Toadette's Tummy Trouble

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Oh ho ho, this should be good. A fanfic about Toadette's stomach growling problem. Why do I love Toadette so much? Why do I have a stomach growling fetish? Why have I written so many fanfics? Oh, it's simple. I'm insane, and I love it. Enjoy!

Toadette was hanging around at the speed of sound in the Mushroom Gorge, loving the peaceful grassy meadows, taking in the great view of the huge, vast gorge that contained nothing but pure whiteness in the seemingly bottomless abyss. Toadette was sitting on the wooden bridge, looking at the bouncy red mushroom right in front of her as she hummed to herself, bopping her head back and forth.

"Golly, it sure is nice out here!" Toadette exclaimed to herself in a cherry high pitched voice, giggling as she clapped her hands, "Oh, it's always nice here! It's why I love coming here every single day of my life!"

Toadette's stomach growled loudly, prompting Toadette to get up on her feet as she rubbed her grumbling belly with her right hand. "And gosh, all this appreciating is sure making little old me hungry!" She then looked around for something edible to munch on. "I sure could go for something sweet right now..."

Toadette headed backwards, walking off the wooden bridge and onto the dirt paved path as she headed towards the starting line, gasping as she spotted a couple of yellow bananas with odd green spots resting in front of her. She dashed towards them, picking up one of the bananas as she licked her lips, when Petey Piranha emerged from the grass, grunting as he shook his head.

Toadette turned to the left to face Petey, scoffing as she stuck out her tongue, winking. "Oh, don't worry about me, Petey! What can go wrong?" She peeled the banana and prepared to eat it. "It's just a banana, silly!"

Petey shook his head and dashed towards Toadette, but Toadette jumped above Petey, landing on top of his head as she munched on the banana, mumbling with joy as she gulped down. She then grabbed the other bananas and spun her pink pigtails about, flying towards the top of the bluish green mountain, sitting at the very top and munching on the bananas while looking at all of the white puffy clouds above the Mushroom Gorge. Petey got up and flew towards the top of the mountain as well, only he was too late as Toadette was moaning in pain, both of her hands on her slightly pudgy stomach, which was grumbling.

"Ooh, what was in those bananas?" Toadette whimpered as she hiccuped, not feeling well. "My poor tummy hurts..."

Petey groaned as he shook his head, knowing that this was going to happen. No one listens to Petey.