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The room started to shake; in fact the entire manor was shaking. The figure didn't even lift his emerald green eyes from the book in his lap. The shaking was a common occurrence and stopped being frightful for a near 100 years. Dark times were coming, the end all magic as drawing near ever since the death of the Dark Lord. Hadrian Liam Glofindale previously known as Harry James Potter was the current Dark and Light Lord chosen by magic to rule over all magical beings.

By the 1990's, wizards had forgotten the true meaning of the Light and Dark Lord. They are chosen by magic to keep the balance between light and dark magic. The majority opinion was the dark equaled evil and light equaled good but to those who knew the ancient lore and practiced the Old Ways they knew that this was not the case. Light births shadows. In essence, the dark would not exist if it weren't for the light. They are two pieces of the whole and wizards had forgotten about that.

Every Lord of Magic has a soul mate; an equal who represents the other half of magic. While one Lord will always be a witch/wizard, the other will always be a pureblood creature. Previously the Dark Lord Salazar Slytherin was a Naga while his mate, The Light Lady Helga Hufflepuff, was a witch. During the break of the four founders of Hogwarts, wizard sentiments against anything dark changed. This led wizards to ban and persecute any family that was considered dark or held on to true wizarding traditions like Samhain, Yule, Ostara, Beltaine, and the Summer Solstices.

The Dark Lord Izarsis aka Tom Riddle and Lord Voldemort was an immortal wizard due to him creating a Philosopher's Stone while Hadrian, his soul mate, was an immortal High Elf. 8,000 years ago they defeated the former Light Lord Albus Dumbledore and revived wizarding culture to its former glory.

Sadly all good things must come to an end. The muggles found out about the magical world and that started a war between wizards and muggles. While wizards had magic, they were helpless to the destructive power of an atomic bomb. This led to the extinction of muggles, wizards, and all life on earth that either died in the fighting or due to nuclear radiation. Most magical creatures had the ability to travel to other dimensions but wizards lost that knowledge due to the purging of all thing Dark. All Hadrian could do was grab his soul mate and seek refuge in the elven world. Only elves and their mates were allowed in this world so it broke Hadrian's heart when he had to leave his loved ones behind to suffer.

So that left the wizarding community dead. Necromancers and Lord Voldemort were the only wizards left alive. The Necromancers had ways to travel to other dimensions but they became so infatuated with death and the astral plane that they eventually left their bodies to become spirits traveling through the plane between life and death. This left Voldemort to be the only wizard left alive. The magical universe was fearful of what would happen if Voldemort were to die. Magic would always have two Lords/Ladies. If one were to die another would take his place. If Voldemort were to die, than there would be no more Dark Lord because there is always a wizard in the Lord-pair.

When Voldemort, renamed Izarsis, died 500 years ago, the magical world despaired but magic wasn't going down without a fight. She chose Hadrian Glofindale to take up the mantle of Dark and Light Lord. While the magical world rejoiced, Hadrian felt the strain of being both a Dark and Light Lord. It wore him down and took his life essence. Within 200 years, Hadrian was weak and could hardly perform his duties as a Lord of Magic. Magic was dying trying to compensate and the magical world was crumbling. That's when the universe started coming undone. Whole worlds were being ripped to shreds as the nothingness started invading the once vibrant, magic-filled worlds. This was a slow process and researchers from all species were trying to find a solution to the end of time. Hadrian was dying from the strain of being a double Lord and the magical world knew that he was the only thing holding the universe together for if he were to die, the magic would rip the entire universe to shreds and nothing would stop it.

Hadrian was tired; the strain of controlling both light and dark was unfathomable. All he wanted to do was sleep and never wake up again. After his soul mate had died, the weight of magic became unbearable not to mention the grief he felt when the man who promised to stay with him for all eternity was unparalleled to anything he had felt before. Not even when Severus, Lucius, Fred, George, and Draco, his last remaining friends who had died fighting the muggles, had died. Luna was quarter-elf so she had lived for 2,000 years before she also died.

At first he had also searched for an answer to the dying of magic but after years of searching it became apparent that there was none. He had asked Lady Magic for guidance but she would always just give him a sad look and drift away. He hadn't even heard from her since Izarsis's death when she gave him the ominous message.

Hadrian laid his head on the back of his chair and closed his eyes. Sleep and read seemed like the only thing he did nowadays. He was too weak to walk and it was struggle just to talk. The elves tried to keep him healthy and some would even transfer energy into him but it was always a short-time cure. He knew he couldn't die. The entire universe depended on him to live. If he were to die the universe would end so he kept on fighting.

As he drifted off to sleep he dreamed. He was surrounded by multicolored mist that glittered. It was familiar because this was the place Lady Magic always came to him as in his dreams. Out of the mist came the manifestation of Lady Magic, a beautiful woman with long red hair, blue eyes, and a serene smile. Hadrian gazed at the entity that he hadn't seen in 500 years.

"Hadrian my son, you look so tired" Lady Magic said

"Yes Dakum, trying to keep the universe from breaking apart can have the effect on someone", Hadrian said channeling his inner-Snape.

Lady Magic, or Dakum as the magical world called her kept on smiling then she grew serious. "As you know I am dying and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it but I do have some sort of solution."

Hadrian perked up looking at her in flickering hope. He had all but stopped looking for an answer and here she was giving him one.

Hadrian woke up from his trance to see his caretaker took at him in worry. Hadrian struggled to sit up straight but ended up having his caretaker help him. He gave the servant a serious look and said, "Call the Great Council."

The members of the Great Council gathered in the courtyard of the House of Glofindale. The Lord of Magic hadn't called a meeting in 300 years. The council was smaller than it had been centuries ago. Slowly, magical beings were dying due to the upcoming death of magic. When a race left its world due to upcoming destruction of it, they took with them all the knowledge and resources they could. Finally all magical beings took up residence on the elven world and the leaders and researchers of each race settled down in the House of Glofindale, the home of the Lord of Magic. The quite extensive library here was added to becoming the largest library every created in history consisting of every piece of knowledge ever gathered by all races. People even gave up their own private libraries so that researchers could have every possible resource to find a solution.

The doors opened and Lord Hadrian was carried out. The councilmen stood up from their seats and placed their right hand on their left breast and bowed as a sign of respect to the weak Lord. Murmurs of Dahal and Dalith were spoken; Dahal for Dark Lord and Dalith for Light Lord. Once Hadrian was placed gently on his throne at the head of the table, everyone else sat down. Hadrian was rarely seen anymore choosing to conserve his energy but everyone could see that the once vibrant and powerful man was just holding onto life by a thread.

Hadrian sat up and addressed the council. "I have had a vision from Dakum." This startled and excited the councilmember. "She has told me that the only way to save us all is if we stop it from happening altogether." This confused some while others looked thoughtful.

"What do you mean by this?" asked Ellisdora, a siren.

Hadrian took a deep breath and said, "This means that she will send my spirit back in time to my 10 year old body. From there I will stop the destruction of wizard-kind. As you all know, my husband Izarsis was immortal through use of the Philosopher's Stone but the splitting of his soul led to his eventual deterioration of his body and sanity. If I were to get him to remerge his soul back into one piece before he reaches the point of no return, I will be able to keep him alive for eternity and even if he were to die again, there will be other wizards alive that can take up the mantle of Dahal."

The courtyard was silent when finally a vampire named Doreen stood up looking determined. "As head researcher I can tell you that after 300 years we have not been able to find a solution to save our world. Some of us have bemoaned that fact that we couldn't just go back in time and change the course of history but the secrets of time-travel more than a month were never discovered. This is an opportunity to stop the end of all magic and I think that we should take it."

One member asked what everyone was thinking "what will happen to us if you were to leave?"

Hadrian smiled and answered, "It will seem like you never existed. The future would blow away like smoke and only I would remember it. Now, Dakum had said that she has enough energy to send me and my house back. This means that I will be the only living being to go and any of my possession in my house will go with me. The entire library and any treasures and riches in my house will go back in time. What I will do is sound the call of a council meeting and explain what will happen in the future and get them to help me save wizard-kind and indirectly magic. I will also make a copy of all the books in the library and distribute it back to the race they belong too."

"Why make a copy?" someone asked.

"Because, I am greedy and don't want to lose the lovely library I now have in my house", Hadrian stated with amusement lighting up his eyes. The other councilmembers chuckled at their leader, happy to see that he was still the same as he was centuries ago before this all started.

"You may also leave other possession like magical artifacts with me too. If you label who will be the recipient, I will do my best to get it to them. I have made a recording of this meeting to show the past council. It will take Dakum a month to gather enough energy to accomplish this so you have a month to finish preparation."

A busy of month preparations passed and then the hope of magic disappeared to create a new future.