~~~~~~~chapter 4~~~~~~~


"well" sed cortex after their dinner "why wait? brio has made the buffet and you have a dress; lets get married tomorrow".

"okay" seed lacey who was pickin her teeth with a boner.

"grrrr" sed trophy who was washing up in the other room. why shold cortex get all the fun. he wanted some sexy times with a cute raccoon thing too. he went into cortexs lab while the happy cupple were talkin in the living chambers and got a raccoon out of a cage and another human triblesperson out of her cage and put them in the machine.

what trope didn't know whas that the machine was still borked. the machine trembled and rattled and tropy went to get a cup of tea while it did its work. the machine then ROOOAAARREDD and spat out the creation thing which landed in the kitchen at tropys feet. the machine then (because it was broken) it set itself on fire. troopy creamed and threw it out the window n it landed on coco and crash who were climin the walls to crash into cortex castle. they screamed loudly AAAAAAAAHHHHH and were crushed by the machine on fire. aku aku tried to get dem but it was too late!

tropy looked round and found the creaton on the floor of the kitchen. unfortunately it had becom a human with a raccoon body not the other way round. tropy gapped in horror at the human face on a raccoon body and the thing snarled and snapped at his ankles and then skuttled under the counter.

"i can't hav sum slap and tickle wiv that!" tropy yelled madly and ran to his room.


"hey did you hear sumfin" said lacey.

"ye kinda" said cortex, cussing out tropy for being so loud in the kitchen. "oi tropy don't be so loud!"

"there's somethin under the counter!" sed tropy from upstairs

"UGGGHHHH fine very well maybe it's crash bandicoot" said cortex. he presed a button and pinstrip potoroo came out of the wall and ran towards the kitchen like a football player. imagine his confusion when it was a human-faced raccoon lol!


it had started to rein. sad music played in the cackground. crunch arrived at the graves of crash and coco (aku aku buryed them earlier) n clenched his fist n roared to the sky "I SHALL AVENGE YOUUUUUU!"