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Penelope watched Spencer, with a small grin on her face as they rode the elevator up to their floor. He was fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, obviously nervous about what he was going to find when the doors slid open.

He looked over at her and frowned when he saw the amusement on her face.

"Are you finally regretting your actions from last night?" Penelope asked him.

"No," he said defiantly "I meant what I said, it was worth it."

Penelope raised her brow at him and he crossed his arms over his chest. His pout gave him away though and Penelope laughed "Oh Spencer," she said linking her arm with his "there's no need to worry; the team can't be that upset we kept our relationship secret for so long. Just look at JJ and Will's relationship, they kept it hidden for more than two years!"

"I'm not so worried about everyone on the team, just one in particular…" Spencer muttered.

"Forget about Derek…" Penelope began, shaking her head when Spencer gave her a disbelieving look "Yeah he's going to give you a hard time at first, but he'll get over it and I'll give him a good talking to if he gets too demanding."

Spencer looked a little less tense, but a deep frown still held his features.

Penelope shook her head, before taking Spencer by the shoulder and gently turning him so he was facing her. His arms fell to his sides and Penelope smiled as she stepped into his space, she raised her hands and cupped his face, then she leaned up to kiss him.

She felt him smile into the kiss as his body relaxed. He wrapped his arms around her and gave into the kiss.

The elevator dinged as they reached the sixth floor, but neither of them noticed until a throat was cleared.

Slowly they both turned to see Derek standing in front of the elevator, hands crossed over his chest with a very non-amused look plastered on his face.

"Kid," he said, his voice low and controlled "what do you think you're doing?"

Spencer looked at Derek, then at Penelope, then back to Derek again "I…" he began not sure what to say.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard the rumors this morning; I thought that they couldn't possibly be true. My Best Friend and my Baby Girl dating…?" Derek said eyeing both of them.

"Morgan I…" Spencer began but this time it was Penelope who cut him off.

"Wait just a minute Mister," she said pointing her finger angrily at Derek "who made you the boss? You have no say in who I date and you should be happy for me and Spencer."

"Baby," Derek said soothingly and grinned widely at them "I am happy for you two."

"What?" Penelope said "then what's with the act?"

"I'm just upset you guys didn't tell me yourself," he explained "instead I had to hear it from Lynch." Derek curled his lip at that.

"Lynch told you, personally?" Penelope asked as she and Spencer finally stepped out of the elevator. That didn't seem like Kevin, even though she knew Kevin would be spreading the news like butter, he was non-confrontational and he was scared of Derek to boot.

"Well I actually heard him running his mouth in the kitchenette and had to put him in his place," Derek chuckled "I don't think he'll be showing his face up here for a while."

"So everyone knows?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah," Derek said "Hotch wasn't too happy to find out about your make-out session in front of the elevator but other than that he seemed fine with it, though I have a suspicion that he and Rossi already knew."

"Yeah," Penelope said blushing "Rossi saw Reid and I kissing outside of the Doctor Who convention, I guess it's not that much of a surprise he told Hotch."

Derek's eyes widened "The Convention? That was almost a year ago, you've been dating since then?"

"Not exactly," Spencer said "we've only been officially dating for a few months."

"Still, you should have told me;" Derek said "I wouldn't have been upset."

"It's not that," Penelope said "we just wanted our relationship to be about just 'us' for a while, before everyone knew. You can understand that can't you?"

"I guess," Derek said before turning to Spencer and giving him a hard look "You better treat her right though Reid."

Spencer gave him an outraged look "Of course," he said pulling Penelope to him with an arm around her waist "I'd never do anything to hurt her."

Penelope smiled at him adoringly "I know you wouldn't;" lowering her voice she added "besides if you did I would end you. I don't need any help from Derek to do that, I'm a genius too you know."

Derek laughed at their antics and then patted Spencer on the shoulder "On second thought, good luck Kid."

Then he dodged away from the swat Penelope aimed at him.

As they stepped into the bullpen they saw Aaron coming towards them, with Dave following a few paces behind.

"You two," he said directing his comments at Penelope and Spencer "thanks for finally joining us."

"Sorry, driving was a little slow this morning," Spencer said not looking Aaron in the eye, he didn't want anyone to know that he had been taking his time on purpose.

Aaron raised a brow at him in question but continued "Well, I already cleared your relationship with the Director. He wasn't too happy about it but considering Garcia is a Tech and isn't normally in the field with us, he has given his approval, though I'd ask you keep the PDA's to a minimum unless you want to push your luck."

"Right," Penelope said "don't worry Boss Man we've got it under control."

Aaron allowed a small smile before saying "Well perhaps we can have drinks at the pub later to celebrate, but for now let's get back to work."

"Thanks Sir," Penelope said and Reid nodded his thanks.

Aaron moved away and Dave took his place, he gave them both a look.

Penelope smiled sheepishly and Spencer looked away from him.

Dave then shook his head and stepped forward, his hand going to Spencer's shoulder "I'm happy for you two. Next time though, do you think you can take my advice from the beginning so we don't have to go through a whole song and dance?"

"Now where would the fun be in that my Italian Stallion?" Penelope asked with a grin.

Dave rolled his eyes at that as the other three chuckled.