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▲Δ - Act I - Δ▲

.; oo1 - A Gift from Grandfather - oo1 ;.

"There's the final bell. Get out of my classroom, you ingrates."

There was a loud release of cheer as the final class for the school day had finally gone off. Shad took a long sigh as he shuffled his way back over to his desk, watching as most of his students ran out of his classroom, while a few others took their time to leave. His blue eyes glanced over the desks until they fell on the figure of one student still seated, the majority her honey-blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail, while she had two sections of it draped over either shoulder. He never understood why she kept her hair like that, but he didn't really care - Zelda Harkinian was probably his best and favorite student in all of his years as a teacher. She could shave her head bald and dye the remaining hairs green and he'd not question her motives.

Speaking of green...

"MIDO," he shouted out to the class suddenly, causing all of the students to jump as he narrowed his eyes on the red-headed youth who was sliding a green, tweed cap onto his head. "You are still in a classroom, regardless if the lesson or day has completed. You will refrain from putting on your cap until you are OUTSIDE, understand?"

He was met with a grumble from Mido while the rest of the class laughed at the ginger-haired boy before the last few students filed out of the class. Zelda was the last one to leave, stopping by Shad's desk where she placed a book titled 'Harvest Festival of Termina' on his desk and shot him a large smile.

"I remembered to return all of the books I borrowed before leaving for break! This time, at least!" She shot excitedly, sending her and Shad into a small fit of giggles before she turned to leave. "Have a nice Holiday, professor." she said over her shoulder before making her way out of the front door to the high school and heading to the student parking lot. There she began to make her way over to a familiar, cream-colored car, where another girl was standing outside of it.

"Ready to go, Zellie?" She nodded quickly in response to the question her friend, Cremia, had asked and hopped into the passenger's seat of the girl's car. After a short while of getting their seatbelts on and starting the engine, the two seventeen-year-old girls were on their way away from school grounds.

"Are we heading to the ranch first?" Zelda questioned the redhead when they got to a red light, and she shook her head in response to the question before responding. "Nope, we gotta get you home to finish packing for your gramps' place in Clock Town."

"Hey, I'm packed!" The blonde defended, crossing her arms defiantly over her chest as Cremia broke out into a fit, reaching her right hand away from the wheel to flick on the radio. When the light turned green she continued driving, moving the same hand up to mess with her red curls before shooting Zelda a quick glance. "You probably didn't pack anything boy-worthy."

"I didn't plan on meeting boys while trying to spend time with my grandfather," she retorted, shooting her slightly older friend a glare before they fell back into a silence, both girls singing along softly with the radio. Another fifteen minutes and they had pulled into the driveway of Zelda's parents' house, both girls running out of the car to head inside as Zelda called out into the house, "Dad, I'm home!"

"In here," they headed into the living room at the sound of the voice, finding the older Harkinian trying to jam a blue suitcase shut. "Just finishing to help your brother pack," he grunted, pushing hard onto the suitcase while a little nine-year-old boy was sitting on it to help keep it down. "Daltus what did you pack, every game system you own?"

"Just about," the sandy-haired boy teased, shooting a wide grin over to his older sister who laughed at his antics before moving over to catch her father's attention. "Cremia and I are gonna head upstairs and finish my own packing. She doesn't trust my sense of 'style'," she used air-quotes around the last word before being snatched and dragged up to her room. "I don't! Honestly Mr. H, you should go back to shopping with Zellie for clothes." Was the last thing both Harkinian men heard before the sound of a door being closed and Pop music filling the upstairs space.

"Alright buddy, let's try this again!"

"Do you have your cell phone?"

"Yes mom," Zelda recited, pulling the item in question out of the side pocket of her backpack to show the older woman before putting it back.


Mm-hmm," she pulled the fuzzy pink thing out of the purse hanging off of her other shoulder, opening it to show her mother everything inside. The older Harkinian pulled out the girl's school ID, driver's license, debit card and emergency credit card out and nodded her approval before putting everything back in its right spot. Zelda took her wallet and slid it back into her purse before hooking an arm around her mother in a tight hug. "Don't worry, we won't get into any trouble at Grandpa's."

"You I'm sure about, your brother however..." she trailed off, both women turning their heads to see Daltus making faces at another boy his age from the train window. She let out a sigh as Zelda giggled before giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek and waving her off as she ran over and climbed onto the train. The engineer spoke over the loudspeaker that they would depart soon shortly afterwards, so Zelda quickly made her way down the train cart. Finding her seat next to her little brother, she stored her suitcase in the overhang above before sitting her backpack and purse in the space between Her's and Daltus' seats. After getting situated she turned with Daltus to wave out the window to their parents as the train began to come alive. They both waved back and continued doing so as the train began to drive off, until both Zelda and Daltus were out of sight. After a while Zelda took out her phone and texted Cremia a quick 'the train just left', while Daltus took out one of his hand-held games to play for a while.

"Are you excited to see grandpa?" Zelda turned to look at her brother while she asked, to which the nine-year-old simply shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno, I talk to him almost everyday. It's not gonna be that different. But yeah, seeing him in-person after so long is gonna be cool."

She nodded softly before sliding her phone back into her purse, shifting herself around into a more comfortable position. "I'm excited. It's been so long since we've been to Clock Town," She continued, pulling a book out of her backpack to begin reading. "Do you think Owlan still lives next door to him? His cookies are wonderful."

"I hope so, he has that cool pet!" Daltus looked up at his sister with a wide grin as they began going into memories from when they were a few years younger and had met Owlan's pet. The white-haired man had told them how it was something called a 'Kikwi' - part fauna and mammal all in one. It fascinated him to no end, seeing as he made work out of studying all plant life. The pair remember how they had found it interesting that when startled, the creature would fall forward and the 'tail' on its back opened up into a small bush to camouflage it. They giggled about that for a few minutes before going into a few more fond memories of the creature, as well as their grandfather and neighbor Owlan.

"I wonder if he got any other cool stuff since last time," Daltus yawned out after a while, turning his body so that he could lean his head on his sister's shoulder as she began to read her book. She made a 'hmm' of interest as the nine-year-old began drifting off to sleep, with the comforting background sounds suitable ambiance for the rest of the five-hour trip.

'We'd like to welcome all of our passengers to Clock Town Terminal Station. Please enjoy your stay.'

Zelda was slowly guiding a half-asleep Daltus down from the train, his bag over her shoulder while hers was wheeling behind them as they quickly headed inside to avoid the cold. Once inside, Daltus made his way into an empty seat to rest while Zelda turned around to check their things and make sure they hadn't forgotten anything.

"Buggy!" Zelda looked over her shoulder from the suitcases lined by her feet to see Daltus running towards and elderly man, jumping into his arms in a tight hug. She giggled to herself and collected her and her brother's bags before making her way over to the embracing pair. "Hi, grandpa."

"Zellie my flower!" He exclaimed, pulling away from Daltus long enough to give the teenager a quick, tight hug. "My how you've grown in only a few years," He chuckled out heartily, placing a large hand on the girl's shoulder.

"How have you been?" She engaged him in small talk as Owlan, who had accompanied her grandfather to the terminal, came over and collected her bags while Daltus grabbed his own. They continued with idle chatter as the group of four began to make their way outside, Daltus quickly getting into conversation with Owlan on his Kikwi, Oolo.

"My, my," Gaepora began, wiping a small tear from his eye with his index finger. "It's hard to believe that my little Zellie is already a Junior in High School." He teased lightly, climbing into the backseat of Owlan's car while Daltus grabbed the passenger's seat.

"It's hard to believe my grandfather is getting so chubby," She teased back, climbing into the backseat next to him as she poked his stomach. "I blame Owlan's cookies."

This set the entire group into a fit of laughter as they began driving down the streets of Clock Town, making their way back to Gaepora's house.

"Do you still live in South Clock Town?" Zelda inquired, craning her neck to look out of the window at the scenery outside. It very much looked like South Clock Town, but she couldn't see the Clocktower and wasn't entirely sure. He didn't reply for a few minutes until they were further into town, where he called her attention to his window where she and Daltus could both see the Clocktower clearly now.

"It looks so beautiful in the snow," she commented, staring in awe at how the snowfall gave the old Clock an enchanted look. He hummed in agreement at her statement before placing one of his large hands onto her head. "Do not worry my dear, you will get to play in the snow during your stay."

"I'm not a little girl anymore," she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest with a mock expression of hurt, but that quickly faded once they pulled up into the driveway of Gaepora's home. She hurried out and helped Owlan gather her and Daltus' bags while Gaepora went to unlock the front door before the others slowly made their way inside.

"Oh, you're home." A brown-haired man who looked like a much younger version of Owlan called from the living room, rising from the couch to greet them. He was holding an odd creature in his hands, something reminiscent of a bat, cat, and mouse - all rolled into one. "I assume this lovely young lady is Zelda, and this strapping young hero-to-be is Daltus."

"Hey, what's that?" Daltus commented, pointing at the creature in the man's arms. He let out a soft chuckle before holding it gently out to show the pair. "This is your grandfather's pet Remlit, Mia. I enjoy taking care of her when he's out."

"She looks weird," He continued, earning a chuckle from Gaepora and Owlan while the brunette pouted, hugging Mia to his chest. Owlan moved over to the brown-haired man, draping his arm over his shoulder before guiding him back into the living room. "Don't be upset, Horwell. He is sort of right."

Zelda giggled softly as she and Daltus took their things upstairs, leaving them in the spare rooms they had always used as children when they stayed in Clock Town with Gaepora. After discarding her coat and hat, the seventeen-year-old made her way downstairs where she found Daltus staring over their grandfather's shoulder as he worked at his desk in the living room. To her left was his recliner, and the right was the couch where Owlan and Horwell were cuddling. Her eyes were immediately drawn to Mia, who was sitting in Horwell's lap and staring at her. She giggled softly before moving over to gently pet the Remlit's head, her violet gaze moving over to the tree situated on the opposite wall in the corner.

"You haven't decorated your tree for Giving Day yet, grandpa?" Zelda inquired, pulling her grandfather's attention away from his desk to stare up at the plain-looking tree. "Normally at the first snowfall you go crazy with decorating."

"Not yet, dear. I was hoping you and your brother would want to partake," he smiled when Daltus began jumping up and down excitedly, shouting out how he'd be glad to help. She giggled again at this before moving over to the box of ornaments and decorations, turning back to look at the others.

"Well, let's get started!"

A few hours had passed since the group of five had finished the tree. Owlan and Horwell bid Gaepora, Zelda, and Daltus all good night as they left to go back next door, while Daltus ran upstairs to shower and change into his pajamas. After he had finished Zelda had gone, and now the young girl was sitting on the couch, playing with the hem of her oversized nightshirt while her brother was leaning his head on her shoulder. She smiled softly when her gaze ran over the tree, taking in it's appearance. Her grandfather and brother had hung up the ornaments to represent thanks to the Goddess Din, while she had put up those for the Goddess Nayru. Owlan and Horwell had added those for the Goddess Farore, before adding personal trinkets and items to hang there as well. Zelda's gaze shifted to the Hylian Shield ornament her parents had bought for Daltus' first Giving Day, and then over to the purple and blue crystal they had gotten for her. Her gaze shifted to the owl her grandfather had owned since before she was born, and then lastly to the circlet at the top her grandmother had made.


"Grandpa," the honey-blonde girl started, shifting her eyes over to look at the older man sitting his his recliner. He made a 'hmm' of acknowledgement before turning to meet her gaze. "Can you tell me another story about grandma?"

"Of course my darling," He responded with a chuckle, his gaze moving to the circlet as well before back down to Zelda. "The one where she made that?"

She nodded softly before shifting her position to look at Gaepora, waiting patiently as he began. "Well, the original circlet we had was damaged when we moved down to Clock Town, and your grandmother was heartbroken." He began, a small smile coming to his face as his gaze shifted to the picture of he and his wife above the mantle. "So being the persistent little bug she was, she decided to craft her own."

Zela smiled before turning her attention to the item gently placed atop the tree. The front had the three gems - a ruby, emerald, and sapphire - arranged into a triangular shape, while there were Goddess Plumes broken into smaller pieces to line the silver, and small, dangling gems falling all around it. Her smile softened as she remembered all those years ago when her grandmother, Tetra, had told her the old stories about the Three Golden Goddesses, Hylia's Battle with the demon, Demise, and the different heroes of legend protecting the land. Her hand raised absentmindedly to twist one of the locks of hair she kept over her shoulders as she stared at the tree. Her gaze then shifted over to the two wrapped presents on the table besides it.

"Grandpa, who are those for?" She questioned, raising her free hand to point at the packages. He let out an earthy laugh, startling the half-asleep Daltus before responding. "An early Giving Day present for each of my grandchildren. You may open them now, if you'd like."

"Woo-hoo!" The sandy-haired nine-year-old exclaimed, jumping up fro the couch to grab the present in green and blue wrapping paper. Zelda let out a soft sigh as she got up from the couch as well, grabbing the box of pink and purple. Daltus was ripping his box open like it contained the essence of life, while she gently tore the wrapping apart. When she finally got halfway down, her eyebrows rose slightly as she pulled the toy out from inside. "What is this?"

"It's a nutcracker, Zelda." Gaepora began, standing from his chair and making his way over to her to softly pat the top of the little blonde toy's hat-covered head. "It's said to be crafted in the image of the ancient Heroes of Hyrule." He smiled softly, running his thumb over the area of his green tunic. "I thought you'd enjoy this, as you love the legends and stories your grandmother and I have taught you over the years."

"It's wonderful," she smiled softly, getting up from the couch to give her grandfather a tight hug. "And I do love it. Thanks, grandpa."

His face broke out into a soft smile before his and his granddaughter's embrace ended, the seventeen-year-old going back to sit on the couch as she looked over every detail of the miniature man. Daltus hopped up next to his sister and craned his neck to look at the nutcracker as well, his eyebrows furrowing. "My train is awesomer," he bragged, shooting Zelda a toothy grin as he held the toy out to show her. "It looks just like the Spirit Train from one of those legends."

"Whatever you say," she mumbled softly, too caught up in the detail of work done on the Nutcracker to pay any attention to anything else. Gaepora let out a hearty chuckle as he sat back and watched Zelda inspect the wooden man, her eyes alight with intrigue as her thumbs ran over each detail of his form.

"Hey, let me crack a walnut with it," Daltus broke out, grabbing the nutcracker swiftly and slipping one of the walnuts from the end table into his mouth. "Be careful Daltus, I don't want it to-"


Both Zelda and Daltus stared down with wide eyes when the Nutcracker's jaw fell off from his body and landed on the couch between them. The walnut rolled down onto the floor and over to the coffee table's leg while Zelda gently reached over to take the broken toy. "Zelda I'm so sorry..."

"Don't bother, it's not your fault." She began softly, turning the wooden man over to check the inside of his mouth, where she quickly noticed a rusty screw was broken. "I could tell this thing was obviously old, but not so much that the screws would be rusted," She mused, placing a hand to her cheek as she went over ideas in her head on how to fix him. Daltus reached between the two and grabbed the jaw from the couch, holding it up to his sister.

"Grandpa can probably fix it... right?" He looked up expectantly at Gaepora, who hand a hand to his chin in thought.

"I'm sure I can, so long as I have screws small enough to fit it."

So Daltus and Gaepora went upstairs to dig through the older man's work supplies while Zelda began to undo the old screw from the wooden man's jaw, smiling down at him softly. "Don't worry, we'll fix you so you're as good as new. Then maybe you can crack a few nuts without busting one of your own," She teased it, giggling softly at her terrible joke as she laid him down onto her grandfather's work desk. Gaepora and Daltus returned to the living room not too long after, having found the needed items to fix the toy before Gaepora sat at his bench and began to work.

After Gaepora had repaired the Nutcracker's jaw, Daltus had insisted Zelda bandage it to make sure it didn't come loose, scared something might knock the glue loose before it could dry. She had complied, and now her brother and grandfather were up in their rooms asleep, while she lay on the couch watching a cartoon. Her left hand hung off of the side of the couch, where her fingers gently brushed back and forth over the Nutcracker's head. After a while her eyelids began to droop, and the gentle sway of her hand began to slow until her eyes shut and she was asleep.

Clunk, clunk.

'... What was...'

Thump thump thump.

"Where..." Zelda let out a soft yawn, rubbing the sleep from her eyes before her gaze shifted to the digital clock of the cable box above the TV. 'Twelve twenty-four,' she read softly in her head, letting out another yawn before swinging her feet off of the couch to land on the floor. She bent her hand down to grab the Nutcracker and head to bed, only for her fingers to meet the hardwood of the living room floor.

"What in the-" The seventeen-year-old got up off of the couch and kneeled next to it, craning her head down to peer underneath to see if the miniature man had rolled underneath it. There was nothing down there; save for a ball of yarn, a hairbrush, and a group of little warriors running out of a mouse hole.

Wait a second.

"... What in Din's name is going on here? Am I dreaming?" She questioned, her head snapping up at the sound of metal hitting against something. She looked over to see another warrior, this one slightly larger than the rest, trying to hit the Nutcracker with a sword. While he was running from it. Over to the tree. The nutcracker. Running from a tiny warrior in black armor.

"... I've finally lost my mind," Zelda muttered softly, getting up to her feet and making her way over to swat at the little warrior. "Hey, dream-thing. Shoo."

"No! Get away from him!" Her gaze shifted up to see the Nutcracker waving her to move out of the way while hanging off of the tree. She was about to question it when the tiny warrior-thing yelled out something in a strange language and shot a blast of dark-purple energy at her. Her breath got caught in her throat, her body became heavy, and she rolled backwards from the strange attack as the Nutcracker jumped down and ran to her. The entire room was spinning in Zelda's line of sight, and the next thing she knew, she was lying on the ground and looking up at a very, very large version of her grandfather's living room.

"What the..." She let out a soft groan as she sat up, putting a hand to her now throbbing head as she looked over the area. She saw the warrior staring down at her, letting out a low chuckle before he rushed over with his sword raised.

"Stop!" The nutcracker was standing in between her and the mysterious man now, using what looked like Daltus' Hylian Shield ornament to block the attack. It resonated with a faint, blue glow before pushing the man back, to which he growled before he and the other warriors retreated... under the couch?

"... Okay, what in the Goddesses' names is going on here?!" Zelda shouted, shooting an icy glare up at the Nutcracker who was a few inches away from her. His face broke out into a grin - as much as it could, being carved from wood and all - before a nervous chuckle escaped and he moved his left hand behind his head to rub his neck. "Uh... pass?"

"I think I can answer that," an old voice echoed throughout the room, both Zelda and the Nutcracker's eyes shooting up to see her grandfather's owl ornament staring down at them from the tree. It stretched it's copper wings out before jumping from it's spot and flying down towards them, landing on the Nutcracker's head. "The Gerudo King had just launched an attack on you both."

"The... Gerudo King? You mean like... from the stories?" Zelda questioned, getting up to her feet before crossing her arms over her chest to stare at the owl. "Because the Gerudo don't fall under rule of a 'king' anymore, seeing as that whole 'curse' where a male is only born to their tribe once every hundred years has been broken for centuries."

"Wow, you know a lot about Hylian Lore," the Nutcracker commented, shooting what looked to be a wide, smirking grin at the seventeen-year-old. She let out a sigh before moving her attention back up to the owl on his head. "Why did they attack him? And why did he make me the size of an ant!?"

"You're more about the size of a mouse," the Nutcracker commented again, before cowering under the glare Zelda shot him. After a moment of silence the owl flew off from his head and landed on the edge of the coffee table, staring down at the pair. "He believed your Nutcracker may hold something he covets. And as for your transformation, he only did it to keep you out of his way."

"Well, how do I get back to normal?" She questioned, moving her arms to motion down her body. "I can't exactly be this tiny forever. I don't even want to be this tiny at all!" She exclaimed. The owl shifted his wing under his head, similar to how her grandfather did with his hand on his chin when he was thinking before he spoke again. "The power of the Sacred Triforce is to be great enough to undo the Tyrant King's spell. You must follow the Gerudo man underneath your couch. There, you will find a mouse hole that he used for a portal to get from Hyrule to Termina."

"Why do I have a feeling that when we get to the fabled Hyrule that it's not going to be as easy as you make it sound," Zelda muttered softly, before letting out another sigh and turning on her heels to head to the couch. "You coming, Nutcracker-guy? Or do I have to go it alone?"

"I'm a little too big to fit under there..." He trailed off, making Zelda turn around to see that he was still taller then the 'Gerudo King', and herself as well. Before she could speak the owl flew down from the coffee table to the walnut from earlier that evening, rolling it over to the green-clad man. "Crack this atop your head."

"O...kay," He hesitated, grabbing the walnut from the floor before tapping it against his skull softly. After a few tabs he hit harder, smashing it open on his head. A few swirls of light sprung out and fell all over his body, before he began to shrink a few inches. After a while, he was only a few inches - centimeters? millimeters? - taller than Zelda, and he looked to her with another ear-splitting grin.

"There we are. Now we're good to go, princess!" He boasted, crossing his arms over his chest in a triumphant manner.

"Wait," the owl interrupted, bringing the pair's attention back up to him. "You will need weapons, for the Gerudo King surely has cast monsters into the once peaceful land. Once you head into the land of Hyrule, make your way to the Kokiri Forest. There, I request you look for a young girl named Saria. She can help you further."

"Thank you for the help, we'll definitely look her up once we're there." Zelda replied, to which the owl nodded before flapping his wings and heading back up to the tree. After watching land where he had once been hanging in his inanimate state, she and the Nutcracker made their way over to the couch. Walking behind it there immediately saw the mouse hole - I mean come on, when you're an evil, magic-wielding guy who uses a simple mouse hole for a portal, you could cover your tracks by not leaving the thing glowing - and slowly walked over towards it.

"You ready, princess?" The Nutcracker commented, to which Zelda only nodded her head softly, before the Nutcracker walked into the portal. She took a step forward, then hesitated for a moment before looking back to see part of the living room of her grandfather's house. She was curious as to how long this would take, and if her brother and grandfather would wake before she returned and discovered she had gone. Swallowing her curiosities, she turned back to the mouse hole and jogged her way up to it, heading into the glowing portal.

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