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1 The Girl

"Alright, team. There have been multiple sightings of Slade in the last 24 hours down it the Amazons. We need to find him and bring him in!"

Cyborg, Raven and Starfire looked at Robin and nodded. Robin walked over to a table with a map of the Amazons.

"Cyborg, you take sector A."

A nod.

"Starfire, sector B."

Another nod.

"And Raven, you take sector C. I'll head to sector D. Now let's move."

The Amazons...

Cyborg walked through the jungle with his shoulder flash light blazing a trail. Robin had a hunch that Slade was in the area, so the team was sent to scout. That bastard made their teammate turn to the dark side. He made Terra betray them. In the end, she died a hero. Or at least, they thought she died.

"Anything, Cyborg?" Robin's voice asked through the titan communicator.

"No. No sign of Slade," Cyborg replied.

He heard Robin groan. "Well, keep looking. We'll be leaving soon." Robin said before he signed out.

Cyborg smiled. He couldn't wait to turn in. He'd been looking for Slade for hours. If he didn't find anything in another hour, he was heading back. That was when he heard a banging sound. He stopped and listened. It was coming from the left and he was just barely able to hear it.

He started to run to the sound. And as he got closer, the sound got louder. He was now able to pinpoint the exact location of the sound. It was near the water. He heard a grunting sound. He shined the light and saw a cage.

"What the hell?" he said as he saw what was in the cage.

In it was a girl. She looked about early teens. The thing he really noticed was that she was green. She had pointy ears, green hair went a little past her shoulders, finger nails like claws as well as her toe nails. They looked thicker than human ones as well. She was sitting with her legs to her chest and her head buried into her knees. Cyborg too a step closer.

The girl's ear twitched and she looked up with her green eyes. She barred her fanged teeth and hissed.

"Its okay. I just want to help you," he said, as he slowly made his way over to her. He got only three steps when she hissed again.

"Cy, are you okay? We're about to leave."

"Robin, I found something that's not on the list. You might want to get over here."

"Me and the girls are on are way," Robin said. Static was heard and the girl screamed a little and covered her ears. Cyborg turned off his communicator. She released her ears and looked at him.

He smiled to calm her nerves. She was hesitant but she smiled back. It was small but she still smiled. "I'm going to get you out okay?" he said slowly, turning his right arm into a saw.

When she flinched, he was about to put his saw away. That is until he saw her nod her head. At least she understood English. He began to cut through the bars. She whimpered a couple of times but he tried to ignore it. Once he finished, he got a good look at her, blushed and turned around. He just now noticed that she was naked.

"Th-than. Thank y-you." She said.

Cyborg noticed that she had a little problem with talking. " Your welcome. I'm Cyborg. What's your name?" Cyborg asked still turned around.

She didn't answer at first. Maybe she didn't have one.


As Cyborg waited for his team, he helped Gabriela out of the cage. She went over to the river and stared to bathe. She was also drinking the water as she cleaned herself.

She looked at Cyborg and titled her head. She never seen a man made out of metal before.

'How could he breath? Was he even alive?'

"Cyborg, what was the big emergency?" Robin shouted as he came into view.

Cyborg pointed his thumb behind him.

"It this girl I found. I wouldn't look at her. She's wearing her birthday suit."

"What? How can she be wearing her birthday suit?" Robin asked, not understanding.

"Please, why does this girls birthday have a suit?" Starfire asked.

"It's means she's naked," Raven said in her usual monotone.

Gabriela looked at the team, nervous. She hasn't seen this many people since she was 5. Raven glanced at her and pulled off her clock. Gabriela stood up and started to walk over. Raven met the girl halfway.

Raven put the cloak over Gabriela's shoulders and covered her woman features. Gabriela looked at her the cloak. Why would she need this? "It's to cover up," Raven said.

Gabriela looked at her. She smiled and hugged her. She didn't know why she hugged her but she looked like she wanted one. Raven looked at her before she slowly hugged her in return.

"Name?" Gabriela asked.

"Huh?" Raven asked.

"Name?" She repeated.

"I'm Raven," Raven introduced herself.

"Raven," Gabriela repeated. She jumped and turned into a raven.

Raven gasped. The rest of the team looked her way and saw a green raven.

The raven turned back into the green girl. "Raven, yes?" she asked.

Raven nodded.

Starfire floated over.

"Hello, new friend! My name is Starfire. What's yours? What's your favorite color? Have you ever visited the city? Why are you naked?" she asked too fast.

Gabriela blinked before she responded. "Gabriela." That's all she said.

Starfire was about to repeat her questions when Robin shook his head. He walked over.

"Hi. I'm Robin," he introduced himself.

Gabriela's ear twitched before she placed her hand on his stomach. He looked at her. The team was prepared to attack in case she did. She smiled and removed her hand. "Hungry?" she asked.

Robin blinked. Soon enough his stomach growled. Gabriela walked over to the river and after a few searches, ripped a fish right out of the water.

She walked back to Robin and held out the fish. When Robin didn't take it, she frowned. She then noticed it was still alive. She stuck the head in her mouth and bit down. The team backed away in shock as she tore off the head and started to chew, blood all over her mouth and running down her cheeks.

"Food," she said once she finished chewing.

He looked around at his team, noticing they were also troubled. He turned back and, trying not to insult her, took the fish.

"Thank you," Robin said, his hand shaking slightly.

Gabriela wrapped the cloak tighter around her body as the wind blew, shivering.

Robin threw the fish over his shoulder. "Lets get her back to the tower," he said. "She'll freeze to death if we don't."

The team nodded. Gabriela walked over to Cyborg and pulled on his arm. "What's up?" he asked.

She looked around the forest before looking back at Cyborg. It took a couple of moments before he understood what she meant.

"You can't stay here, Gabriela, you have to come with us," he said.

When Gabriela looked like she was going to cry, Cyborg put a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. You'll like your new home," he said.

She grabbed his free hand and held it. He squeezed slightly before he started leading her to their ship. Gabriela looked back every time they moved further away. When they were about to take off, she placed her hand on the glass.

'Goodbye,' she thought, a tear falling down her face.

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