A/N: Jounouchi's POV. It started as Jou's thoughts on how much work he puts into dueling, but it kinda evolved into a more romance-oriented piece. ^ ^ Not that I'm complaining. *pulls out her trusty "Yuugi and Jounouchi- kun Forever!" banner*

"Repeat; Try Again"

Get up late, who cares? It's only irreversible

And I'll try again in the end.

So give me another chance,

My dear old friend.

I promise I won't let you down.

If you teach me your ways,

I'll think of your words

On my dying day.

Repeat, get up, try again.

I can't lose so easily.

You're invincible, you know, but

It's so much harder for me.

I have to learn things the long way around.

No magic, only my fickle luck.

My talent I had to make.

What can I say- life sucks.

So lemme go, leave me alone, but

Be my best friend and I'll be true.

You smile at me in that one way,

And I'll strut my stuff for you.

You wanna recreate me?

Fine, I hate myself anyway.

I see my flaws and cruelty,

And I wanna be like you someday.

'Cause I see you smile,

And my heart skips a beat.

And when I see you smile.

All I can do is repeat,

Get up, and try again.

If I fall, if I fail, it's not so bad,

Unless I'm failing you,

Because your smile can be so sad.

Then there is the other you,

And he frightens me for real.

With his cruel smirks and wicked ways

And the way he makes me feel.

I keep trying every time.

If I lose, there's still tomorrow.

Still another chance,

To ease your dread and sorrow.

I won't let anyone hurt you;

I don't care if you're stronger than I.

Only I can break the rules

When it's time to do or die.

So trust me again if I ask you to.

I know what I am doing this time-

I wouldn't risk your life;

That's an unforgivable crime.

You know you'll never lose,

But that's no way to play.

The real game is in not

Knowing who'll take the day.

If I kissed you, would it be so unexpected

As to make you lose your breath?

And if I chose to tell you I loved you,

Would it be a fate worse than death?

You're invincible, beautiful,

But I've had enough of that mess.

This game's mine and only mine,

And your heart means my success.

* ende *