This is sort of an epilogue for you, I was trying to reach 50,000 words so I could 'win' NaNoWriMo and that's why the end gets really bizarre...

They both got into auror training and when they met up in September to start it Ron was almost engaged to Hermione and Brogan was almost engaged to Draco but not quite yet. They were all still too young.

Training was hard, so very hard, it was physically demanding and Moody yelled all the time. Even Tonks lost her temper with them on occasion, but they persevered. Well, Ron persevered, Brogan flourished. She loved everything about it, learning new things, blowing up targets like she used to do with her da in the room of requirement, hanging out with the other trainees. She even loved the dorky training robes, and the holsters don't get her started on the wand holsters, it was like a fetish.

Draco enjoyed the potion trip and then he lasted less than a week on his internship with Percy before they had a huge shouting match and Draco stalked out. He sulked for a while and then Lucius, recovered well from the imperio that the Dark Lord had him under for three years, tried to draw him into 'managing' the family accounts. Whatever that meant. Brogan wasn't sure if she should be reassured or dismayed when after a week Draco still didn't know what his father did.

Snape came home from Hogwarts for a weekend and signed Draco up for the most rigorous potion program he could find and that was Draco settled for the next two years.

It didn't seem like two years though, it was like a blink and then they were in their twenties, but still too young to get engaged. Brogan graduated top of her class, she desperately wanted to tell people that she was Harry Potter, wanted them to know that Harry wasn't just the Boy Who Lived (or died as it were) but that Harry kicked arse. Draco had to keep assuring her that the ones who mattered already knew.

Ron sat next to Draco in the audience while she graduated, he had lasted half a year in the programme which was actually pretty decent. He got a certificate for it and everything. After auror school he worked for the Chudley Cannons for a while, not exactly as their house elf but not far from it either. When they finally started listening to him about strategies and what not they started to respect him but by then he was tired of the traveling.

The twins had opened a second shop in Hogsmeade but they hated being apart all day with one brother in each shop. Ron came in and took over the Hogsmeade shop for them. "Do you get lonely there Ron?" asked Brogan.

"Nah, and I can't imagine how on earth George ever got lonely, it's like the floo is open all day long. They're constantly calling or apparating, it would be nice if they left me for ten minutes." The Hogsmeade shop was perfect for Ron, he had a whole box of slightly scuffed products behind the counter and whenever a Hogwarts student came in with shabby hand-me-down robes he would slide the extra merchandise into their bags. The students all loved him instantly and he liked the village life. He ate so many meals at the Three Broomsticks that they teased him about his crush on Madam Rosmerta still being true.

Hermione threatened to sue the Department of Mysteries on discrimination charges when they didn't let her into their programme after she returned from Australia. She started following up on it too and in the process she discovered how dreadful and outdated the magical legal system was. She almost had to sue the legal system before they let her rewrite all of the codes. At least that was Brogan's interpretation of what had happened. Now Hermione did very complicated things that nobody seemed to understand except for the people she worked with, if she had succeeded in working for the Department of Mysteries she probably would have done wonderful things for magic. But instead she did wonderful things for the magical sentient creatures, maybe that was what magic wanted.

Her friends would tease her about becoming the Minister for Magic and she gave them looks which strongly suggested that becoming Minister would be an unacceptable decrease in her current power, thank you very much.

And then Ginny got married and it was like a dam breaking. Seamus got married. Pansy got married (not to each other.) And finally, finally, Ron and Hermione got married. It was a beautiful summer wedding at the Burrow, Hermione was radiant and Brogan was her maid of honor. Ron had wanted her to be best mate and he sulked for a while because when you have five brothers it's hard to choose just one of them. Somehow it all worked out though, they added Ginny to the mix and then there was a twin for each of them.

The wedding went on long into the night and when the Weasleys and all the Gryffindors became too loud for them Brogan and Draco wandered away. Brogan led him down a path to the swimming pond. There was a little breeze by the water and it was nice to be quiet for a moment.

"You never answered my question," Draco said breaking the quiet.

"What question?"

"Back at Hogwarts I asked if you wanted to use the Resurrection Stone, I offered to use it with you, just once, and then we would get rid of it."

"You still remember that?" asked Brogan stupidly. Draco just nodded.

"I remember it too" Brogan confessed, "I've thought about it more than once over the last few years. There were times when I wondered what they would think about something, should I stick with auror training? Should I get my hair cut? Should I kiss Draco now?"

"You should always kiss Draco, and you know the answers to all those questions."

Brogan kissed him, "I know, that's why I never asked for the stone. What else is there? I could ask them if they know I'm happy. But if they say no then I'll be sad."

"That's a vicious paradox isn't it."

"Exactly," said Brogan.

"I could ask them if I may marry you."

"You could but Da's answer would overrule theirs, and you don't give a damn about anybody's opinion on that. Yours and mine are the only ones that matter."

"And that's why I haven't used the stone myself," admitted Draco.

"It isn't a very useful artifact is it?" said Brogan.

"No, but it seems silly to have it and not use it."

"We can put it in a vault, we have lots of vaults you know."

"I guess we should, maybe someday it will be useful." He turned back the pond with a shrug.

"Are you going to ask him?" Brogan asked after a pause.

"Ask who?" said Draco turning red.

Brogan just laughed at him.

Draco did ask Snape, bless his heart, Snape was probably outrageously rude and tormentful with him. (Either that or he just said 'obviously' and then they talked about potions.) Because Draco took Brogan out on a romantic picnic and proposed to her and she screamed and cried and said 'yes, but not for like another year because I'm still on probation.'

And Draco said, "obviously" because he had his Potions Masters test in eight months.

Narcissa despaired about ever getting grandchildren at this rate.

But the wedding did come to pass, a super grand affair at Malfoy Manor. It seemed as though hundreds of people were there. "I didn't know there were this many wizards in the United Kingdom," gasped Brogan looking out at the crowds.

"No, there aren't," said Draco, "but you knew my mum had relatives in France."

Walking down the aisle was almost as bad as walking out to meet Voldemort for the final battle. She was certain that she would trip or her dress would tear, or, and this was a really creative fear, the paternus potion would start to work again and she would turn into Harry Potter halfway down the aisle. - In front of all these people that she had let believe Harry was dead for years.

"Do you know what's the worst part of that scenario?" Draco asked her after she confided in him. Brogan shook her head, his eyes were twinkling.

"I would marry you anyway. Imagine the scandal, some sort of drag Harry Potter zombie lurching down the aisle and I would just go through with the ceremony."

"You would?"

"It's that or return all the gifts Princess." There were a lot of gifts.

The aisle was absolutely terrifying but Da was so pale and shaky that he completely distracted her from her own trauma. And it wasn't like Voldemort was waiting for her at the end, it was Draco.

A year later Brogan was stretched out on the couch with her feet in Draco's lap while he studied astonomy books looking for baby names. "Why don't we let my da pick it out again?" suggested Brogan.

"I refuse to allow a baby to be named 'Sock Malfoy'."

"Oh you jerk," said Brogan kicking him. "All these years you've hated my name haven't you? I remember how you warned me that my da would give me an awful name, and then you were right." And suddenly she was crying. Again.

The auror's office had to put Brogan on an extended maternity leave because she kept crying at her desk, and in the interrogation room, and on patrols. And once, unfortunately, in the elevator. Mr. Weasley had to hustle from his office and collect her that day.

Draco was working for St. Mungo's helping to create specialized healing potions like the sleep potion he and Snape had worked on together for Brogan. Lately though he was obsessed with hormones and hormone balancing potions for the easily upset expectant mum. If he ever came up with something that worked he had all the packaging and advertising set to go in his head.

In the meantime cuddling worked. He gingerly moved Brogan's feet and turned her around so she could tuck her head against his chest and wipe her tears and snot all over him. He adored his princess and always felt like he had hoodwinked the whole world by getting Harry Potter as his wife, but she did test him on occasion. Although, now he felt bad for thinking that, his poor girl was all out of sorts because of him.

Really, that sock comment wasn't so awful. It had come to him weeks ago and he held it close waiting for the perfect opportunity, even now, it was still funny. In a moment, when the tears subsided, he was sure Brogan would think about it again and agree with him, it was comedy gold.

There were tests to see if the baby was a boy or a girl but Brogan was touchy about using them. She was touchy about all gender issues, Hermione said she had 'a unique feminist perspective'. Ron said, 'yeah she's touchy as hell'. So that meant they had to have two baby names picked out, one for each. Or as Brogan liked to sneer: a constellation name and a flower name.

"I'm sure it will be obvious as soon as he's born. Or she. We can be spontaneous. Because even if you do come up with the perfect name it might not be perfect once we actually see the baby." Said Brogan and she was right, it must have been mother's intuition.

Once Draco held his son in his arms all the poncy little names he had so carefully researched and rated went flying out of his head. He was so smitten that Sock probably would have been acceptable if Brogan suggested it.

"Well, what are we going to call him?" he asked.

"Your family will hate me," she warned, "what about Harry?"

"Harry is awful -how could you suggest something so narcissistic?"

"Didn't your mother invent that shit?" snapped Brogan meanly, touchy as hell.

"Are you feeling post partem depression? I've done research on that as part of my hormone study. You must tell me immediately if you are," insisted Draco

"So you can keep the baby safe?" asked Brogan.

"No, I have potions to test. It's really hard to find a witch who will admit to post partem depression, it's like a matter of pride or something."

"Pride has rarely been one of my faults." She boasted.

"Harry Malfoy just sounds stupid." sulked Draco.

"Well you need a middle name to make it properly pompous. Harry Draco Malfoy. Harrison Draco Malfoy." tested Brogan.

"Harrison, that doesn't make sense it sounds like Harry's son. Oh, well I guess it makes a little sense. But really, Harrison Draco Malfoy?"

"Keep saying it, it gets better" promised Brogan.

"Has a name popped into your head for this one? I didn't even bother flipping through the books this time." admitted Draco.

"Not that you had time, Harry's been a needy little bastard lately hasn't he?"

"Well he knew he had to stock up on parental attention before this little witch stole it all away." responded Draco giving little butterfly kisses to his new daughter. "So, is she going to be Lily something?"

"I don't think so, she doesn't have the green eyes, she has your eyes Draco."

"Stop, that was almost romantic for you. We could name her Blue Eyes White Dragon."

"Really?" asked Brogan with faint excitement.

"No, not really."

"What about Bianca, doesn't that mean white or something?" hazarded Brogan.

"Merlin's pants you can't just guess at the meaning of a child's name." replied Draco cuddling his precious little daughter away from the crazy lady.

"How about Drucilla, doesn't that mean spoiled?"

"Now you're mocking the dear sweet thing, just because she has blue eyes like a Malfoy doesn't mean she's going to be a demanding little spoiled brat."

"Sorry Draco," said Brogan feeling guilty.

"To judge if she's going to be a brat," Draco continued, "you really need to look at the mouth, see how it turns down there, just there, in displeasure," Draco kissed the spot. "That's how you know she'll be impossible to please. That's my girl," he crowed.

"So pick some delicate impossible to grow flower name for her, I'll come up with some nickname later and use it to make her love me best." decided Brogan before she continued, "How about Violet? It's so close to violent and reminds me of your mother when she doesn't get what she wants."

"Merlin's beard, how are we here again?" groaned Draco.

"I don't know, well actually I do. Didn't it go, 'Draco I'm so effing tired tonight if you touch me I'll kill you', 'oh come on Princess. I'll make it worth the effort.' Ass hat, now look at all the effort we've got. Another blighter to raise."

"True, but look at this one. I think it's your cutest one yet. And think of all the ways we've ruined the other two, this one is like a clean slate. We can get it right this time. I'm giddy at the prospect."

"Draco, what have I told you about sampling your post partem potions. They're lady potions, you shouldn't be taking them."

"Well, what does she look like?" asked Draco ignoring the tired old lady potion joke.

"Is Raisin close enough to a flower name? Grapes are fruit after all. Turnips are vegetables though so they're definitely out."

"You don't look the slightest bit like a raisin or a turnip little princess." Draco promised the baby. "You moan and complain about these things Brogan but then you always end up loving them so much." said Draco unconcernedly.

"Of course I moan, do you have any idea how painful childbirth is?"

"Let's call her Primrose. You almost liked that name last time." said Draco meaning how many years ago when they were choosing a girl name for Harry.

"You're right I did." agreed Brogan and that was that one sorted.

"I swear to Merlin if you make one more Weasley joke you will not live to regret it."

"But look darling, we've evened the teams. Two and two isn't that important? Now they can play mixed doubles tennis, Pansy will be so proud of us."

"I'm sure. Are we going to appease Narcissa with a star name this time? She threatened to have a planetarium added on to the manor."

"All the cool star names are taken, the only one that's remotely easy to spell that's left is Polaris and that's just stupid."

"Hmm, if we name him Cygnus they'll make beak jokes. My god this is Severus' grandson too, the beak could still happen."

"How do you think the grandparents are holding up?" asked Draco still staring at his son.

"I don't know, but I did hear that they won't let you leave the ward until the baby is named. Is that supposed to inspire us to choose a name faster? Because really all the other sprogs are out there..." and Brogan settled back contentedly into the fluffy pillows savoring the silence.

"This is absurd," she continued after ten seconds of silence, "Hermione is five minutes late with her period and she and Ron have agreed on the perfect name by lunch."

"I don't like it when your stories include Hermione, periods and food. You need to pick two and not periods."

"I don't like your face."

"Testy? I have a potion for that, a very effective potion." promised Draco.

"So effective that we're here again."

"Does Severus have a middle name?" asked Draco.

"Yes, but he hates it."

"There's his mum's surname, Prince. We could just name him Prince because you know he's going to be one, those sisters doting the jam out of him."

"It's illegal in Britain to name your baby Prince or Princess."

"So? What do we care about that?" demanded Draco.

"He might want to get a driver's license someday Draco."

"Oh he's definitely going to want a driver's license." replied Draco brightening suddenly.

"Draco, no."

"No what?" he asked with a twist of his lips.

"I know you, you aren't going to name my son Jaguar."

"What about Aston?" he wheedled.

"Your parents will never get it, I love it."

"And I love you."