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"Doug! I'm going shopping with Gi, ok?" Lara called from the hall.

"Ok, I'll see you later! Love you." I called back, looking at the disc in my hand.

"Love you too." she said and I heard the door close after she left.

I once again looked at the note. 'Milestones'. I smiled to myself and inserted the disc into the DVD player, and settled on the sofa.

The screen showed a fifteen year old Kayleigh, on a hospital bed, with a tiny little baby in her arms. I gasped at how much Liam looked like me when he was just born. Kayleigh was crying - not surprising, she was always really emotional.

"How are you feeling?" I recognised the voice of Kayleigh's best friend, Sophia Lock in the background.

"Happy because I feel like I've just been given the best gift ever. Tiered, because that was the hardest thing ever. In pain, because a baby's just come out of me, and sad... because Dougie isn't here, and doesn't know this is happening." Kayleigh sniffed, not once looking up from little baby Liam.

"You should've told him, Kay." I heard Pen, another friend sigh, "And not have ordered everyone not to utter a word to him." I agreed with her.

"I know, but I can't go back on my decision now." Kay muttered. She always was stubborn.

"What are you going to name him?" Sophia asked.

"Johnathan Liam Sanders." Kay murmured. "Johnathan Liam Sanders, born on the 27th of September, 2003 10:30 pm."

"A month early." Pen commented, "He looks awfully big to consider."

"Yeah, he's a big boy." Kay smiled.

The scene then changed, and it showed a sixteen-year-old Kay, laying on her side on the floor in her living room, with a baby Liam sitting next to her. The floor was covered with random toys everywhere.

"You know, Lee, one day, you're gonna have to move on your own." she was saying. I smiled, recognising my middle name, and realising it was a small part of my child's name.

The gurgling baby boy, moved so he was on all fours, and took one... well, you couldn't call it a step... but, yeah. He started crawling, and Kay started grinning, and I did too.

"Well done!" Kay praised Liam and hugged him, and moved so that the little baby was lying on top of her. "Daddy would be so proud of you." she murmured softly. She was right.

The next scene was of a birthday, Liam's first birthday. Liam was looking bigger now, and was surrounded by friends in his mother's arms. I saw Pen, Sophia, my friends Matt, and Jake. I was a bit upset they hadn't mentioned anything to me actually.

The room erupted in a roar of Happy Birthday, and Kay blew the candle on Liam's behalf.

Now, we were watching a slightly bigger Liam sat on the sofa, chewing on some toy.

"Liam, are you going to look at the camera for mummy?" I heard Kay's voice sound. Then it changed as she murmured to herself. "How do you work that blasted thing..? Is this on video..?" I laughed to myself, that was such a Kay thing to do.

Suddenly, "Mummy!"

I heard Kay gasp in shock.

"Say that again, Liam." she told him.

"Mummy." the little boy giggled. The camera was dropped to the floor as I heard Kay coo him.

"Good boy!"

Again, the scene shifted, and I saw an even bigger Liam standing upright, wobbly on his feet. Kay was kneeling a few feet away from him.

"Come to mummy, Liam." she said softly, and Liam smiled, and bent down and crawled to her. Kay laughed at him.

"Well done, but how about you walk like mummy does?" Kay smiled at the boy, and stood him upright once again, and walked a few feet away from him.

She once again ordered him to come to her, and he took one shaky step, and tumbled to the floor. Kay laughed as he blinked, sat on the floor, as if unsure what had happened. He got back on his feet, and started again, this time succeeding in reaching Kay, who looked overjoyed.

I was so proud of him, even though it had all happened fourteen years ago.

The next scene showed a three-year-old Liam holding a lunch box, dressed in a school uniform.

"Where are you going today, Lee?" I heard Kay ask.

"School!" Liam replied enthusiastically.

"What will you do in school?"

"I go paint and write!" Liam grinned.

"Are you going to make new friends?"

"No! I has friends. I stay friends with Ian and Kyle." Liam pouted, making Kay laugh in the background.

"Ok then." Kay giggled

Next thing you know, it was Christmas, and the date on the bottom read 25/12/2010, so Liam was 7. Liam was looking amazedly at a drum kit.

"Thanks mum!" he beamed and scrambled to sit on the stool. He grabbed the drum sticks and started to play them. He was a natural.

The next date was 2/9/2014, and Liam was eleven, and wearing a school uniform... not any school uniform, but an uniform I recognised as my old school uniform. It was his first day at secondary school.

"Mum, stop making a fuss." Liam rolled his eyes at the camera, holding a school bag.

"I'm not making a fuss!" I heard Kay insist. "I just want to capture this moment. It's special!"

"I'm only going to school!" Liam sighed.

"Not any school! It was on our first day at that school I met your father!" I blinked at the mention of me, and Liam looked pretty shocked to. She obviously didn't talk about me often; why would she? I left her.

"Why don't you ever talk about my dad?" Liam asked timidly, looking at the floor.

"That's none of your business, Liam." Kay muttered.

"Yes it is, he's my dad! He obviously meant something to you or you wouldn't have just said what you did just now! I mean, I'd get why you wouldn't want to talk about him if he was a one night thing." Liam said angrily, "Mum... does he even know I exist?" he then asked quietly.

"Let's do this another time, eh?" Kay said weakly, and put the camera off.

There was another clip that Kay had obviously filmed out her window of Liam with a girl, which made me laugh, because that was such a Kay thing to do. Creepy and weird, I know.

Another clip filmed out of the window was when he was out with his friends and he borrowed a friend's skate board and skated for the first time. He was a natural at it.

Then the DVD ended, with a message.

Those are a few of the many milestones I shared with him. I hope you'll be there to share the rest.

"I will, I promise, Kay."