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Not that it mattered. It's not like he was going to start becoming friend with her. The age gap was too great for them to have anything in common. She was just not important in the overall scheme of things. Oh he would teach her, and maybe discuss a few theories and swap good books, but no close relationship.

Enough about Ms. Granger. It was time to start preparing for the beginning of the year. It was only a few weeks away. All teaching positions were now filled and the school was now clean and ready for students. All he had to do was find a Hippogriff and a Sasquatch for the Magical Creatures class and gillyweed for potions and all will be done.

Tom seemed to be settling in well. You couldn't tell, but I could see that he wasn't as unhappy as he made himself out to be teaching. Just like my Izarsis his dream job was teaching. (A/N: From now on Tom is current and Izarsis is the future/past) To give knowledge to the next generation. At heart, he was an academic. He loved to travel to other places and learn their unique forms of magic. Best thing about Lyrael is that the library had all the information he would ever need. It was funny seeing the man faint when introduced to the library. In fact, he transfigured a table into a bed and hasn't really left the place. The only time I ever see him is at meal times and during our private tea meetings.

Where really starting to get along. At first he was a bit standoffish. I don't think he liked not having a choice in lover but after he realized what a goldmine of information I had, he started to ease up. I wouldn't say that we are mates yet, but maybe a tentative friendship borne out of respect and intelligent conversation.

He asked me in great detail about the future. About the muggle-wizard war and other things. I told him everything; I won't keep secretes from him. Well… almost everything. There is that one topic that Izarsis and I never talk about. Not because it was taboo, but because it was too painful and we never really got over it. Even to this day, thousands of years after it happened, they still kept that room locked.

In reality, I can't really connect with Tom. He's just so young. After all these years, I stopped caring about life. True I still do my duty but caring is just too tiring. Nicholette, Izarsis's last apprentice expressed the wish that I learn to love life again with a young Tom. Only time will tell if that happens.

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I know, another filler, but I felt like we needed this. The plot should move on in the next chapter.

Some liked my badass Hermione and some didn't. Hermionie is not going to start kicking butt or something, I just wanted to show that she is not this good girl that most fic's portrayer to be. I realize that if Hermione isn't a good girl, than she is some sort of backstabber you use Harry for money or fame. Those are the two sides of fanfic Hermione and they didn't work for my story especially for her pairing. She is not important to the story but I felt that since she was so important to cannon, I had to include her in some way. Like with Sirius and Remus, I wasn't sure what to do with her and really didn't want to bother but I recognized that I had to mention her since she was so big in cannon. You probably won't read about her again. Maybe a mention here or there.