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The other spirits were avoiding him. Jack didn't know why, but that was the only conclusion he could come to as he saw an out of the corner of his eye Sam Hain, the spirit of Halloween come around a corner with a group of children, then abruptly stop when he saw the winter spirit icing over some telephone lines. The Halloween spirit stood stock still for a moment like a frightened rabbit, turned on his heel, and ran as fast as he could from the confused teen.

Jack watched him go with a confused frown. Jack hadn't interacted with a lot of other spirits during his 300 years alone, but he and Sam had never had a problem. Sure, occasionally Jack would wind up making it too cold for kids to go trick-or-treating, but most just made sure to wear warm costumes or bring a jacket with them. There was nothing that would explain why Sam was suddenly running from him as if he had the plague.

Jack sighed as he sat down on the telephone pole, his legs dangling over the edge. Sam wasn't the only one either. Jack had run into no less than four spirits in the past month, and all of them had taken one look at the winter spirit before fleeing in terror. He had tried to corner the leprechaun once to ask him why everyone was avoiding him and then small creature had seemed terrified. He had pressed himself as far away from the winter spirit as he could, stuttering out some excuse before taking off as fast as he could in another direction. Jack had let him go, thinking it best not to make the poor spirit suffer any more.

With a sigh, Jack took off, flying farther north. He had spent most of October closer to Europe, and Canada was in need of a good snow fall. He was just about to cross over into Canada when he saw a golden glow up ahead. He smiled as he saw Sandman hovering over a small town, watching with a fond smile as children ran up and down the streets in bright costumes, laughter and screaming echoing up to the watching guardian.

"Hey, Sandy," Jack said, settling down on a nearby rooftop. The golden guardian of Dreams looked up with a smile, waving silently at the newcomer, and then looking back down at the children. They sat like that for a few minutes in silence, Jack occasionally making snow flurries or throwing a snow ball at anyone who didn't look like they were having fun. Then Jack turned back to the other guardian, confused, "Shouldn't you be busy weaving dreams right now?"

Sandy shook his head, then pointed down at the street where groups of children wandered, collecting candy as they went. Jack nodded, "Oh, right. Most of the kids are staying up to trick-or-treat." He pauses for a moment, and then said, "Want to see something cool?"Sandy nodded, and Jack grinned.

Jack waved his staff, causing snow to begin to fall. Soon everything was covered in a light dusting of snow. Jack gathered together as much as he could then begin to create a shape. He glanced over at Sandy to see him watching curiously. With a proud smile, Jack finished sculpting his figure and pulled from his pocket a small ribbon with a bell attached to it. He tied the collar around the figure's neck, and then pulled back. He closed his eyes, concentrating for a moment, and then opened them as he felt the small white fox begin to move.

Jack watched as the little snow creature began to explore the roof they were on with a sad smile. He looked over when he felt Sandy tap his shoulder, and watched as Sandy made a frowny face over his head, then a question mark. Jack looked back at the little snow fox. "Before I became a spirit," he explained, his voice quiet as a whisper, "I had a sister, Grace. She loved foxes. One summer a family of them moved into the woods behind our house, and she was always begging me to take her out to watch them. She was like that, always wanting to explore or see something new."

Jack seemed so sad talking about his sister, so Sandy couldn't help but reach out and hug the poor boy. Jack smiled, returning the hug. He pulled back and laughed as the little snow fox jumped at him, trying to sit in his lap. He held the small fox, petting her gently, "I think I'll name you Grace."

He turned back to Sandy as he called on the wind to lift him into the air, he had lingered here long enough, "Thanks Sandy, this is why you're my favorite Uncle." He turned to go, then paused, turning back, "You wouldn't happen to know why the other spirits are avoiding me, would you? Cause it's getting kind of annoying."

Sandy shook his head, trying not to look guilty. Jack shrugged then took off, the little fox wrapped in his arms. When the winter spirit was at last out of sight, Sandy gave in to the urge to rub his face tiredly. The point of defending Jack was to keep him from getting hurt, not make all the other spirits afraid to go near him. He would have to go talk with the others to see what they could do to fix this.

Thinking back over Jack's visit, he smiled. He could get used to being a favorite uncle.

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