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Snowflakes were whisked around the sky by a cool winter breeze. Frost stuck on windows and cars. People bustled around with their Christmas shopping as they prepared for the holidays.

"Hey Soul? Everyone is going to be here in an hour!" I called from the kitchen. All of my good friends from the DWMA would be here any minute. "Ok got it" my partner Soul called from his room. "Well hurry up and help me clean up!" I replied. Soul slowly opened his door and walked over to me with his "To cool" swagger. "Geez Maka, stop nagging me" Soul sighed as he grabbed an apple from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes. "I don't nag you, I remind you" I retorted. Soul chuckled and flopped onto the couch.

RING! I ran over to the door and opened it to see Blackstar and Tsubaki. "YAHOO! I have decided to grace you all with my godly presence!" Blackstar yelled, running and plopping down next to Soul. "Hello Maka" Tsubaki greeted kindly. I let her in and she gave me a tray of gingerbread cookies. "Happy Holidays" Tsubaki smiled kindly. "Thank you so much" I replied hugging my best friend. "Maka! Where is Blair?" Blackstar grinned, wiggling his eyebrows. Slowly I took out my book." Makaaaaaa…CHOP" I yelled, slamming my book down on his head."Pervert" I muttered under my breath. Tsubaki rushed to his side and worriedly began to check him.

RING! RING! RING! RING! RING! RING! RING! RING! The doorbell rang eight times. Yep Kid was here. I opened the door and greeted my shimigami friend and his two weapons. "Hey Maka, thanks for having us over" Liz said as she walked over to the chair. I nodded because secretly, Liz always intimidated me. " YA!" Patty screamed as she grabbed a cookie and jumped on the couch. "Maka, you are looking symmetrical as always" Kid greeted.

The visit went well. Nothing special, but then the idea happened. " Hey guys! I had an idea. We should do a Secret Santa for Christmas!" Liz exclaimed jumping out of her seat. "Hey that'd be pretty cool" Soul responded lazily. "HAHAHA! I guess a Big Star like me could participate!" Blackstar boasted. "So it's settled then" Liz replied as she grabbed a pen and began to write all our names on separate pieces of paper. " Ok each of us can pick, 1 at a time" Liz said excitedly.

Blackstar's POV

"HAHA! I guess your God will go first" I yelled grabbing the first name out of the pile. Suddenly my smile dropped and I began to sweat. Crap Crap Crap Crap! WHY DID I HAVE TO GET-

Tsubaki's POV

As Blackstar freaked out, I thought I would get the next name and then calm him down. "I'll go next" I volunteered trying to make Blackstar calm down. "YES! TSUBAKI GO! I WANT TO SEE WHO YOU GET!" Blackstar yelled immediately. "She's not going to tell you. That's the rules of the game" Liz said, punching Blackstar in the shoulder. I reached out and grabbed a slip of paper. My eyes widened and I exhaled a sigh of relief. This wouldn't be too hard to buy for. Right?

Liz's POV

"I'll go next" I said happily, grabbing a slip of paper. I looked at the name and smiled sinisterly. This would be too easy.

Patty's POV

"I"LL GO NEXT!" I screamed, lunging for the piece of paper. I looked at the name and immediately thought of giraffes.

Soul's POV

" Secret Santa sounds lame" I told Liz. "Just pick a stupid name" She growled. Grudgingly I did. UGH! I knew this was a bad idea! Screw you name on my paper, screw you!

Kid's POV

"I will go next, since there is no way I could be number eight in this disgusting, asymmetrical group" I said, glaring at Soul and Blackstar. I mean seriously, would it kill them to gel their hair? I picked a slip of paper and the moment I saw the name, I was horrified. After that everything went black.

Maka's POV

"Kid!" I screamed as he fell to the ground. Liz and I rushed over to his side and lifted him on to the couch, forcing everyone else off. "There, he'll be fine, hopefully" Liz joked "Just go pick your name" Slowly I walked over and picked the last remaining name. I looked and immediately I knew, this was going to be an interesting Christmas.

Alright, the whole point of this is for you to guess who got who! Let me know who you think is everyone's secret Santa

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