If Only The Family Could See You Now


This was written as an example drabble for my 'Forbidden Relationships' Competition of the HPFC Forum.

Section A: The Romeo/Juliet Divide - Your pairing's family hate each other, their parents will surely never approve of your pairings relationship so to begin with your pairings relationship must be a secret.

Draco was waiting impatiently on the fourth floor corridor; he checked his watch and tapped his foot against the cold hard stone beneath him. There was a reason he wasn't a Hufflepuff. He was beginning to think Weasley was going to show him up; after all it wasn't like they were dating. They had agreed, that this was strictly a Friends with Benefits thing, but without the friendship. Obviously this relationship as such had to remain a secret.

"Been waiting long, Malfoy?"

Draco growled low in his throat as he turned to the red-haired boy, who had suddenly materialised behind him, but he couldn't bring himself to shout so he decided to scowl instead.

"I'll take that as a yes," Ron smirked, grabbing the blonde boy's wrist and pulling him into his chest.

"You little –" Draco began angrily but Ron quickly crushed his lips to his silencing him. Draco wasn't going to let he win that easily so he pulled his hands out of Ron's grip and pushed him back against the wall. His tongue probed deeper as Ron Weasley submitted further and further, sinking lower and lower down the wall.

Eventually they broke apart panting and Draco spotted that a certain part of Ron's anatomy was visibly straining against his pants. He chuckled.

"If only the family could see you now, Weasley."

I don't usually write Ron but that wasn't too bad. :)

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