A/N: This is the first in a series of one shots centered around the Christmas season. First up is Ajay and Bobby since I never seem to write them happy together or him being nice to her. This is my way of showing that nicer softer side of Roode.

Sleigh Ride


Bobby watched his wife sitting on the arm chair staring out the window watching the snow fall.

He had been away doing shows and made it home just in time to watch his wife enjoying whatever solitude she had enjoyed while he was gone.

"Hey Ajay." he called softly startling the small blonde out of whatever thoughts she was in.

She startled and jumped out of her chair smoothing her hands over her jeans making herself presentable for her husband.

A smile curved his lips as he crossed the room to her. She watched him cross the room and waited for an all too familiar Bobby Roode blow up, but instead he tenderly reached his hand out and caressed her cheek with his hand.

She reached a shaky hand up and grasped his wrist in her hand and closed her eyes.

He swiped his thumb over her cheekbone before pressing his lips to her forehead.

She pulled away slowly looking up at him. "How were the shows?"

"Good." He answered going over to the plush leather couch and plopping down on it.

Ajay nodded her head folding her right arm behind her back grasping her left forearm watching him.

Still wearing that half crocked smile he crocked his finger at her silently telling her to come to him.

She walked slowly over to him and sat next to him.

"Come here." he said softly holding out his free arm to her.

She curled into him, her small body curving into his muscular side. He draped his arm over her and pulled her snuggly into him.

His icy blue eyes floating back to the window watching the snowflakes float around aimlessly a half crocked smile growing when Ajay rested her head on his shoulder.

He knew he had been a world class asshole to her lately and he needed to make it up to her, show her that he cared in only a way an asshole could care about his wife.

Hearing her deep even breathing he smirked to himself before reaching his phone, maybe his old man had an idea or two about how to spoil her in way that was deemed Ajay appropriate.

"Hey Doll." he spoke lowly in her ear the next morning his hand squeezing her side lightly.

"Hmm' she muttered sleepily twisting around.

"It's time to get up; you and I are going out today."

Blinking the remaining sleep out of her eyes, Ajay sat up and stared at him unsure, "You want to be seen in out in public with me?"

"Of course I do." he said, "you are my wife after all.'

"What do you want me to wear?" she questioned quietly.

'Something warm." he answered his blue eyes carrying an unfamiliar glint in them.

"Okay." she muttered throwing the covers off of her body and going into the closet to get her clothes.

He knew today was a day to pull her even closer to him, let her know that he did care, even if he did bully her and that he out of every man that came around he was the best suited to take care of her.

"What are the plans today?" she questioned quietly stepping out of the closet clad in blue jeans, furry boots and a black and white stripped sweater.

"Don't you worry about that, I have handled everything." he smirked standing up.

Ajay nodded her head nervously twisting her rings around her fingers.

Taking several steps towards he towered over her, "Nothing is going to happen today. I promise. We're just going to have fun. That's it.'

Letting out a shaky breath, Ajay nodded her head.

He squeezed her shoulders in an affectionate manner before walking out of the room.

"Ice skating? Seriously?" Ajay exclaimed with a child like excitement as she gripped Bobby's upper arm.

"Yes, seriously." He laughed as he pulled open the door.

She let out an excited giggle and bounced though the door towards the counter to pay for their entrance to the rink.

A fit of rage filled him seeing the flirty smile on the teenage boy's face that was standing behind the counter.

"Hey Doll, you pay?" he questioned pushing the rage down.

"Yes." her eyes darting to his. He smiled and pecked her lips before taking her hand and leading her to the benches.

"Promise not to laugh if I fall?" she questioned as she sat down to put her skates on.

"Promise." he smirked, his wife was most talented wrestlers in the ring but outside of it she was a total klutz.

"Come on klutz lets have some fun.' he teased.

At first he skated next to Ajay slowly watching her every move waiting for to take that tumble he knew was coming.

"Bobby, go I know you know you want to go faster than me." she said.

He gave one of his rare smiles before taking off around the rink.

Ajay stopped and leaned against one of the side boards watching him fly around the rink in away he only could.

It was nice to have this one nice day with him before he went all Mr. Hyde on her again, it was nice to see this relax happy side of him something she had only seen one other time and that was around his immediate family.

He came to a stop in front of her and grabbed her hands.

"What are you doin' Bobby?" she questioned as she started to glide on the smooth ice.

"Just trust me." he glanced over his shoulder to make sure the path was clear.

"I do trust you." she muttered before catching a stray piece of ice and falling down bringing Bobby down with her.

"I'm sorry!" she exclaimed tears filling her eyes as she went to scramble up. He laid his hand on her lower back holding in place.

"Its fine, don't worry." he said, "I take harder bumps in the ring."

taking a wavering breath the younger blonde nodded her head.

"Come on, I have one more surprise for you." he said motioning for her to get up.

"Where are we going Bobby?" she questioned as she settled into the car.

'You'll see." he answered his tone full of unusual mischief. She giggled and leaned against the seat.

Bobby pulled in front of a farm house and parked the car, 'We are here.'

Ajay looked him slight confused as she undid her seat belt and watched as her husband exited the car and went over to an older man shaking his hand.

Still confused she tightened her coat around her tighter and exited the car.

He gave her a tight lipped smile before motioning for her to come to him.

"This is Barry, he is going to take us on a sleigh ride." he said nodding his head in the direction of the graying.

The young Mrs. Roode nodded her head stepping in closer to her husband.

"Thank you.' she whispered as he pulled the warm blankets around their legs better, 'for this, I haven't this happy or as homesick in a long time."

"You're welcome doll." he smiled putting his arm around her, "the least I could do for your favorite time of year."