Blaze's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I sincerely have no idea why it took so long to finally do this. But here it is, enjoy it.

Blaze The Cat was in Seaside Hill. Everything seems to always happen in Seaside Hill, it's kind of strange when you think about it. Anyway, Blaze was hanging around in Seaside Hill, pretty bored as she was waiting for Silver to end his shift at Pizza Hut. She sighed as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head, looking up at the clear blue sky.

"Oh, how bored am I..." Blaze commented as she blinked, thinking to herself aloud, "Maybe I should attempt those party tricks Shadow mentioned about..."

She stretched, sticking out her right arm as she opened her right hand, revealing a bright, yellow and red flame, putting it right under her tail. Without holding back, Blaze The Cat farted as much as she could, the flame intensifying as it burned several tropical palm trees behind her. Blaze gasped as she placed both of her hands on her face, shocked at how powerful her flaming fart was.

"Oh my... did I do this?" Blaze admitted as she blinked, glancing at her butt as she murmured. "Hmm... maybe I should do it somewhere without harming the environment..."

She went by the beach, aiming her butt at the water as she summoned fire in her right hand again and placed it right under her tail, in front of her butt. Blaze farted again, the flames extended far beyond the beach. Blaze opened her eyes, gasping as she noticed how far her fart was going. She stopped, blowing the fire in her right palm away as she placed her right hand on her butt, letting out a cute little poot. "Gosh, no wonder everyone jokes about Amy being gassy. I got the flatulent flair too."

Blaze shrugged as she folded her arms, tilting her head to the right as she began heading northward. "Oh well. At least no one was there to see me..." She stopped as she noticed that E-123 Omega was at the western end of the orange checkerboard mountain, having watched Blaze's gassy show. Blaze gulped, feeling completely embarrassed as she lowered her head.