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Shopping with Red

"You've got to be sure to make it!" She said

"Viridian Forest is beautiful on Christmas Eve!" She said.

And now he was going to ruin it. I mean, it was not Red's fault, and he was not going to ruin it on purpose, but at this point, he was pretty sure he was going to ruin it.

The young pokemon trainer ran down the streets of Viridian City as fast as he could. His blue jeans were clinging tightly to his legs as he ran, and his red jacket flapped in the wind, because he didn't even bother zipping the thing before he left the Indigo Plateau.

"Pika-Pika?" asked the small electric mouse that ran beside him.

"I'm not really sure." Red admitted, as he adjusted the red cap on his head, "What time do you think the holiday rush actually starts?"

"Pikachu." He replied.

Red had been at the Plateau all day that day. The reporters needed him there. They were doing some kind of late holiday article about the decade's last pokemon champions. Red liked the publicity and all, but the only reason he actually showed up to the interview was for the money. He was surprisingly short on it this holiday season, and if he wanted to show up with anything for Yellow's party tonight, he needed that money.

Red flipped out his pokegear, as he continued running down the street.

"Okay, it's 5:30!" he said with a sigh, "That gives me exactly half an hour to pick everybody up a gift and get to the Viridian forest… provided the stores aren't already sold out of absolutely everything."

"Chu!" his pokemon agreed.

Red hated it when stuff like this happened. He had planned everything out perfectly. He knew exactly what he was going to get each friend. He knew the exact price of each gift. He had even made sure that the interview was scheduled several hours in advance, so that he could get to the store in time. Things just did not work out quite right. The interview ended up taking, like, a million times longer than it was supposed to. Now, Red was late.

"CHA!" Pika shouted to his master, bringing him back to reality.

Red looked up ahead of himself. A big blue building was coming up on the left.

"Bingo!" Red cheered. That was just the shop he was looking for.

Once he finally approached the store, the champion ground to a halt and burst through the door as fast as he could.

The inside was worse than he expected. He looked around to find customers, employees, children, and even pokemon running everywhere in the building. There was chaos up and down every isle. Some people were literally jumping over one another to get to the register. All of the sudden, Red worried that his life might actually be in danger here.

"Oookay…" he muttered, as he pulled a small shopping list out of his jacket pocket, "I'm going to need a plan B."

"Pikachu!" Pika exclaimed, as he jumped up on his trainer's shoulder and leaned in to see the note.

"Does it really matter?" Red asked, "There is no way I can get all of this stuff in time. Each present is in a completely different part of the store, and with all of this craziness happening, it could take me forever to check out."

"Pika!" the rodent insisted, as it grabbed the list from his hand.

Red's handwriting was fairly easy to make out, and the list itself wasn't hard to follow either.

Macho Brace- Blue

Florella Designer Scarf- Green

Nature's Drawing Kit- Yellow

XPK Skateboard- Gold

Pokewatcher Upgrade- Crys

'Of Battles and Trades'- Silver

"Pikachu?" the pokemon asked, motioning to Yellow's gift.

Red shrugged. "She's always telling me about how beautiful nature is and how she wishes she could just sit down and sketch it all out. I figured I might as well help her learn how."

"Achu." He agreed, "Pika Pika. Pi Pikachu!"

"Really? You'll go and get that one for me?" Red confirmed with a smile.

"Pika!" he assured.

"Great! Thank you so much, Pi-" Red stopped himself mid-sentence.

"Wait a second…" he murmured, "That gives me a great idea!"

With that, Red pulled four pokeballs out of his backpack and threw them all into the air.

"VENASAUR!" "POLIWRATH!" "ESPION!" "SNOOORLAAAX!" The pokemon each greeted him as they popped out.

"Alright everybody! We're last minute Christmas shopping, okay?" he announced, as he ripped his list into six separate pieces, "I need each of you to go to your section of the store and find the gift on the list that I give you."

He handed a ripped sliver of paper out to each of his pokemon, keeping one for himself.

"Meet me at the register as soon as you find what you are looking for, okay?"

"VEN!" "Poli!" "Pika! "Pion!" "SNORLAX!" they each agreed.

"Okay, break!" Red screamed, allowing each pokemon to run off in its own direction.

"I sure hope this works out." He said to himself, "Yellow, I'll be at your place in no time!"

Poli jumped through the isles in search of Red's gift. The pokemon was not entirely sure which section of the store held skateboards, but his legs were strong enough to allow him to simply bound over the selves until he found it.

Poli would jump into one isle (effectively terrifying every human in sight), look for any skateboards, and then jump right into the next isle. It couldn't take long to go through the store that way, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, something Poli failed to take into account was visibility. With all of the chaotic humans running around, looking for their last minute gifts, the pokemon could not always make out exactly what items were on each isle without having to run up and down the shelves a little bit. This was costing time, and Poli knew his trainer was late. He had to think of a different approach.

The pokemon looked up at the ceiling for a moment. He noticed that all of the lighting in the store was provided by those large, industrial sized lights that one often finds in warehouses. That was his ticket.

"Poli!" the creature grunted, as he jumped to the top of one of the isle shelves that he had been bounding over before. When he landed, he made one final leap to the industrial light that he noticed, grabbing onto the cord that hung it from the ceiling.

Poli peered through the isles with his new bird's-eye view until he noticed a rack of skateboards on the east side of the store. That was just what he needed. He swung the lighting fixture a little bit, slowly building up momentum like a child on a swing until he finally let it go and launched himself right over to they toy that he needed. Too easy.

Saur was having a harder time. After all, venasaurs were not exactly known for their great speed or jumping ability. All the pokemon could really hope to do was stomp his way to the isle that he thought held macho braces.

Saur was headed the right way, but humans kept running by and bumping into him. Didn't these people have any manners? Why would all of the humans even want to have a ritual where they came to the store and beat each other up over items they were going to have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for? Couldn't they just have a more peaceful or relaxing ritual? Humans didn't make since to Saur. But, then again, maybe this is where they got the idea for pokemon battles! This sure looked like a pokemon battle. Humans were running, jumping over each other, hitting each other, and letting out massive battle cries. It kind of made since now.

The grass-type just kept slowly stomping to the "Training Items" isle. He was kind of worried about the deadline Red was on, but what else could Saur do?

That's when he saw it. Saur looked around the store for only a second, and he realized that some humans were using tiny cages to move their items with. Tiny cages with wheels!

"Vena!" he cried with excitement.

Saur had already determined that this was quite like battling. So, he was sure the humans would not mind if he just took their cage-cars away from them.

"Saur!" he shouted, as he shot a vine whip out to snatch a cage away from a female human about two isles over.

"Hey!" she shouted back at him.

"Venasaur!" he greeted with a smile. He really loved it when humans waved at him. At least that human was a good sport about shop-battling or whatever Red had called it.

Saur looked in his new cage-car to find it filled with toys, candy, and basically a bunch of utterly useless stuff. That would not do. He was hoping the cage-car could give him a ride to the macho brace he needed. Oh well, the problem was easily fixed. He simply turned the cage over and spilled all of its items out.

"Poliwrath!" he heard from behind him. Saur put his project on pause and turned a little bit to find his good friend Poli standing behind him on a skateboard.

"Wrath?" the pokemon asked curiously, while tilting his head to the side a bit.

"Venasaur!" he explained, pointing to the other cage-cars in the store. It was clear that they were going to need a few more of those if they wanted Saur to actually be able to ride on one.

"Poliwrath!" his friend nodded, as he ran over to a couple other humans and took their cage-cars.

Saur continued to contribute by reaching out with a few more vine whips, and once they had a decent number of empty cage-cars, the pokemon tied them all together with a final vine whip attack and hopped on.

"Ven! Ven!" Saur suggested, and Poli complied by focus punching the giant cage-car, allowing Saur to roll to his isle at top speed.

Meanwhile, Snor was going through the book isle. Snor did not particularly like this isle, as he could not read very well. He was a pokemon, after all. He was just hoping he could read well enough to find the book that Silver wanted… Of Battles and Trades. The task could not be too hard. All he had to do was match the shape of the letters on his paper sliver with the shape of the letters on the book.

Snor squinted his eyes a bit. If only the different fonts and colors didn't make it so hard. Maybe Red chose the wrong pokemon for this. Snor would have rather picked out some sort of… food.

Hey! There was an idea! Maybe Snor could go over to a food isle, snack on a few hundred pounds of human food, and then return to the book! Brilliant!

"Snor!" The pokemon grunted with a smile, as it wandered over to the produce section in search of brain food.

"Finally!" Red sighed, as he got to the front of the line in the software department.

A skinny bald man sat behind the counter with a smile on his face.

"Why hello there!" the man said, "How may I help you?"

"Yeah, hi!" Red started in a rushed tone, "Please tell me that you still have the Pokewatcher upgrade for pokegear!"

The man looked at the boy with a hint of worry. "Are you okay, son?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." Responded Red, "I'm just a little late for a party, and my pokemon are running loose around the store. Please tell me you have that upgrade!"

The man lingered for only a second longer before saying, "Yeah, sure. We have the card right here." He handed Red a small data chip wrapped in plastic, "The total price will be-"

"Sorry!" Red said, as he snatched the present from the man, "I'm gonna have to pay for it up front! Gotta save a spot in line!"

He ran from the software department faster than a rapidash. Time was running out.

Pika was just on his way back from picking up Yellow's new sketching kit when he saw Snor about to attack a crate of lettuce.

"Pikachu!" The pokemon squeaked (although his voice was a little muffled by the drawing kit in his mouth).

Snor turned around to see his little yellow friend on the ground not far from him.

"Snorlax!" he waved with excitement.

"Pika!" Pika warned him. That lettuce was going to cost Red a lot of money!

"Snor Snor?" the normal-type responded, scratching his head.

"Achu!" Pika assured him. Snor should not have been in the produce section in the first place.

Snor agreed to leave the lettuce alone, but it still didn't make much sense to him. Why would his human have to give away that green paper he was always hording just because Snor ate a few pounds of lettuce? Did Red lose that paper every time Snor ate food? That didn't seem very fair, especially considering that Snor used to eat tons and tons of the stuff every day before he met Red. How long had he accidentally been causing Red to lose his paper?

"Pika-Pikachu!" Pika pointed out, causing Snor to snap out of his thoughts.

That's right! He'd almost forgotten all about that book Red wanted.

"Pikachu!" the little rodent offered, and Snor, knowing very well that Pika was the smarter pokemon, kindly obliged, leading his friend right to the book section.

Vee knew that designer labels were the types of clothes that had certain pictures on the tags. That was it. Luckily, the little espion also spent enough time around Green to know exactly what picture the Florella label was. Green really loved wearing Florella clothes.

So, as soon as Vee found his way over to the human female clothing section, he used his psychic attack to pick all of the scarves up in the air. While they were still floating, he casually walked underneath each one of them, looking for Green's favorite picture. It did not take too long.

Vee stood underneath the scarf he wanted, and he let his psychic attack stop. All the scarves fell to the floor, except for the one he wanted, which fell on top of him. Perfect.

But before Vee could make it back to his master, he heard a loud screech stop behind him, and he turned around to see his friend Saur riding on some kind of giant cage-car with a macho brace on his head.

"Venasaur!" the pokemon greeted.

Then, behind the grass-type, Poli rounded the corner, carrying a skateboard.

"Poliwrath!" he greeted as well.

"Espi?" Vee asked curiously.

"Venasaur!" Saur explained, as he patted a small spot next to him on the cage-car.

"Espion!" he cheered, as he jumped on next to his friend. Poli concluded the meeting by sending them forward with another focus punch.

Red was watching his pokegear. This was bad. He had to be at Viridian Forest in ten minutes, and the check out line would not move!

"Next!" chirped the cashier.

Red looked in front of him. Oh. He was the next in line. Never mind.

The trainer walked up to the front and had the cashier scan his upgrade chip across the machine.

"Alright, is that all for you, young man?" she asked with a smile.

"Well, actually…" he muttered, taking a quick look around the room to find his pokemon, "I'm supposed to be meeting someone here…"

"I'm sorry," she responded with a still-cheery voice, "but quite a line is forming behind you. I'm afraid that-"

"WAIT! THERE THEY ARE!" Red cried, as he pointed out into the distance.

Not far from the dex holder, a group of pokemon were stampeding toward the check out line. Pika was riding atop Snor, Vee and Saur were sitting on some contraption made of five or six shopping carts tied together, and Poli was on Gold's new skateboard.

"What on earth?" asked the cashier, but Red did not care how strange it looked. As soon as the pokemon approached the register, Red checked out as fast as humanly possible.

Moments later, the young champion was riding through the streets of Viridian with only five minutes left to get to Yellow's party. He was standing on the skateboard he had bought for Gold with the rest of the gift bags in left hand. His right hand held onto a rope that was being pulled by Aero, as the great prehistoric pokemon flew toward the forest.

"We're gonna make it!" Red yelled with enthusiasm "We're gonna make it!"

He was so proud of everything his pokemon had done to get him this far. He was going to make it to the party on time, and he was going to have everyone's presents. Maybe he hadn't ruined Christmas Eve after all!

It was not long before Aero pulled his trainer into the forest. This was where things got tricky. Red had to stay closer to his skateboard as he traveled over the rocky, snowy plains, and Aero had to stay closer to the ground so that the thick, branchy trees did not hit him in the face.

Things would have continued quite nicely if Red did not by pure chance happen to hit a mound of snow. The collision tossed Red from the skateboard, and his gifts flew everywhere.

Aero only continued on for a moment before realizing what had happened and turning around to help his trainer off of the floor.

"Ugh." Mumbled Red, "What was that?"

"Agraa!" his aerodactyl replied, as Red sat up and looked at his surroundings.

As he turned around the scenery, he realized Yellow was right. Viridian Forest did look beautiful on Christmas Eve. Snow was covering everything in the area, and the newly lit stars reflected off of the wintery blankets. It was powdery and fluffy enough to impress anyone, but on top of that, some of the trees had Christmas lights hung on them. Others were decorated completely. Red was not sure who put all of this stuff on the trees or where the electric wires ran to, but it was definitely a sight.

"Man, you sure took a face plant." Rang a familiar voice.

Red looked behind his back to find Blue standing not 40 feet from him, completely dressed in wintery Christmas clothes, but with his spiky hair still completely visible above his earmuffs.

"Blue?" he asked in disbelief, "Aren't you supposed to be at the party?"

"I was." His friend explained with a chuckle, "It's about 20 yards away from here."

"Oh…" Red sighed a bit, "Dang it! I was so close!"

"Yeah," Blue continued again, as he walked over to his fallen friend, "I was just hanging out with Yellow, Green, and the others when out in the woods there arose such a clatter that I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter!"

Red looked at him with a sarcastic taunt, "I guess you were expecting Santa Claus?"

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting you with a face full of snow! But, you know what? I found you anyway. Come on inside. Have some hot chocolate."

"Wait!" Red remembered, "I can't go inside yet! I just lost everyone's presents!"

"What are you talking about?" Blue asked, "Just come on in. Everybody's waiting for you."

"Wait!" he said again, "Maybe you can help me, Blue! I'm pretty sure that everyone's stuff is just lying in some of the bushes and tall grass around here. If you can help me dig around for them-"

"Hold that thought." Blue interrupted, "I'll be right back."

And with that, the boy jogged off into the forest, leaving Red to ponder where he was going.

It was only a few minutes later that several voices began to approach the area from the same direction that Blue went.

"Come on, Blue! What is it?" Yellow's voice asked with anticipation.

"You'll see." Blue answered, "But it's gonna be a good one!"

"It better be!" came Green's voice, " You know I always hate surprises, and I'm gonna be ticked if I came out in the cold for nothing!"

Sure enough, Blue found his way into the clearing that Red was in, and as he parted the branches to a few trees, he said, "Ta-da! Look, guys! There's your surprise! Look who it is!"

Red peered through the branches to see Yellow, Green, Gold, Silver, and Crystal looking back at him. At first, the group seemed confused, but as soon as they saw Red, their faces lit up with excitement. Each dex holder smiled, and they ran into the clearing to greet their friend.

"There you are!" Said Yellow, as she helped pick him up from the floor, "I was wondering when you were going to get here!"

"Alright! Red! Welcome to the party!" cheered Gold, "Glad you could make it!"

"Nice to see you again." Said Silver, as he patted Red on the back, "Not a bad surprise at all."

"I'll say!" Crystal chimed in, "Why don't you join us inside for some karaoke?"

"Uh… I'd love to." Red smiled.

"Not so fast!" added Green in a teasing voice, as she grabbed Red by the arm, "Let me show you to the mistletoe first."

Red blushed at that. He knew Green was joking, but she was just good at embarrassing him.

"Hold on! Hold on!" Blue interrupted, "There is more than enough of Red to go around, but first, I've got to ask a very serious question."

The dex holders all looked at Blue.

"Yellow, when are we opening presents?" he finished.

"Oh… Ya know, whenever." She shrugged.

Blue then looked at Red with a snarky smile and a tilt of the head, as if to say 'Do you get my point?'

Red only laughed in response, and the dex holders all went inside to enjoy each others company. Red would dig around in the grass some other time.