ok Commander?" Rex asked, his concern was mounting as he took note of her disheveled hair and the bags under her eyes.

"Don't worry about me Rex. I'm all good." She cheerfully smirked at him, a smile flashing on her face. It didn't quite reach those gray eyes of hers though, which still looked dead and haunted. "That tub of bantha is a real piece of work."

"Aye, that's the truth ad'ika. But at least he's only here for a few weeks." Rex watched the smile plastered onto her face flicker, but just briefly before it was back in place, like it had never left. In an effort to take her mind off of this he asked a quick. "You wanna get some food?"

"I thought you'd never ask Rex." The captain turned on his heel and with Rio trailing behind him slightly, they started at a slow pace towards the mess hall. Occasionally, Rex would look at Rio out of the corner of his eye, trying to interpret what the Jedi was thinking. Her eyes were downcast and she was rubbing her hands together like she was trying to figure out what to do next.

"You should probably get your side bandages changed while we're at it." Rex commented, his mind replayed the image of the metal shrapnel stuck in her side. He could see from her ripped pants that her leg wound was healing fine, the only evidence it had ever been there was a circular white scar, which stood out from her tan skin.

"Now or after we visit the mess?" Was all the blonde responded to his suggestion.

After a quick thought of the bloody hole in her side, Rex instantly made up his mind and stated definitively, "after." He didn't know if he could see her in pain and still be able to keep his food down. The day after they had captured General Loathsom, Fives had pulled Rex aside to ask him if everything was ok with the Commander. This had confused Rex and he asked Fives why he thought Rio wasn't doing well. The Arc trooper looked at his Captain with his eyebrows raised before stating simply. "Rex you haven't left her side since you captured the jari'eyc separatist bastard."

To say he had been surprised by his own behavior was an understatement. The Captain had been shocked, he hadn't even noticed he was spending so much time with the Commander and truthfully he didn't mind. Rio intrigued him. She was like a pod racer missing a couple of parts. And every time Rex thought he found that missing part another damaged piece would come up.

Rex was shaken from his thoughts by the opening doors of the mess hall. He followed Rio towards one of the tables that was unoccupied. She nodded towards a table and they both sat down opposite to each other.

"What do you want to eat ad'ika?" Rex asked as he prepared to get up again, his knees popping and cracking.

"A ration bar sounds about good right now."

"Once I get back we are discussing your new armor."

"Right now Rex?"

"Yes commandar, you can't keep wearing that flimsy shirt and expect to be protected." Rio started pouting and Rex did all he could not to give into those puppy eyes and let her off for the day. Once she realized he wasn't going to budge on the topic Rio sighed heavily and muttered.

"Fine." Finally happy with her answer, Rex smirked and went towards the counter to get their ration bars.

Rio was looking at endless photos of heavy robes with extra armor placed in various areas, none of it looked appealing. "Rex, I'm never going to wear any of this osik…" The look Rex gave her nearly made her want to smack him upside the head, and she would have if it bad only been the two of them in the mess.

"Fine then kid, what are you thinking of?" Rio put her hands under her chin and thought carefully, trying to come up with an idea that would please him as well as herself. Then it hit her like a starship. The padawan took the holopad from his hand and searched for a few different articles of clothing before putting the device on the table and projecting her creation.

It was a completely jet black, sleeveless, tight body suit that ended above mid thigh and had thick thigh high leggings that would leave just a stretch of her skin visible. On her shoulders and arms there was dark blue shoulder armor that continued down the length of her arm and ended in fingerless gloves. Rio watched Rex's facial reaction at her outfit choice. He had his head in his hands.

"So is this a Captain Rex approves, or no?"

"It's to distracting."

"What do you mean it's to distracting! I'm completely covered up!"

"Commander it's skin tight."

"So are your body gloves." Rio reasoned. "And I'm not entirely distracted by that sight." She smirked at the blush on his cheeks, before grabbing the holopad from the table and putting in the request for her new uniform to be delivered along with the next shipment of supplies. Before Rex had time to comment, his comlink went off.

"Captain, we have something you might want to see." Rio looked at Rex, her eyes were open and lips set in a frown.

"Are you in a secure position trooper?" Rex's voice rang out and Rio stood already walking towards the door of the mess hall.

"Yes Captain, I have Oso, Flint, and Reload with me now. We're about three klicks southwest of the base, near a partially destroyed rubble building."

"The Commander and I are on our way now…"

"Sir, bring a couple med heads with you… We may need them."

With that eerie statement the transmission was cut off, and Rex was left following Rio's retreating figure. He saw her turn off her comlink right before catching up to her completely, walking in step with her.

"I already called Kix, Fives, and Coric, they'll meet us at the gates." Rio said. They past a few more of his brothers as they walked down the hall, Rex's stomach clenched with anticipation at what they may find. Beside him Rio kept pace with his longer strides. She could feel his worry through the force as his feelings pulsated over her. "It'll be ok Rex. It's none of the men."

"From the sound of it, it's most probably civilian casualties." His voice echoed into her ears. The gruffness of it vibrating through her eardrums and into her head. Rio's eyes shifted towards Rex's un-masked face. The black metal hilts of her lightsabers felt cool to the touch of his fingers and contrasted greatly with the burning in her cheeks that she felt when she stared at the Captain. The padawan was unable to deny that she had been with the Captain a lot the past few weeks. More than a Commander and Captain should be. Rex's warm honey brown orbs met her steel gray ones but before he had a chance to comment on her staring at him, Fives was in front of the two.

"How's my favorite padawan?" The arc trooper asked. Even though his face was covered by his helmet Rio could practically hear the smile on his lips. All the men in the 501st and 212th treated her more as a friend than as a General, which though it wasn't encouraged, Rio allowed it graciously. Even though because of her easy going anture Rex usually had to smack more men around for inappropriate comments than a Captain usually should. Beside her Rex put his helmet on and continued walking towards the hanger where Kix and Coric waited. She knew they were talking to each other in the privacy of their own helmets but she didn't comment on it.

It wasn't her business what they said privately to each other. Rio increased her pace so she pulled ahead of her two men. When the doors to the hanger, where the transports were held, slid open Rio saw the familiar painted helmet of Kix. Where the bloody kriff is Coric? The padawan started to ask herself when a hand grabbed her shoulder. Out of instinct she grabbed her one black hilted lightsaber and was about to ignite it when the familiar unshaven face of Coric reached her eyes.

"Force Coric! I nearly gutted your shebs!"

"That may have made leadership around here difficult."

"You're a di'kut Sergeant." She teased while clipping her lightsaber on her belt. "You have the medical supplies?"

"All accounted for Rio. Kix and I are loaded up." Rio nodded absentmindedly. She was worried about what they may find. Coric seemed to pick up on this and tentatively put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a small smile. "You aren't sleeping well are you Sir?"

"It's that obvious?"

"Just to your favorites." Rio giggled a little and smiled at the man in front of her. "Speaking of favorites, is Oso alright? I heard he was with the squad that radioed in."

"Don't worry verd'ika. Our little boy is alright."

"Are you implying that we have a child general? Cause you know all the fun that goes into making on..." Rio rolled her eyes and cut him off.

"Put that bucket on Coric. We're moving out."

"But Gener-"

"K'uur favorite."

The padawan and sergeant caught up to the rest of their small group who were inspecting the blue and white speeders. There were four fueled up and ready to use. Which meant of course that one of the group would have to ride together.

"Which one of you lucky bantha is riding with me?" The men all looked at each other through their helmets. The blonde woman couldn't decide if they were fighting over going with her or who would be forced to go with her. It was a well-known fact that Rio tended to be a little crazy when it came to speeders or piloting anything for that matter. The first one to speak was a quiet voiced Fives.

"Commander, as much as I'd like to grab hold of your little waist…" Rio watched Rex hit the arc trooper hard in the back of the head. "Osik Rex!" Fives said rubbing his head. "I'll sit this one out." Rio smirked at his comment and shook her head.

"So can we cut to the chase and tell me which one of you actually have fragging balls?"

"That would be me Sir." Rio knew it was going to be Rex before he ever spoke.

"Then come on lads. We've got some ground to cover."

Rex had seen countless battles and had almost been killed in nearly all of them. Fought against monsters he could only dream of in his worst nightmares. He'd even been made to go up against General Grievous, but nothing was as scary as a speeder ride with Rio. He'd been holding on to the back of the seat as in truth he was nervous at the aspect of holding on to her waist.

"Rex. You're the biggest di'kut I've ever seen."

"What are you on about Fives?" Rex heard the other men laughing in their helmets.

"He's our Captain why again?" The voice of Kix joined in this time and no one answered his question. He was about to ask again when he felt the speeder under him buzz to life. Rio's steel colored eyes and a smirk came into his vision before she a pair of clear goggles on and whispered a quick.

"You better hold on tight Captain." The buzzing machine lurched from under him as the padawan was clearly flooring the speeder. The captain's arms were around her waist in seconds as he held onto her tiny form, his body forming against hers. He resisted the urge to gag as she made another hard turn, barely missing a blue glass wall in the process.

"Commander!" Rex yelled over the speeders engines. "Did anyone ever tell you you're crazy?"

"All the time verd'ika!" It didn't seem possible but somehow the speeder seemed to be going even faster as they raced between the compact buildings. Rex swore as he felt his armored legs brush against some of the buildings they passed. After a few more tense moments crushing himself against her in a desperate attempt to stay on, the speeder stopped. "You can let go now alor'ad." The girl said.

Rex started moving his legs and found that they were shaking from the ride. He turned toward her with his voice hard and serious. "I'm driving back." Rio just rolled her eyes at him and leaned heavily against the speeder with her arms crossed.

"Nah Rex, I drive. I don't think you can see well enough with that bucket on your head." He could feel his temper starting to rise at her teasing.

"Without this bucket on. I probably would have been carbon sick all over your back from that osik driving."

"At least I got us here in record time."

"And without the Med-heads there's nothing to do mir'osik."

"Oh Captain! My heart it's broken in two by that comment." Rex didn't even realize how close they were until Rio's big eyes stared up into his helmet. The look she was giving him was hard to place, it was one that Rex had only seen once before. His eye brows furrowed as he tried to remember when he had seen that look.

"Captain! How'd you make it here so fast?" The sound of speeders brought Rex out of his thoughts and immediately made him realize the position he and Rio were in. Sensing his discomfort the padawan winked at him and got up from leaning on the speeder, she brushed past him, her thin shirt wiping against his armor.

"We-Well, it's easy to get anywhere fast when you got this demon piloting." Rex smirked

"No surprise here Rex." Fives stated as he looked at the woman who was glaring at all of them.

"Can it boys. The others are waiting for us. Lets go." The Jedi answered the men before turning and sprinting in the direction where the signal had been transmitted.

"We need to get her a collar…" Rex voiced.

"I second that!" His men cooed in unison before taking off after the jedi. Rex felt his boots pounding on the ground and he kept running until he saw the familiar figures of Oso, Flint, Reload, and Trip, there was no Rio in sight.

"Captain!" Oso yelled at Rex before taking a few quick strides towards him.

"Where's the commander?" Was the first question Rex asked. He couldn't focus on anything besides the fact that he couldn't see her.

"She's fine Sir. Just with the inhabitants."

"The inhabitants?" This time Fives spoke up. Rex didn't wait for an answer before he brushed past his troops to look inside the building they currently were outside guarding. Then his heart nearly stopped in his chest at what he saw. There was about thirty Christophsians huddled in small groups. Many had dull, dead eyes that stood out with because of how sunken in their faces had become from lack of nourishment. Rio was in the center of the room staring at what looked like a bundle of cloth. A further inspection showed that it was a baby, only a couple of months old. Even though the women held the child out for Rio to carry the girl didn't move.

Rex, realizing that someone needed to do something moved forwards, taking his helmet off as he did and held his hands out to the young mother. For a moment the shorthaired woman looked scared of him. The captain could tell by her wide eyes and slight trembling of her hands but after she noticed Kix and Coric giving medical aid to the Christophsians behind him her eyes softened. And then Rex was left holding the little bundle of cloth close to his chest.

He had one eye fixed on Rio as she fixed a man whose wrists had been torn open by restraints.

"You are clones?" Rex turned to see the mother of the child he was cradling speaking to Fives who was handing her food.

"Yeah…" The Arc trooper rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "We are."

"Are you two the leaders?" One of her delicate fingers was pointing at Rex while her eyes still stayed fixated on Fives face.

"I'-I'm not… The man holding your baby is. And the woman, she's a Jedi." Fives murmured back. Rex had to smirk at how shy the trooper was being it was uncharacteristic of him. He wasn't able to hear the last part of the exchange because the raised voice of one of his

"Rio!" Trip yelled to the padawan whose eyes met Rex's for a brief moment before flickering to the trooper.

"Yeah Shinnie. Watcha need?"

"There's a droid squad incoming."

Krif, the padawan thought before turning around to look at the dark skinned man in front of her whose hair was shock white. "What are we going to do?" The man whispered, his eyes narrowed and turned hard as he looked at Rio.

"We aren't going to leave you. Do you know how to shoot?" She questioned him with a small smile.

"Yes I trained with the army." Wrapping the last of the bandage around his wrist, Rio answered him quickly before getting up.

"Good. Fives give this man a blaster. He can protect his people with Kix and Coric." Coric started to argue with her.

"But Rio I don't wanna be left out of a fight! Whose gonna cover Oso's back if not me?" The blonde chuckled besides herself at his whining voice.

"Verd'ika, I need you to stay here, Oso is a big man, he'll do fine without you. If you stray from these orders I'll kick your shebs all the way back to base." She started to walk out of the building with Rex by her side when she turned around one last time to whisper a quick. "Jate'Kara."

Rio's hands went to the black metal hilts of her light sabers. Adrenaline poured through her veins and now all she could feel was the pounding of her own heart. Rex was right beside her his hands on his pistols as he had already given his DC-15 to the Christophsian man. All at once, Fives came sprinting down the path with his blasters in hand firing behind himself as he went.

A barrage of droids followed him. Rio ignited her two light sabers and threw herself into the middle of the droids, her focus solely on slashing each droid down. Her dual sabers flashed in a bluish/green blur as she flipped and spun over the basic super battle droids that came her way. The familiar clicking of the trigger being pulled but her boys on either side of her was comforting, at least until something pulled at her heart. Something was tainting the force. Something bad was going to happen. There were still at least ten droids still up and firing but Rio turned around and to her horror saw the Christophsian she had been helping earlier pointing one of Fives pistols at her.

The man shot. Rio fell to her knees in shock and from the pain that exploded in her chest. "Oso… You di'kut."

Rio crawled towards him on her hands and knees. Once she finally reached him she could see he had a blaster hole in his chest, it was leaking thick blood onto the blue glass pavement. The padawan took the troopers helmet off as she stared at her friend whose eyelids barely fluttered open as he tried to look at her. Liquid was streaming down her face as she looked at her dying friend, completely ignoring the sound of blaster shots around her.

"I-I'm not a di—di'kut."

"You should have let me take that shot little one. I was covering you!"

"You-you're mo-more important tha-than me." Tears were streaming down the shinnies face as they stared into each other's eyes. Rio had only known him a few weeks and she already trusted him with her life and secrets. Oso had been there with her since day one on the 'd been there when she screamed at night and so far he was the only one she'd told everything about being captured to. The only one who knew the truth about Jep.

"Don't leave me to fight alone." Her tears dripped onto his face and mixed with her own. In the background she could hear Rex shouting for Kix and Coric to try and save Oso. Rio didn't notice how the Captain's gun was pressed into the back of the Christophsian's head.

"The men cya-cyare you Commander. You'll do fine without me."

"But I don't want to be without yo-" The girl had no time to finish because the soldier whose blood covered her hands, lap, and tunic was dead. Rio didn't know when she was standing or when her light saber ignited. All that she can remember clearly was facing the dark skin white haired man whose wrists she had bandaged mere moments ago. The sharp aching of pain cut through her soul as she stared at the man with tears still streaming down her face.

"Gar cuyir a osi-yaim." She swore at him. His eyes narrowed and he spoke to her with his voice low and gravely as he did.

"In the first battle of Christophis. My wife and child were killed by a jedi and these meat dro…" He was about to finish his sentence when Rio cut him off. Rex, Fives, Reload, Flint, Trip, Coric, and Kix were all right there. They had all just watched one of their friends die protecting their commander from her own stupid decision, she sure as hell wasn't going to let them be insulted.

"If you finish that statement I will rip your limbs from your body." She growled. Her eyes were darkening into a frighteningly dark black color as she looked at him. "I'm sorry about what happened to your family." She eventually said, her eyes never really leaving her one still ignited saber. "But you'll see them soon."

All it took was a quick slash and the man lay at her feet, dead. Rio could do nothing but stare at the dead man in front of her as she tried to ignore the tears streaming down her face. Her entire being was consumed by the pain of losing Oso because of her one bad decision, it was her fault he was dead.

"Commander…" It was Trip, she could feel him next to her.

"Get the rest of the civilians to the base. Set them up with beds there."


"Now Trip."

The beautiful blonde took one deep breathe of air and turned back towards her dead friend. She picked up his body. Oso's dead weight would have been heavy for anyone else but with the added ability of the force Rio felt like she was carrying air. The girl didn't speak at all as she held the dead trooper and carried him towards her speeder. Rex started to come up to her, she could feel his force presence, feel how much he wanted to comfort her. But she kept going, she kept going because if she turned back Rio didn't know if she could find the strength to move forward again.

It took all of Rex's willpower not to follow the blonde back to the speeders and personally escort her to base. Instead he holstered his guns and walked towards the bleeding mass that was the Christophsian male. Rex knew he needed to move the body before he or any of the men brought the civilians out so they could be transported to base. Pressing his comlink the Captain radioed ahead to base so they could send a vessel that would be big enough to fit all the refugees they were taking.


"Rex, what is it?"

"Send the AT-TE walker down here. We need it to transport civilians."

"We can't be taking in refugees! It's a safety risk."

"Commanders orders…" Rex

"She's going to get someone killed if she acts like this."

"Cody, Oso's dead." Everyone knew that Rio and the clone were good friends if not best friends. When Rex was not with Rio then it was Oso who took his place by her side. It was no secret that she cared deeply for the shinny who had been the first trooper she had treated when she played medic just a few weeks earlier.


"Just get the tank down here soon as you can."

"It'll be there in five."

Rex clicked the comlink off and surveyed his men who all looked haunted and dead behind him. Oso's death was affecting all of them more than it should and he knew it. Maybe it was the way Oso died protecting Rio from a shot that would have killed her. Maybe it was because they all felt guilty for having it have to be him who took the blow. Maybe it was because Rex couldn't take seeing Rio sobbing over the body of his dead brother and friend, which was something he couldn't even force himself to do anymore.

All Rex did know what that he wasn't used to this feeling of regret and loss that seemed to hit him in the gut just the same as it did the day of his first battle. For the first time in a long time, Rex felt the tears slip out of his eyes and stain the cheeks beneath his helmet. Today was one of the days he wished it had been him who died.

He saw the commander hours later. She had been busy preparing the rooms for the Christophsians and wasn't able to talk to anyone until well into the night. Currently, Rex saw Rio sitting next to Boil, Fives, Cody, a distraught Coric, and a few other 212 members he didn't recognize. Rex took in her red puffy eyes and he didn't miss her holding Coric's hand. He wasn't surprised or worried at this action, he knew the two of them were closest to Oso and would probably find comfort in each other.

"Commander you need to eat something." Rex heard Fives whisper to her. She shook her head gently and gave a quick.

"I'm fine di'kut. You go eat." Her voice was scratchy and held so much pain Rex's heart ached for her. Rio's eyes met his but she gave him no smile. Though he felt a brief presence brush his concise mind. It was such a sad angry presence that Rex immediately knew that Rio was using the force to reach out to him and use him for comfort. Cody inclined his head to the Captain and smiled slightly.

"212th lads. Time to take your shifts." Cody spoke directly and clearly to his men before he shifted and moved from the table. Patting Rio on the back as he past her before stopping in front of Rex. "She's not taking it well Rex."

"I can see that." He whispered back to the Commander in front of him.

"Be careful with her. Sparky's gonna need you." Those were the last words Cody spoke to him before leading his men out of the mess hall and out of sight. He sat down besides Rio and looked her in the eyes.

"You doing ok ad'ika?"

"Why do all you fragging bug sluts keep asking me that?" Rex frowned at her comment, she was being hostile to the wrong person.

"Because you aren't acting like yourself."

"Maybe it's becau-" Rio didn't have time to finish when Coric untangled his hand from the Generals and walked away, clearly not in the mood for the bickering. "Force, I hate myself."

"Rio... I'll go make sure Coric is ok..." Fives stated. "I'm worried about you vod." And he left. Rex's eyes didn't leave Rio's small form and he noticed she held a shoulder gauntlet in one of her hands.

"Follow me." Rio ordered Rex. Not that he would have refused either way but the fact that she ordered it made it all the most important that he follow her lead. Without waiting for him the blonde stood up and walked towards the sliding door of the mess. Her tiny frame sauntered out into the hallways and she said a quick "hello" to any of the troopers they saw in the gray corridors. Rex was beside her now and realized that they were at the wing where his dormitory was located. He was about to ask what they were doing when Rio looked at him sideways and her entire force concise flowed over him. It was so overwhelming that he was unable to think straight until she retracted her thoughts from him.

They were outside of his rooms seconds later and before he was even able to open the door using his access code, her hands went up and seconds afterwards the door flew open. He felt the pressure of her hand on his arm as she dragged him into his own room.

"Why are we here general?" Rex asked, his tone was neutral as he tried to betray the storm of emotions he felt. It was hard not to when you have your Commander sitting on your bed starting to take her top off.

"Don't worry Rex, I'm not here to try and get you to have ad'gotar with me. I'm just staying here from now on."

"Wh-what?" Rex's mouth was hanging open at her statement and she gave him a look over her shoulder. She was just wearing her ripped pants and chest bindings as she looked at him.

"You're the only one I can trust. I can't lose you Rex. Today for a second, I thought it was you that was dead. I thought I saw both you and Oso on that ground. I'm not losing another Captain. I won't lose you the way I lost Jep." Her arms were wrapped around her knees and she was rocking back and forth on his bed. Rex had already started removing his armor by this point but stopped when he saw this. Instead he sat on the edge of the bed and tentatively and wrapped his arms around her, effectively pulling her onto his lap.

"What happened to you and Jep in that prison," he felt her stiffen, "it's not going to happen ever again. I promise."

"You don't even know what happened."

"Then tell me."

"You wouldn't want to know…"

"Maybe not, but I'm asking and nothing you say will change how I see you." Rex was being completely honest, he cared to much for the woman in his arms to think any differently of her. In the past few weeks he'd started to see her in a completely different light than before. Now he could see how broken she was and admired how she still cared deeply for her men even though every one of their deaths affected her deeply. "So tell me ad'ika."

"Well, it happened after Palpatine found out Jep and Tula were lovers."