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Story Start

Standing in a room with doors marked in kanji that connected the Universes was the Nidiame Izanagi no Mikoto Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze he's been creating universes for the past millennia and going in each one from his time as Ichigo Kurosaki, to his time as Son Goku. He has picked out women in each universe to be his mates and watch over the universes they were born into. He had become Izanagi's successor after his home universe was destroyed thanks to the Juubi going berserk Izanagi had saved him and passed on to be with his wife and children who had all died. He was currently about to go to a alternate universe where the Uzumaki clan are descendants of a Saiyan tribe that only wanted to live peacefully so they didn't teach Ki manipulation to their descendents

"I'm going to land in Uzu then go to Konoha." Naruto thought to himself before he walked into a room with his name in kanji before a flash shined brightly and the door closed behind him

Ruins of Uzu

Unknown Mindscape


Naruto appeared in a mindscape of some sort he walked to the sound of crying, when he found the source a red haired five-year-old boy was crying in the fetal position

"What's wrong little one?" he asked as the boy perked up and looked at Naruto showing Naruto his Juubigan.

"They're gone mista my clan mama and papa to everyone those ninjas killed them." the boy said

Naruto got down on one knee and asked, "What happen to you"

"They stabbed me in my belly and I found my self here…sniff" the boy said

Naruto sighed and placed his index finger on the boys head before the boy glowed and disappeared before Naruto flared his chakra to give himself a perfect body.

Real World

Two battalions were all that survived of the four that Iwa and Kumo sent to Uzu they were currently walking around to see if they could find anything of use before they felt pure unadulterated power spring up out of nowhere they turned to see one of the bodies of a kid they killed surrounded by a cocoon of black and red energy before it started to recede back and in the place of the scrawny five year old boy was a 11 year old long red spiky haired boy with a white mask with red lines coming down from the eye holes before he swung his hand out to the side and a blade appeared in a swirl of whitish blue energy and a zanbatou as long as his body appeared.

"You just don't know when to stay dead gaki… well no matter well use you as a breeding stock to have our own Uzumaki clan." a arrogant Kumo Jonin said while everyone else nodded in agreement "None of you will leave here alive you should have left with those other ten ninja to report but o well" Naruto said in a raspy demonic tinted voice before he vanished in a static boom before he started to cleave through the invading forces while they tried to get way

Naruto appeared in the middle of bodies before he looked to his right and saw some still running he pointed a finger and shouted "CERO" a flash of red and a huge trench was left after the blast

Naruto brought his hand up to his mask and swiped at it and the masked dispelled

"My body is in tiptop form just have to grow again I'm about 20% of my true power enough to fight the Hachibi to a standstill…sigh…Shadow Clone Jutsu"a burst of smoke and 20 clones appeared. "I want every single scroll sealed away in a scroll now," Naruto ordered as the clones disappeared


Hiruzen Sarutobi the Sandiame Hokage was looking at the form of the 11 year old boy who appeared outside his village this morning. It's has been 2 weeks since the Uzushiogakure was destroyed but the shocking thing was that 10 ninja's only survived because they weren't in the village when the boy in front of him killed them all according to his story.

"Naruto you can stay here Mito sama will take you in I'm sure of it another Uzumaki is here as well go with this Anbu and he will take you to your new home." Sarutobi said as a wolf masked Anbu took Naruto out of the office.

"Sigh…the council will want him to recreate the Uzumaki Clan and he'll be going to the academy soon as well sigh well nothing wrong with that." Sarutobi thought before he started his paperwork.

Uzumaki Estate

Okami and Naruto appeared in front of the Uzumaki/Senju Compound that only housed Kushina, Mito, and Tsunade

Okami knocked on the gate and a grey haired women with her hair in buns opened the gate she looked at Okami and Naruto before speaking.

"Hello Anbu-san is there something I can do for you today," she said curiously

"This boy was found on the outskirts of Uzushio Hokage sama would like for you to take him in Mito-sama" Okami said before bowing and he shunshin away leaving Mito and Naruto together

"It's good that another Uzumaki survived the unfortunate event that happened to our clan, may I know your name young one," Mito said while they walked into the compound

"Um yeah my name is Naruto Uzumaki Mito-baba," Naruto said while a increase in gravity appeared around him almost forcing him to the ground

"What did you call me Naruto-kun?" Mito asked sweetly while Naruto paled

"What is it with women and that sweet voice" Naruto thought " um…I said Aunt Mito yeah that's right Aunty Mito" Naruto said

"incredible he's able to keep standing under the increase in gravity he should be on the ground right now." Mito thought before she was pulled into her mindscape


"I wonder what Kurama-kun could want" Mito said looking at the mountain range that made up her mindscape.

Mito chan" a booming voice said from behind her causing her to turn around she looked up to see the Kyuubi no Kitsune Kurama looking down on her while his head was on his paws

"Yes Kurama kun" Mito asked curiously

"Be respectful to that child I sense he's a celestial being incredibly more powerful than I am." Kurama said before thrusting Mito out of her mindscape

She awoke to see Naruto waving his hand in front of her face.

"Stop that" she said while he scratched the back of his head sheepishly

"sorry but you spaced out for a moment and I placed you on the couch because I'm sure you have questions for me." said Naruto "I know Kurama told her about me at least an idea of what I am" he thought watching her

"Yes I have some questions but the main one is what are you?" she asked

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki but most call me Izanagi no Mikoto " he said while she gasped in shock not sensing any lies from him before she bowed to him.

"Izanagi sama you returned" she said keeping her head to the ground

"Hey don't bow to me Mito and call me Naruto, but how'd you know I've been here before?"

"Well theirs a scroll that I found in some of the things I brought with me when I moved here, it said that you brought the first group of Uzumaki's to this Dimension because they didn't want to live like the other Saiyans" she explained while his eyes flashed in understanding

"So you know about the Saiyan race huh and I'm sure they didn't pass down their knowledge of Ki manipulation" Naruto said while she nodded " I'll teach you Ki manipulation if you want" Mito eyes widen

"thank you for the offer Naruto kun but I'm to old already but can you do something for me.," she asked smiling gently

"yes what is it?"

"I'm going to make Kushina the new Kyuubi vessel, I want you to protect her, as well my granddaughter Tsunade she has lost her brother and lover the only reason she stays is because of me, and Kushina-chan, I want you to be there for her as well." Mito said seriously

"guess that changed to, so Tsunade's still around ok just can't let her break this time." Naruto thought before he nodded to Mito

"thank you Naruto-kun now allow me to show you your room.," Mito said standing up and motioning Naruto to follow her."

While walking Naruto thought of something "hey Mito chan I was wondering has Kushina and Tsunade awoken their dojutsu yet." Naruto asked

"yes they have but both keep it deactivated there are no scrolls here that will teach us about the dojutsu.," Mito said

"well I've brought every scroll I could find in Uzu before I teleported here" Naruto said smiling while mito looked at him in surprise. "oh yeah Mito my identity as Izanagi is a secret that only I will tell I'm placing my trust in you Mito chan." Naruto said seriously while Mito nodded.

They came up to a room that was bare really it only had a bed, closet, and a dresser

"You can do what ever you want to the room Naruto kun, Tsunade, and Kushina will be here at 1:00 so make yourself at home." Mito said before she went to the kitchen.

Naruto looked around and sighed before he flared his Kamigan and used creation of all things to create a flat screen TV, Game Systems/Games, DVD Player with movies from all genres, and a Ipod touch. "To bad theirs nothing known as cable or Wi-Fi in this realm." Naruto thought before he look at his watch to see it was 10:41, he took off his shirt and put on some sweat pants and went into the backyard to train.


"Were Home" Tsunade called out as she and Kushina walked into the compound

Mito walked into the living room to see Kushina and her granddaughter she smiled

"Hello you two how was your day?" She asked smiling as Tsunade grumbled about Jiraya being a pervert.

"It was great Mikoto and the others are going to come over so we can train some more Mito sama" said Kushina smiling brightly

"That's good but I have something to tell you both" Mito said seeing she had their attention she continued "Today a survivor of the Uzumaki clan came to Konoha he will be staying with us, he's currently in the back training at the moment." Mito finished while Kushina and Tsunade perked up both excited to meet one of the last family members they had amongst the land of the living.

"Well go meet him now then" Tsunade said while Kushina nodded her head the 3 of them got up and made their way to the backyard.


When they got to the back the first thing that caught their attention was the shed that wasn't their before, Kushina and Tsunade looked at Mito who was making her way to the building.

How'd this get back here Mito-bachan" Tsunade asked

"He made it with Mokuton" she said while they both gasped in surprise "This building will only be accessible to those with Uzumaki blood we both moved all training materials into this building." she finished as she came up to the door she placed her hand a pad it flashed under her hand and a computerized voice said

"Welcome Mito Uzumaki" causing the girls to jump while Mito chuckled and walked into the building

"what was that" asked Kushina

"that was the Artificial Intelligence aka AI, the AI name is Shizuka she monitors the building it'll only let those of the Uzumaki clan into the building when you come place your hand on it and it will scan your blood and add you into the registry with your name and all." Mito explained while the girls looked around in awe Mito walked up to the Directory and read

Floor 1 Enter/Exit

Floor 2 Ki Manipulation training area

Floor 3 Reiryoku Manipulation/Hoho/Kido training area

Floor 4 Chakra Manipulation/Ninjutsu training area

Floor 5 Gravity Chamber

Floor 6 Fuin/Medic/Ken/Taijutsu training area

Floor 7 Weapon Forge

Floor 8 Time Chamber

Tsunade and Kushina eyes were wide at seeing what each floor was dedicated to while Mito giggled at their expressions

"But Aunt Mito were at the top how do we get to those floors?" Kushina asked

The building goes underground Kushina chan he created a huge crater with something he called earth bending before he used Mokuton to create the building" Mito said "Shizuka chan which floor is Naruto kun on right now." she asked

"Naruto sama is currently on Floor 5." Shizuka said

"Thanks" Mito said while going to the Elevator when they all were in Mito pressed floor 5 and the Elevator descended.

When the elevator came to a stop they walked in to see through the glass Naruto doing inverted push ups.

"wow hey look at this" Kushina said getting Tsunade's and Mito's attention the turned to see Kushina looking at the numbers that represented the gravity that was inside the room it currently showed 120x normal earths gravity

"Impossible he should be crushed under that much gravity" Tsunade said in shock

Mito smiled before she called Naruto out of the room.

Naruto walked up to Mito, Tsunade, and Kushina who was looking at him blushing

"Naruto this is my granddaughter Tsunade, and my successor Kushina" she said smiling she turned to Kushina and Tsunade "Naruto will be teaching you both the full advantages of being a Uzumaki I'm going to finish cleaning with Naruto's shadow clones so you three get to know each other." Mito said before she left.

Kushina appeared in his face smiling wildly "That's so cool how'd you survive under all that gravity you were pressured in Dattebane" Kushina said

"Well an Uzumaki's body is naturally stronger than anything as long as you train it the more we heal the more stronger we get, it comes with our ancestry." Naruto said before he started to explain the abilities a Saiyan has, while Tsunade's and Kushina's eyes widen

"Why haven't we heard of this" asked Tsunade

"The Uzumaki ancestors wanted nothing to do with their Saiyan heritage, so they never really taught their kids, and the scroll explaining everything on Saiyans was thrown in the Clan vault and forgotten about." Naruto explained "you guys have noticed that your bodies are stronger every time you fight and how you eat more food than normal to get energy right." Naruto said

"well now that he mentioned it, Jiraya and Orochimaru said that when I lost Dan, and Nawaki my hair flashed red for a second and my eyes turned teal, could this be my Saiyan blood reacting to my emotional stress, Mito baasan will soon do the transfer so she'll be gone, maybe if I can use Ki I can protect Kushina chan and Naruto kun they're my family now ." Tsunade thought in determination.

"Can we learn how to use Ki Naruto kun" asked Tsunade

"Sure I'll teach you guys tomorrow after the academy" said Naruto smiling wildly "but be prepared I'm going to push you to the limit I will not hold your hands I want you both to get the full benefit of this training" he finished seriously before he smirked sadistically thinking of all the torture he's going to put them through while a shiver ran down their spines

"What have we gotten ourselves into" They whispered to each other at the same time

And Done


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