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A/N: Just a cute little thing. Semi-prequel to my upcoming smutty TenTwo/Rose oneshot 'Off'. Enjoy and tell me how you liked it! :)


It was just a few days before his regeneration that Jack Harkness gave Rose Tyler a present, undoubtedly acquired somewhere between shagging one of the locals and saving the planet.

It was a pretty present, layers and layers of paper and a TARDIS blue bow wrapped around it and even now, the Doctor could remember her saying she enjoyed unwrapping more than any present. It wasn't on the forefront of his mind, at the time, of course, but it was one of those little details he stored and treasured somewhere between too large ears and brooding.

When he took the time vortex out of his Rose with a kiss and regenerated, she looked at him like a stranger for a while and that hurt. They recovered, of course.

He looked at himself and found he was rather a little too handsome for him to pretend it wasn't all for the pink and yellow girl he loved so much. And when he picked out his wardrobe, he threw on layer after layer thinking she might like it.

Years of separation and one metacrisis later, she finally does unwrap him and maybe, just definitely he'll tell her it was all for her.