Dr Vera Gorski was having a paperwork fuelled nightmare. Sat at her desk skimming through the seemingly endless piles of paper she couldn't help but think that the attempted escape of Babydoll and her friends would have a lasting effect on the atmosphere around Lennox House. It seemed as though Babydoll had taken a part of many of the men who worked there, in some cases more literally than others. There was the chef, a repulsive man who still hadn't replaced his missing knife, one of the guards who's new lighter was a comparatively understated accessory, and of course, Blue Jones who had literally lost a chunk of flesh from his shoulder. The memory of that made Dr Gorski smile a little, at least until her mind wandered back to the fate that had befallen the poor Babydoll. Dr Gorski, however, was totally unaware of how much another man had lost after becoming involved in Babydoll's world.

Corporal Jack Tennison was a man who had the air of an officer of a much higher rank than his own, yet he had recently become very distant again. He was aware of his lack of interest in the world: losing everyone you care about could do that to a man like him. He had been in Vietnam for several years. He had seen and experienced horrific things, but as he sat in the car heading towards Lennox House it was not these things that bothered him. He had many regrets in his life, but none of them were related to his decisions and experiences in war. It was a grey day, but there was no rain. He never remembered Vermont like this. But he knew all too well that the past appears ever brighter whilst the present and future appear increasingly bleak. Jack was staring out of the window; he noticed that the ground was still wet from the rain that was no longer falling. He realised something had just happened, he turned around and the driver had stopped.

"We're here." The driver said, fed up, he must have been repeating himself.

Jack shook his head at his own foolishness, cracked a friendly smile at the driver, apologised and left the car. He looked at the sign by the entrance, made of cold, hard stone. It read: "Lennox House for the Mentally Insane, Brattleboro, Vermont". The corporal was wearing his military uniform, mainly because it was his way of merging the two separate lives he had lived up to now. He approached the large wooden doors of the entrance, not bothering to study the architecture of the place. He was greeted by Dr Gorski, an attractive woman to say the least, but she had weariness in her eyes that took something away from her appearance to him.

"Hello Mr Tennison, I believe we spoke on the phone?" She said in her thick accent, as she held her hand out to him and smiled. Jack took her hand and shook it firmly.

"Yes, we did." He smiled back.

"Such a shame, what happened to that poor little babydoll."

"Yeah, it is."

Dr Gorski felt a little guilty at this, but she noticed how his voice hardened at the mention of the girl.

"I won't pry any further. And although you can visit her, there will not be much left of however you knew her."

Jack just nodded. He was looking at a guard with a lighter. The guard had a look in his eye that Jack knew all too well. Jack took an instant dislike to the man and shot him a venomous look in return. As Jack and Dr Gorski entered the main section of the building, he looked at the cook who was running his thumb over the empty sheathe for a missing kitchen knife. Dr Gorski brought Jack into the room and left without saying another word.