Author's Note: Keep in mind, this wil be only four chapters, short but meaningful, I swear, be honest in your reviews if you please, hoping you all enjoy, peace.

To say Derpy Hooves, a gray furred Pegasus mare with a blond colored mane and
tail and crossed golden colored eyes as well as seven small blue bubbles on her
flank as her Cutie Mark was surprised was a bit of an understatement…..ok, a lot
of one.

So much that she needed a smoke, and felt a headache coming on now as her younger sister, Dinky Doo with her light gray coat and small nubbed horn marking her as a unicorn and yellow colored eyes as well as her blond colored mane and tail with no Cutie Mark on her flank held one of the biggest smiles a filly could muster at her older sister who had to keep from rubbing her forehead with her forehooves.

"I did great right, Ditzy? Did I not do great?" Dinky spoke as the gray mare heaved an audible sigh hearing her little sister nickname for her before looking at the stallion, an Earth Pony to be exact with a brown, very soaked saddle bag on his back that was soaked to the bone because of the large heavy downpour in Ponyville that has been happening for four days straight.

The stallion before her was quite handsome she had to admit, brown colored coat and short, brown mane with the same color tail but a bit longer and mesmerizing brown eyes with an hourglass Cutie Mark on his flank smiled sheepishly at the mare before him, before a hacking cough forced him to break eye contact.

Derpy scowled, she hated when her sister did something without letting her know, of course, it would make sense to help somepony out when such awful weather was in the town and was the only sensible thing to do as her younger sister was not heartless, she had never been raised to be such, unlike herself who learned a bit later to never just trust somepony just because they smiled at you.

She had been forced into the streets by her parents because she had hung out with the wrong crowd during Flight School.

Smoking, drinking, doing drugs, she knew that Gilda the Griffon and Rainbow Dash along with a few other ponies that she was with were never a good choice but she had ignored it and paid the ultimate price because of it.

Getting kicked out and almost being with a foal twice but having a miscarriage on both was her luck with her being so young, the age of seventeen, now she was twenty one years of age.

Of course she regrets it, but because of her crossed eyes that she had since birth many ponies would not take her seriously and her so called 'friends' never gave a shit about her, save for Rainbow Dash who helped her get her mail job and bring her to Ponyville but Derpy was still on edge and angry what the cyan mare put her through and what she had allowed of herself.

Her parents had died two years ago on a train ride to visit the Crystal Kingdom and she had been forced to take care of younger sister who while young, was very, very brave and had accepted their parents death unlike Derpy who had gotten drunk and cried her eyes out for the last two weeks and now, now she had to make the choice of helping this grown stallion who might have caught a cold or worse because he may have been too stupid to stay out of the rain.

"Thank, thank you, fair lady. I did not expect such hospitably from such a young-"

"Cut the bullshit, what kind of adult goes out into the rain when this damn town has been raining for four days?" Derpy interrupted harshly as the stallion cringe from her cruel tone, not used to it but it was to be expected from such horrible weather.

"Um….I apologize, allow me to introduce myself, I am Doctor Whooves, you may just call me Doctor if you wish, I have just come into this town from a train ride from Appleloosa which I been working with a young mare who deals with cherries, saving up enough bits to move here and have not been given the chance to look at a place to stay, for obvious reasons, been out in the hard falling rain for three hours now and did not get the news until the last second, I'm truly sorry, Miss?"

Derpy blinked in a hint of sympathy before her eyes hardened and she used her right wing to grab a Diseased Stallion cigarette from her right ear and her tail to grab a lone match near her kitchen table, lighting the match before doing the same with the tobacco and inhaled deeply before exhaling out gray smoke from her nose then sat down on the floor.

Closing her eyes she opened them to see her sister and the Doctor staring at her to speak as she sighed then said with a fake smile.

"Derpy, Derpy Hooves, this is my little sister Dinky…..look, trust me, it's going to be tough out there once the rain stops, sorry about your saddle bag and your health but to tell the truth you only entered day one of this downpour, you are not going to be able to get a chance at finding a house, let alone a damn job until it's over, Doctor." Derpy said as soft as she could before she blew a large gray cloud of smoke from her nose which the stallion waved away with a forehoof and cough.

"I understand, Miss Hooves and I do not mean to be much of a bother but if I could be so kind to ask for a bit of-"


"Sis…come on, look at him, he's soaked and he has nowhere else to go, we can't be so cruel to just send him back out into the rain, it's freezing." Dinky defended the Doctor causing him to blink in surprise from the young filly's angry tone.

But Derpy had had enough, no one gave a shit about her when she was thrown out, no one but Rainbow Dash but that was only to redeem herself from the guilt that clawed at her heart, they both knew that.

So why should she lend a hoof to a grown stallion who she did not even know, for all she knew, this bastard could be a murderer.

"Dinky, that's enough, go to your room, let grown ponies talk alone." Derpy growled at her younger sister while taking a longer drag of her smoke before blowing it out of the right side of her mouth.


"Now!" Derpy shouted as the scared, small filly ran up to her room with tears running down her face as the mare then turned her eyes towards the Doctor who pawed at the floor nervously.

"Miss Hooves, honestly I mean no-"

"Shut it! Listen, I know it's a bit harsh and cruel for me to do this, but I'm having a harder time taking care of me and my sister, we don't got enough for a damn stallion who was to bucking stupid to not know what the weather was going to be in the town he was going to ahead of time, life's tough, oh well." Derpy voice as cold as ice as she spoke before she used her tail to take her smoke out and put it out then got up from the floor and walked towards the stallion who gulped a bit afraid of the mare with her crossed golden eyes in front of him, the left looking right at him, the right sliding to the side as neither held any pity towards the male in front of her.

"Miss Hooves, please if you just-"

"And stop calling me Miss Hooves, damn it, I am not my mother." Derpy snapped causing the Doctor to cut off his words before he continued with a nervous breath.

"Derpy, please….I have the bits to repay you, I can help you-"

"I don't need your bucking HELP!" Derpy shouted causing the Doctor to freeze in fear as he waited a total of five minutes before speaking again.

"I…I meant no disrespect, honest. But I could get very sick out in that freezing rain, I could die from hypothermia, please, all I'm asking is for a few days of rest, no more. I could pay you for your help if you wish and will only eat what you make and sleep where you wish, nothing more, I swear." He said softly as she turned her head away thinking hard before taking another deep breath before replying.

"Fine, four days only, no more. Try anything with me and my sister and I'll kick your ass and send you to the hospital, and that's not a threat, it's a promise, got it, Doc?" she spat with malice as the Doctor allowed a small smile to grace his face before he nodded.

"Good, now take off your damn saddle bag and go take a shower, you stink. But first, go get me my smokes from my room, then after your shower and my smoke we are going to lay down some ground rules, towels are upstairs in the hallway to the left in the closet, shower is to the right, don't get lost and bring me my smokes quick, Doc which should be on my dresser to the left and my door is the same way." Derpy snapped as the Doctor saluted with a forehoof before quickly trotting out the kitchen to the stairs as Derpy sighed loudly, the buck had she just gotten herself into?