This could go either really well, or really, amazingly bad, but I'm risking it.

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"Dougie Poynter, a Kayleigh Sanders has referred to you in her will." Dougie listened to the voice of a lawyer on the other end of his phone line. Kayleigh Sanders, now that's a name he hadn't heard in a while! His high school sweet heart.
"Wait? She died?" that was news to him, he hadn't seen her for fifteen years!
"Yes, unfortunately she lost her battle against breast cancer a couple of weeks ago." the lawyer seemed surprised that he didn't know.
"No one told me that." Dougie said quietly to himself. Even though he broke up with Kayleigh when he joined McFly back when he was fifteen, he still cared for her... even though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, or himself for that matter!
"Well, it appears that she wants you to have full custody of your son." Dougie nearly dropped his phone.
"M-my son?!" Kayleigh never mentioned... how- well, he knew how! But- they were careful. She would've said something, wouldn't she?
"Mr Poynter?" the lawyer's voice sounded in Dougie's ears, "Were you not aware you have a fifteen year old son?"
"No. No, I had no idea." Dougie said shakily, "I haven't spoken to Kayleigh for fifteen years."
"Well, you don't have to take him, his grandparents have offered to take him in." those old bats. Dougie remembered how dry and horrible they were. They absolutely loathed him.

Did Dougie want to take his son in? He thought about it for a while. He never knew his son, would he hate him? Would his son blame him for not being around. Dougie knew how hard it was to be a teenager without a father. How he had no father when he most needed the male role model, the advice.

But then again... Dougie was in complete and utter shock. He never, in a million years, would've guessed that he had a son. He was completely and gob smacked. He didn't know what to say, so he said;"No... yes... uh, I think I'll take him." Dougie winced, not knowing if this would be the best thing, and not quite sure what exactly he said.
"Really? Great, I'll send you the legal documents immediately." the lawyer sounded surprised, and Dougie was surprised too!
"Just one more thing. What's his name, m-my son?" Dougie felt weird even saying it. God, that sounded bad, asking for his own son's name!
"Johnathan Liam Sanders." the lawyer said and said his good bye.

Oh my God, I have a son! Dougie then screamed mentally, and rushed to inform his fiance, hoping she won't be mad that he agreed to take him in without her consent. And hoping, for his and his son's sake, that he made the right decision.