The Makaiju Arc
Chapter 7 – The Tempest
By Lebnaniya

I do not claim any rights to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon series in the animated format or the manga books. All copyrighted materials belong to their respectable owners. The following story is entirely fictional and pays tribute to the amazing characters developed by said owners. As a fan, I am writing this out of respect to the owners as well as to elaborate on this couple because I don't think the series gave Ail and En enough attention.

I'm excited about this story but I will admit…I'm a little nervous because I don't know many people who are fans of this couple. Take note, that this site lists them as "Ali and An" but if you watch the subtitled anime, the actual spelling is "Ail and En" – the creators did this as a play on the world "Alien," so I'm going to follow their example. I know some of you have been waiting a long time for me to update this story and I am sincerely sorry. But, I am pleased to say that I am finally in the process of finishing up this story. To those of you who have followed, reviewed, and encouraged me to continue, I thank you very much for your support.


"I'm sorry," En whispered, as she buried her face in Ail's chest.

The only thing running through her mind was that if she had stayed put, if she had waited, he would never have had to use so much energy to save her.

Ail's relief at finding En was all he could feel at that moment.

Flashes of scenes filled his head momentarily…the adults he had eradicated through his new-found power…witnessing the slaughter of those children up in the tree earlier…even coming to the realization that the canopy up above had no nectar for them…

All these seemed trivial now. He found En and that's all that mattered.

"En." Ail whispered, as he pulled her close. He closed his eyes and he buried his face in her hair.

En pulled away and caressed his cheek before running her hand along his forehead. "You're warm." En said.

Ail shook his head. It was because of all the energy he used, but he was fine.

"We need to get back to the cave."

En nodded as she helped lift him up and braced his body against hers, before she moved his arm over her shoulder, thus supporting most of his weight on her side as they slowly made their away off and around the buttresses and roots of the Makaiju.


They were still far away from safety. Danger was literally behind them.

As they maneuvered down the roots, they could see the last remaining adults fighting to the death. The large group of warring adults was now reduced to a mere handful of individuals who could care less about Ail and En. Their feral and psychotic nature blinding them to their surroundings.

Whether it was fate or luck, Ail and En hurried as fast as they could to put some distance between them and the adults. They were both exhausted and hardly had any strength left in them to put up a fight. Their safest bet was to recover in the safety of their little underground cave. Later, they would think about how to survive in the long run. Their immediate concern was surviving in the now.


Once again, Ail found himself stretching to the protest and ache of his joints and limbs. This time though, he didn't force himself up; instead, he turned over so he could rest his arm in the crook of En's waist and buried his head in the crook of her neck, as he pulled her closer to keep themselves warm.

Yesterday, as soon as they made their way back to their hiding spot, they quickly crawled back into their cave and slept. Their bodies still needed time to recover and heal and the lack of any nectar was no help in the healing process. A couple of times Ail woke up in the middle of the day and in the middle of the night. He could hear strangled voices and screams off in the distance. He blocked them out easily by turning his attention to En. She had kept him sane last night. Thinking of her helped block out all the horrible truths of their reality and drove the nightmares away. His mind did wander occasionally onto the idea that if they were meant to die, he would have preferred if death claimed them in their sleep. He would have been content to die knowing they were in each other's arms.

Inhaling deeply, Ail closed his eyes and savored their peaceful morning. He could see the rays of sunlight shining through their cave. It was still very early in the morning, and they had slept all day yesterday after returning to the cave. Today, they might have the energy to venture outside. But they would have to be smart and outwit any surviving adults.

Snuggling closer to En, Ail couldn't help but smile when he felt En's hand wrap around his own and subconsciously pull it closer to herself. We'll make it, En. Somehow. I just know we will.


It was warm and quite. Peaceful even. Until the ground beneath them began to shake and rumble violently, twigs and pieces of wood crumbling down. Ail and En gasped, as they both sat up and grabbed each other's hand, crawling on the ground as they moved towards the exit. Ail crawled out first before he turned around and grabbed En's hands, dragging her out in one swift movement.

The ground beneath them continued to shake and rumble violently as they quickly made their way near the shoreline. However, the water was churning violently and they both glanced across the horizon noticing how violent the tides were. En noticed several of the last remaining trees far off in the distance began to tilt before capsizing and collapsing into the watery grave that was their planet.

En turned to glance at the Makaiju before Ail shoved her behind him. That's when En noticed the group of adults approaching them despite the planet's turmoil. Ail glared and pushed En further behind him and she gripped his arms that were trying to protect her. They inched their way to the shoreline as they finally stepped into the water. They had nowhere to run. They were surrounded.

The Makaiju shook violently as the ground beneath them split in two. Ail and En glanced behind the adults and could see several enormous buttresses and roots snap. The sheer force of it was frightening. It also unnerved them that despite the chaos of their environment, the adults seemed to focus on one thing and one thing only: their death.

Just then, the adults leapt towards them both. Ail and En flinched, getting ready to dodge the attack, but then the adults froze in midair howling in pain. Ail and En stared in shock as the adults' bodies began to contort and writhe before being crushed to death within a near-invisible bubble.

The howling and cries of the adults were muffled as light engulfed them before they disintegrated into nothingness. Ail and En were still holding onto each other, trying to steady themselves with all the shaking when they both heard a very familiar voice call out to them.

"What are you two waiting for?! Get up here now!" Hiba yelled.

Their eyes searched for the voice and there, in the lowest branches of the Makaiju, they saw Hiba with her pendant glowing. They knew, somehow, that Hiba had tracked them. She had saved them with her pendant, as the light subsided back into her now glittering pendant.

En gasped, "You…you survived?" she couldn't hide the overwhelming joy that she was experiencing that moment.

"Zahi?" Ail asked, relieved that Hiba was alive but worried when after scanning the branches, he could not see his other friend.

Hiba smirked and with her index finger, pointed behind and above them

Ail and En turned around and stared in awe as Zahi floated down to the ground, safe and sound in one of his formidable light shields shaped in a bubble, as he landed just feet from them on the shore. As soon as his bubble disappeared, they both jumped forward, grabbing onto Zahi and embracing him.

Zahi smiled. Hiba was right. Her pendant had led them back to the Makaiju and low and behold… they found their long lost friends.

Upon Zahi and Hiba's arrival at the small island, it took them just a few minutes to find Ail and En and then just mere seconds for them to register the danger they were in. Immediately, Zahi and Hiba formed a plan to encase the adults in a bubble and Hiba used her pendant to implore for power to destroy their enemies. The rest was now history.

The ground shook again and this time, Zahi, Ail, and En wavered on the ground, splashing water around their feet as they tried to steady themselves.

"Get up here now!" Hiba yelled.

The three noticed that the ground on one side had torn completely from the shoreline with the large buttresses and roots ripping straight from the ground and away from the island. Giant waves started crashing all around them and the Makaiju seemed to ever so slowly start to extend away from the land from that side.

Ail and En had no time to think about how their friends survived and made it to the Makaiju. They followed Zahi to the tree and grabbed onto the Makaiju, quickly making their way up.


"What's going on?" En asked, turning to Ail.

Ail shook his head. He had no idea what was happening to their planet.

"How did you get here?" Ail asked, as he looked over to Zahi.

"Hiba's pendant guided us…" Zahi yelled, as the tree began to tilt slowly to one side before several more roots snapped and the tree righted itself once again.

The three of them finally made it to the branch Hiba was on. Zahi and Ail grabbed onto some vines, scanning the area to make sure they were safe and that no other adults were in sight.

En had just made her way up to Hiba, as Hiba extended her hand, grabbing and pulling En up before slapping her in the face. "Don't you ever do that again!" Hiba yelled, before pulling and hugging En in a tight embrace. "Hiba…" En said, one hand rubbing the tender flesh of her cheek, the other awkwardly trying to hug Hiba back. En knew Zahi and Hiba would be mad at her for leaving them. But they were more worried about her blind devotion to Ail, jumping in after him without a care for her own life. However, in the end it worked out seeing they were all alive. En glanced to Zahi and could see the same anger and rage burning behind his golden eyes. But she also recognized something else. Something more familiar that she had seen in Ail. Relief behind his eyes.

"I still can't believe you two made it here." Ail said, as he approached Hiba. Placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I knew you two would make it." Zahi said, as he too made his way to the girls. "You're both too stubborn to die off like that." Zahi winked, looking at Ail.

Ail smirked. Talk of death had now transcended the philosophical and it was now something they could joke about because it was the only way they could cope and deal with what they had endured. The ground was still shaking, but it had subsided quite a bit; although, the water was still gushing forward and inching its way up the roots.

There goes our cave, En thought.

"I wonder." Hiba said, as she kneeled down and glanced below. "To me, it looks like the roots were being pulled apart and away from the ground…"

The four of them studied the ground and roots. True enough, it looked like the roots and buttresses had arched themselves away and it almost looked like the Makaiju had tried to pull away from the island.

"We should head further up for safety. I have yet to see an adult climb the Makaiju. If we're lucky, they'll all drown." Ail said, as he glanced up above. Would there be any other children. Were there even any left?


They were struggling to make it up the Makaiju. The roots and buttresses began to pull away violently, and just like Hiba said, it looked like the tree itself was struggling to rip itself apart and away from the island.

They couldn't climb up anymore, not without the risk of falling or tumbling down several branches and hurting themselves, especially with the tree still wavering and shaking. Zahi quickly assembled them together before maneuvering his hands in arcs and circles around themselves. He had quickly formed a bubble and shield to protect them as they started to float up near the bark of the Makaiju.

Ail moved his arms, following in Zahi's example, trying to see if he too could reinforce their bubble. En was watching the area below them, making sure they were safe from below. Hiba was glancing up, looking around for any danger from up above when she suddenly gasped. Just as the three of them looked up, several adults landed on their bubble, using their disgusting claws to scrape and scratch, trying to tear away at the shield in order to get to the children.


Additional Notes
I know some of you have been waiting a while for this story, so for the delay in its progress, I offer you my sincerest apology. Now, just as a forewarning, this is the chapter before everything falls apart for Ail and En. Thus far, they have somehow managed to stay alive and they have managed to keep their sanity intact. Recall that I'm trying to portray the hell these two went through so you understand why they are so very ruthless and stubborn in the animated series. Behind all their bravado is a history of pain, destruction, and death. As always, please don't forget to leave me a review. Follow this story. And if you really like it, please add this to your favorites. Thank you!