a/n: i worked really hard on this story people so i hop u like it. i'm thinking of maybe after im done sending it 2 naughty dog so they cn be inspyred (lol get it like spyro the draggon) to mak a new crash game and mayebe they can use my characture. i don't think the crash universe has enuff girls so i think lacey would be grate ! i'v tried not to make her a marysue but please let me no what u think of the story but be nice.

thanks to my cousin for checkin ma fic 4 speling mistakes, i'm not very gud at english but that didn't stop jk rowling lol burn xxxx

it was a cold but really nice day in december in austrailia where crash and his friends lived. there was lots of snow about and polar was leaping around all happy. cortex and his team even took a christmas holliday, they were on a fishing trip to catch food for xmas diner so u cud see their little boat out to see. tropy had on his ice skates as the water was frozen, and he was doing his little dance routine til suddenly he ran over somethin. there was lots of blood n tropy stopped wit his hart in his throat coz he thougt he killed a person n out of all the n doctors hes probly the nicest. he picked up one half of the thing he ran ova it was a raccoon legs n tale.

"HAY HAY GUYS GUYS" screamed tropy.

"WHAT" sed brio "WE ARE GETTING HUNGRY IT'S TIME WE HAD FOOD NOW!" he drank a posion to calm down.

so brio took out a box of worm sanwiches or whatever evil sientists eat and tropy stopped to eat 1 and really liked it as brio was a dam fine cook but after he finish and swallow he sed LOOK i ran ova dis raccooon

"i dunno i'd prefer turky" said n. gin

"OOOH GIMME THAT" said cortex "I could do wiv sumat lik that 4 my new expiermnet. can u find da other half please tropy" he was all grabby hands

"what do i look like ur slave" tropy grimbled.

but anyway tropy pickd up a raccoon head n some other bits not 2 far away it was very pretty. "aaawww" sed tropy "if u dnt survive i will stuff da head n put it on th wall".


they then arrive bak at corsex castle, n cortex put the bits of the raccooon into his new machine. this is called the awesomeotron it makes animals cum bak to life so den cortex can do more stuff with them. tropy was a bit grumpy cuz he wanted the ed on da wall bt even he was curios as 2 what could happn.



crahs bandicoot cum thru the window n hit cortex n den aku aku cum in and sed EVERYONE DESTROY THE CASTLE cotrex's machine comets unspeakable evil. the machin was about to beep wiv da raccoon cumin back to lif but crash spinned it n then a human women fell in frm one of cortex's cages n then the machine buzed n rockited around wile the woman screamed like something out of final destination (a/n i love that film i hope i die interestingly one day). coco bnadicoot gasped n leapt behind her brother to hide. then the raccoon flue out all put bak together but pale n gothic looking with some human looking features.

she was really pale n a bit motheaten cause she had been dead. there was some stitches round her anlkes and rists and neck where cortex had sewn her back up for the macihne. she had on this really nice long dress with cleavage kinda like the one misa amane wears in death note nd had pierced ears n black hair with some silver streaks cause she inherited it from her raccoooness. her tail was kinda silver n black too but faded to dark purple. she opened her eyes, they were bright and gold, n stood up on two legs.

"what has happened" she sed in kind of a british accent

"OMG your machine works!" sed n fin to cortex who was all agape.

"lets go" sed coco n she tried to take hold of the raccoon woman's hand but the raccoon refused and leapt out of the window leaving a trial of black glitter bhind and a note-thing of her face like sky cooper does wen he steals something.

END OF CHAPTER 1 i hope you like it there will be more soon!