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9 Vacation For Two

When Robin woke up the next morning to start training, he found a note taped to the fridge.

Gabby and I are going on a
vacation. By the time you
find this, we'll be long gone.
We'll be back in two days.
Til then, don't try to find us.
Even though I'm sure you will.

Robin crumpled the note up before running for the alarm.


Cyborg and Starfire both entered the room in a matter of moments, Cyborg running and Starfire flying.

"What's the problem?" Cyborg asked. He then noticed two of his teammates missing. "And where are Gab and Raven?"

Robin put the crumpled not on the table and flattened it out.

Cyborg read it over quickly.

"Sounds fair," he said.

"We need to train Gab," Robin said.

Cyborg shook his head.

"No matter what you think, man, Gab needs time to herself."

"What do you mean?"

Cyborg crossed his arms.

"Gab has been here two months and you've had her train every single day for six hours. How would you take it if we threw you into the training room and made sure you didn't leave for a month?"

"I would do it if it was necessary."

Cyborg shook his head again.

"But what you're not getting is that Gab isn't you."

Starfire watched the exchange before slipping out.

"No, she's not me. But she still needs to train."

Cyborg's anger flared.

"Now listen here," he said, grabbing Robin by the front of his uniform. "She's a person, just like you! She has a right to have time to herself! If you think that you can chose for her what she does with that time, I'm out."

Robin watched with his eyes wide as Cyborg walked out of the room.

Raven and Gabriela were laying in bed, not wanting to get up. They enjoyed sleeping together see as it put both girls to sleep within minutes.

But as they were about to once again fall asleep, someone started knocking on their front door.

"What the..." Raven said as she got to her feet. She walked out of the bed room in into the living room. "Who is it?" she called when she got to the front door.

"Friend Raven?"

"Shit!" Raven silently swore. "What do you want, Starfire? I'm not coming back to the tower just yet."

"May I come in?"

Raven growled but opened the door.

"I have not told Robin I am here."

Raven gave a slight sigh of relief.

"Raven, where is Gabby?"

Raven pointed at the bedroom door.

"She's still in bed. I was just about to fall asleep when you knocked."

Raven had just finished speaking when someone started knocking on her door again.

"What?!" Raven yelled.

"Come on, Rae. Open up."

Raven opened the door and allowed Cyborg to enter the apartment.

"What are you two doing here?" Raven asked. "If you're here to bring me and Gabby back, you can forget it." Raven dropped into a fighting stance, her eyes blazing white and her hands surrounded in her black energy.

Cyborg held up his hands.

"Easy, Raven. I agreed with you about Gab."

The white left her eyes slowly, as did the black energy on her hands. She slowly stood straight and looked at both Starfire and Cyborg.

"So he doesn't know I'm here?"

Both shook their heads.

Raven breathed a sigh of relief. She then walked out of the room and went to get Gabriela.

"Gabby? We've got company."

Gab stirred and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"Company? Who is it?"

"Star and Cy."

Gab's eyes went wide.

"No. They're not here to take us back to the tower."

Gab relaxed when she heard that. She then crawled out of bed and got dressed.

"She'll be out in a moment. She had to get dressed."

Starfire and Cyborg exchanged looks.

"It's not like that," Raven said. "She was in her sleeping clothes"

After a minute or two, Gab came walking out of the room.

"Hello, Friend Gabriela!" Starfire cried as she pulled Gab into a tight hug. Nearly too tight.

"Hello, Starfire!" Gab groaned.

Raven turned to Cyborgh.

"What's up with Robin, Cyborg? Why is he always wanting Gabby to train?"

"I think he wants her to be like him. A emotionless crime fighter."

Raven looked at Gab as the green girl was let loose from the hug.

"Star, why don't you go in the other room with Gab."

"Rae?" Gab asked.

"It's nothing, Gabby. You need some time with Starfire."

Gab smiled and nodded before leaving the room with Starfire right behind her. As soon as the door was closed, Raven's hands were encased in her power.

"That bastard!" Raven said through gritted teeth.

"Raven?" Cyborg said. "Can you calm down?"

She turned a glare on Cyborg but then had to force herself to calm the rage within her. She had seen that Cyborg's entire body had been covered in her dark energy.

"Sorry, Cyborg. I'm just pissed."

Cyborg nodded.

"I was as well. Told him that if he couldn't let Gab choose to have time to herself and make her train every day for a long time, I'd quit. So I walked out."

Raven's eyes went wide.

"But can't he track you?"



Raven glared at the window. There, sitting on the windowsill, was Robin.

"What are you doing here?!" Raven demanded.

Robin held his hands up.

"To tell you that I'm not going to have Gab train every day. But she still needs training."

Raven grabbed Robin and pulled him close to her.

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear. We will train for five days a week and have the other two to ourselves. Am I clear, Boy Wonder?"

Robin sighed before nodding.

"And one more thing. We will not train all day to make up for those two missed days. Five days, six hours each day, in short periods. There will be times when we will work hard and exceed your expectations, but that time will have to wait. As for training Gabby, I'll train her."

"No. You're to attached to her."

"From your position, I'd say you're in no position to argue."

Robin looked at the energy still holding him close to Raven.

"Besides, Gabby and I sparred yesterday. Our first day away from the tower and we start off with a fight."

Robin looked at the door that Gab and Starfire had gone through.

"I guess I'll have to agree," Robin said. "But I get to test her every so often."

"So long as you don't try to test her everyday, go right ahead. Now are we in agreement?"

Robin nodded.

"Five days of training a week, with the two left for time off, each day train for six hours, in short bursts until you can take more, you'll train Gab, and I'll test her often."

Raven nodded and released Robin.

"Wow, Raven," Cyborg said. "You actually got him to understand. How long did it take to get through that stone ball you call a head, Robin?"

Robin growled at Cyborg but nothing more.

"So when are you coming back to the tower?" he asked Raven.

"We'll be back tomorrow for our training session."

Robin nodded and walked over to the window.

"Eight AM. Don't be late."

Raven nodded and Robin left through the window.

"Well. Well done, Raven. I couldn't get him to see the light."

Raven shook her head before walking over to the door that Starfire and Gab had gone through.

"I'm sure we'll have another argument by the end of the day tomorrow."

Cyborg chuckled and nodded.

After everyone had left, Raven sat with Gab on the couch watching an action movie.

"When are we going back home?" Gab asked.

"Tomorrow. Robin and I came to an understanding. You will train with me for six hours a day for five days out of the week. The last two days are to be ours to do with as we please."

Gab smiled before leaning in and kissing Raven on the cheek.

"Thank you, Rae."

Raven nodded before turning her attention back to the TV. But not before tightening her grip on the girl next to her.

So ends chapter nine.

Raven and Robin have come to an understanding. How long will it last? What will Robin's test be? You'll just have to wait and see. :) Til then,

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