Written for the Prompts Only One-Hour Challenge with the prompts: creep, "We are not amused" and "He sighed in exasperation, thinking, "Will they ever learn?" Also written for the Snakes and Ladders Challenge.

Dennis Bishop and Tom Riddle were supposed to be friends. They were around the same age and were both dropped off with Mrs. Cole as infants. When they were three, Dennis said, "Friends?" and Tom said "Okay" and as far as Dennis was concerned, that was that. Dennis would sit by his friend when they played together, and try to get him to build up the blocks. But whenever Tom was around and angry, the blocks didn't like staying up. They would shake and topple over and Tom would smile. It wasn't a normal smile, one that a normal six-year-old would wear. It was creepy. Dennis began to move away.

One day, when they were ten, Dennis decided to try one last time to make Tom his friend. Over the last year, he seemed to pull away more and more from the other children, and scary things would always happen around him. Or strange things, like the time when Billy Stubb's rabbit disappeared. Then again, now that he thought of it, lots of things seemed to disappear when Tom was around. But still, Dennis was determined; he promised Tom his friendship, and he would provide it - welcome or not.

"Tom! We're going to the beach today! Will you sit by me on the ride?"

"Why?" He seemed honestly confused at the request.

"Because we're friends, right?"

But Tom shrugged and moved to sit by himself. Amy Benson sat with Dennis instead. Along the journey, the two became engaged in a hand clapping game they learned when they were younger. Dennis knew that at ten he shouldn't enjoy something so childlike, but it made him laugh and smile all the same as they tried the trickier parts and failed. "Come on, Tom, don't you want to give it a try? It's fun!"

Tom just turned away from the pair and said, "I am not amused. Leave me alone."

It saddened Dennis, watching this boy turn away from all things entertaining. It had been a long time since Tom had engaged in anything Dennis would dare to call fun. He sighed in exasperation, thinking "Will he never learn? Childhood is nearly over; this is the time for fun."

When they arrived at the beach and started playing, Dennis was mildly surprised to see Tom approach him and Amy. "You said you wanted to have fun?" Tom asked, enunciating every word and talking slowly. It made Dennis nervous.

"Yes. Did you want to play with us?"

"No, I want you to come with me." Dennis got up, but Amy stayed where she was, not looking Tom in the eye. "The girl, too. Come on."

And so they followed. Tom climbed down steep cliffs as if there was nothing to it, and expected the others to do the same. Surprisingly, they made it down without a hitch. Dennis wondered if this was the game - doing dangerous things and trying to escape from the rest of their group. But he soon realized that Tom had a purpose. There was a place he was taking them, a cave far back into the rocks.

As to what happened there, no one ever found out. Dennis never spoke again. Within a week of Tom returning for the summer from whatever strange school he was sent to, Dennis was found dead in his room.