My Soulmate


This was written as an example drabble for my 'Forbidden Relationships' Competition of the HPFC Forum.

Section B: The House Boundary Divide - Your pairing is directly separated by houses.

How could the brightest witch in our year not be in Ravenclaw? I don't know how many times I've asked myself this, but I bet it doesn't compare to how many times I've asked myself why she chose to be with me.

Every year since the first year we'd studied together in the library. It didn't matter that we were in different houses, especially not now that we were Head Boy and Head Girl at Hogwarts. Everyone who returned to Hogwarts was resitting the year. It had become the rules since nobody could have had passed on to the next year with a good standard of education with the Carrow's here last year. It had truly been awful the year previous to this one.

"Terry? Are you okay?"

A soft voice interrupted my thoughts and her hand rested on mine in Charms. I nodded mutely, staring deep into her huge brown eyes before I grinned.

"I was thinking we should go out to the lake and work this evening," I answered.

"That sounds wonderful," Hermione smiled, before turning her attention back to Flitwick's teaching. What did I do to deserve such a beautiful girl?

I found myself smiling right through the remainder of the lesson. Flitwick gave us a foot and a half on the Fidelius Charm before dismissing us and Hermione slipped her hand into mine and we left to head towards the first floor corridor, where I would go to Muggle Studies and Hermione would continue down to Potions. I'd never been that good at the practical bit of potions. I could learn as much theory as I wanted but I'd never be able to brew properly, consequently I hadn't carried on past OWL level, in which I barely scraped an Acceptable.

When we reached the first floor corridor, I spun Hermione into my arms, leaning my forehead down on hers and breathed in deeply. She smelt great, minty and a little like mango. I pushed a stray hair out of her eyes and smiled, gently pressing my lips to hers.

"I love you," I whispered when we broke apart. She giggled and her cheeks coloured slightly at my compliment.

"I love you too," she smiled. What did I do to deserve her?

"I'll see you after class," I replied, pulling away slightly with my hands still clasped in hers.

"After class," she smiled once again before bidding me goodbye and disappearing down the corridor and out of sight. I sighed; Hermione Granger was my world, my life.

My soulmate.

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