"Her voice resonates perfectly with the ice crystals. It calmed the shark. It will calm the sky, too," the Doctor said, his heart breaking for this little boy whose entire life he'd rewritten.

"Could you do it? Could you do this? Think about it, Doctor. One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?"

"New Years," the Doctor said softly, before he could stop himself. "I chose New Years, three months before she had ever met me. She thought I was some drunk in the shadows, but I was just grateful to hear her laugh. Time machine, remember?"

"Oh, Doctor," Abigail, so unendingly compassionate, even after he had damn near gotten her killed. "What was her name?" she prompted.

"Rose," the Doctor replied. "Her name was Rose. I promised her the universe, but I ruined her life instead."

"Did she love you back?" Kazran seemed captivated.

"Forever, she promised me. But then I lost her."

"And what about your pretty little redhead? The hologram?"

"Amy's wonderful, but I'm not in love with her. She's married—the Centurion, the Roman bloke, he's her husband. They travel with me. I always warn them, but they never get out. I ruin their lives, all of them. I traumatize them, or erase their memories, or I ruin their lives or I get them killed. I got Rose trapped in another dimension, and I got Adric killed, and I dropped Sarah Jane off in Aberdeen instead of Croydon and let her think that I was dead for thirty years. I've gotten Rory killed already, but he didn't stay that way. And then he killed Amy, but thank God she didn't stay that way."

"You ruin people's lives," Kazran repeated.

"Even Martha, who was smart enough to get out while she still could, I turned her into a soldier, made her walk the earth for me." The Doctor shook his head. "And Rose is the one that I regret the most."

"Why can't you get her back?"

"Because she's trapped. I sealed her away. She's gone, forever."

"You sealed her away?" Abigail asked in disbelief. "You're the Doctor. You don't believe in impossible! Get her back!"

And that was what was on his mind, three-hundred years into the future when he was inviting the people that he trusted most to watch him die. Because there had always been someone that he trusted more than himself, and, on top of that, a dark haired pretty boy that he was sure she would be happy to pick up along the way. It took him decades to work out how to remotely activate a decrepit piece of machinery across the void, but he did it. And then his TARDIS—smart, sexy thing that she was—jettisoned a TARDIS-blue envelope marked with the silver number zero on the back flap through the void.

Everything was up to Rose now. Good thing that he had never stopped believing in her.

This serves as both a little oneshot about Eleven and Rose, and the beginning of my AU series 6 story, starting with The Impossible Astronaut, wherein the Doctor manages to get an envelope to Rose, who brings Jack along for the ride. So call it a prologue, or a prequel or whatever you want, and the next bit with the actual story is being written.