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Maka's POV

Ok today was the day. The day we exchange gifts. I had the mistletoe in my pocket and was ready to go. Me and soul sat on the couch. He was holding an oddly wrapped box. "Soul? Is that your present?" I asked stupidly. "Yes, yes it is" He smirked evilly. Oh no…

Everybody came right on time. We exchanged jokes and laughs, ate cookies and made gingerbread houses. Now it was time for the fateful gift exchange. Blackstar and Tsubaki finally kissed under the mistletoe. "I WILL GO FIRST AS I AM THE GODLIEST PRESENCE IN THE ROOM" Blackstar screamed at the top of his lungs, grabbing a horribly wrapped present from under the tree. He raced up to Liz and placed the present in her lap. "Wow Blackstar, You're my Secret Santa?" Liz asked, completely shocked. He nodded. Liz looked down and opened the first box. It was sparkly, shiny blue eyeshadow with matching lipstick and blush. "Oh wow, umm thanks! I'll definitely use this?" Liz said unsurely. I don't' blame her. The makeup was a little tacky. Liz then opened the next bow and screamed. She pulled out a sexy red bra with lace and sequins and a matching thong. Soul got a nosebleed and Kid blushed. "N-N-NO! CRAP LIZ NO I DIDN'T MEAN-" Blackstar yelled. "YOU PERVERT! I CANT BELIEVE YOU!" Liz yelled, punching him in the nose.

After that mess was all sorted out, Tsubaki stood up. She walked over to Patty and placed a beautifully wrapped present down."EEK! YOUR MY SECRET SANTA?!" Patty squealed, hugging Tsubaki and ripping open the present. Patty gasped and then squealed. She had gotton a giant stuffed pig with crayons. "OH TSUBAKI! I LOVE IT!" She said, tackling the black haired weapon to the ground in a hug.

Liz stood up. "I guess I will go next" She said glaring at Blackstar as he cowered behind Tsubaki. She picked up a HUGE package and walked over to me. "Oh god" I thought worriedly. I slowly opened the box and saw piles of lipstick and eyeshadow and blush and eyeliner! There were foundations and face powders and mascara and some type of scary metal thing. "Uh thanks" I said, forcing a smile. "Look at the bottom" Liz said, smirking. Slowly I reached down and felt fabric. I ended up pulling out a skanky outfit that was obviously from DeathNotes. It was a pink tie with a cropped white top and a short black skirt. It came with hot pink knee socks. "Why don't we help you get ready now?" Liz giggled. She dragged me to my room as I screamed at Soul to help me.

When I came out, Liz was still dragging me. "How hot does she look?" Liz squealed. The girls squealed along with her and the guys just blushed and looked away. "Next Present!" I said, blushing.

Patty hopped up and ran over to Tsubaki. "Here!" she squealed. Tsubaki smiled gratefully and opened the gift. Inside were cookies covered and I mean COVERED in icing. Tsubaki's face looked worried but she took a bite anyway. Her lips puckered and her eyes bagan to water. Forcefully she swallowed the cookie. "That's... delicious" Tsubaki said, still trying to forget the taste. Patty's eyes widened in delight and she hugged Tsubaki again.

Kid then got up and walked over to Blackstar. He took out some rope and tied Blackstar's arms and legs to the chair. "HEY! LET YOUR GOD GO!" Blackstar yelled, struggling throughout this whole ordeal. Kid then took out the sharpie and draw another star tattoo on the opposite arm. Kid then took out to the gel and completely gelled Blackstar's hair down. He sighed happily and waled back to his seat. "If only I could do this to Soul" Kid said, eyeing the scythe.

Soul smirked getting up and placing the gift in Kid's lap. The moment he opened up the gift, green goo squirted all over him. " NO! I AM AYSMMETRICAL TRASH" Kid screamed, rampaging around the room. Throughout the commotion I managed to pull Soul out of the room outside onto the balcony.

Snow was falling and I shivered. "Here" Soul said, draping his jacket on my shoulders. I looked up and smiled at him. "So your my Secret Santa" He said teasingly. "Whatcha get me?" He laughed. Slowly I pulled out the mistletoe and held it over both of our heads. "This" I whispered. I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. He had soft lips and I couldn't believe I was actually kissing him! He kissed back eagerly, putting his arms around my waist. I kissed back with just as much eagerness and pulled him closer. He caressed my lips with his, as my heart began to thud quickly in my chest. He slowly nibbled on my lip, before I pulled away giggling. "Merry Christmas Soul" I said, looking deep into his crimson eyes. "Merry Christmas Maka" He replied, kissing me again


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