This is only the first chapter in what I hope will be a long story. this idea came to me last night, and I have been completely ignoring schoolwork all day to write it out. Notes are at the end of the story. Enjoy!

When Jack arrived at the North Pole for the monthly Guardian meeting, he saw North standing pensively in front of the globe that showed the lights of all the children. He was staring into space, and he didn't seem to notice Jack's presence until he tapped him on the shoulder. "What?" he asked, spinning around to see the white haired spirit, "oh, Jack. I did not hear you come in."

Jack chuckled, allowing the wind to pick him up and move him around the room. "I noticed," he said, "what were you doing staring at the globe? Is there a problem, or something?" despite the fact that he knew it would take years for Pitch to reform, Jack was still nervous. North shook his head, "no, there is no trouble. I was just thinking." Jack was about to ask about what, but then he was distracted by Sandy's over the top arrival in a golden pirate ship. With a shrug, Jack put the question to the side, reminding himself to ask North later what he was thinking so hard about.

North waited until Jack was asleep in a guest room before turning to the other guardians with a serious expression in his wide eyes. Jack was new as a guardian, and so didn't know him as well as the others, but the others had seen something in his manner that made them nervous. A bright light shone in the side of the room, and North looked over to see that Manny had decided to listen in on the meeting. He let out a small chuckle to himself, the moon spirit had probably planned this out specifically and was just waiting for the guardians to figure it out themselves.

He stood up from the table where the guardians had eaten a delicious meal earlier. The others followed him into the globe room, becoming more and more worried as he stood their silently, staring at the twinkling lights that represented their charges. Eventually he spoke, "do you know how this globe works?"

The others exchanged silent glances, and then Bunnymund stepped forward. "Yeah, mate. It shows all of the children around the world who still believe in the guardians and know we will protect them."

The guardians became even more confused as North seemed to change the subject. "Do you know how old Jack was when he died?" Tooth answered this one, and frown on her face, "He was about to turn 13 in the spring of the year he died."

At last North turned to the others, a frown on his face, "Jack died a child, and therefore will be a child for ever more. So where is his light?"

Okay, this has really been bothering me. It is easy to see that Jack is a child, and always will be, but none of the guardians are very interested in protecting him. So that got me thinking about the globe, and how it shows all the children who believe that the guardians are real and will protect them. I think that in his 300 years alone Jack somehow Lost faith that anyone would protect him, and the guardians need to prove that they will. After all, if Jack trusts them to always protect him then Pitch can never win, because their will always be at least one child who believes. well, that's my interpretation. please review and tell me what you think.