Blaze The Cat and E-123 Omega were still in Seaside Hill, with Blaze The Cat farting her heart out as she wondered why she kept doing it, with the odd duo heading towards the Lost Palace racecourse.

"I just don't know what propelled my stomach to make so much of these foul, loud fumes." Blaze commented as she pooted again, feeling her tail being lifted up by her flatulence. "I suspect that something odd must be causing this."

Omega slowly moved his right robotic arm up. "Perhaps you have a bug in your system that needs to be rewired." He stated in a monotone, robotic voice.

Blaze rubbed her right arm with her left hand as she glanced down. "Omega, I'm not a robot, remember? I'm fully flesh and organic."

Omega nodded his head slowly. "Of course you are. My mistake." He corrected himself.

Blaze sighed as she turned to Omega, smiling a bit. "Oh, it's okay. At least it's nice to have someone with me." She pooted again, shuddering at hearing her butt producing such gross, deep pitch sounds. "But it's mighty embarrassing that I'm able to break such wind... oh gosh..."