Three weeks after the engagement at baker Street, Sherlock Holmes had become a household name.

The solving of the numerous cases by the Reichenbach Hero had brought him several new cases, leaving little time for his new-found personal life.

John was worried.

The press would turn,and when they did turn,they would turn on Sherlock.

Moriarty was back, the trial progressed, and the relationship of the Detective and his blogger grew tense.

Suddenly it was all on Sherlock.

He was the villain, the murderer, the puppeteer behind the strings.

John never lost faith, never doubted,never stopped loving his detective.

His heart stopped when he saw his best friend, his partner, standing on that roof top.

The only thoughts running through his mind were Oh God No. and You machine John Watson.

He listen to Sherlock's call, committing every detail to memory.

Every nuance of his voice, every shake and breath and pause.

Then the words.

"Goodbye John."