Our World

Hey guys, I and my friend Ashe decided to write our own little MLP fan fic! This will most likely be rated M for later chapters, but If you don't want to read any of that no worries, we will give you a warning at the beginning of a chapter if it is fairly rough. This story contains a fair amount of mature language as well as a bit of violence. And this is our very first serious story, so if it turns out terrible please don't judge too harshly, some pointers as well as encouragement would be greatly appreciated! Oh and one more thing, this story is written in 1st person point of view and switches off between my friend and I. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy! :D


Ashe's Point Of View

"Thanks for throwing me that huge birthday party Pinkie." I laughed as we both sprawled out on the soft grass of the meadow just outside of Ponyville. I never really had the chance tp have much of a party back at home

I didn't really have any friends to invite, so usually I would just sleep and eat cake all day, how exciting. "Oh no problem silly filly! Did you see Jakob?!" she laughed as the breeze touched her soft fur, causing her to shudder slightly

"Yeah! Wait, are you talking about when he danced on the table or passed out on the stairs?"

"Both! Wow, it sure is cold out here." She said through chattering teeth. It was the peak of fall, and it had begun to get a little cold, I looked down at my blue jacket and back over to her. Almost immediately a sense of pity washed over me as I glanced toward the cute shivering pony.

"Here" I said, taking off my jacket and handing it to her, "You can use it, you need it more than I do."

"Oh wow, Ashe! That's Sweet! And I really do appreciate it… but…could we maybe just cuddle instead?" She asked so innocently that my heart exploded.

"Oh...er...I..." I stammered, trying to hide my face as it went bright red, causing Pinkie Pie to let out an adorable giggle. "Of course we can cud-"

"YAY!" She yelled, before I even had a chance to finish the sentence she had already snuggled up next to me and nuzzled my neck, causing me to go red...yet again. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around both of us, causing Pinkie to slowly stop shivering. "You know Ashie...you sure are warm."

She sighed, wrapping her arms around me in a warm embrace as she closed her eyes. "And you sure are cute." I said, causing her to look up at me.

"Do you really think so?"

"Of course I do Pinkie; you're bright, funny, and beautiful. Not to mention random." I chuckled, my voice full of confidence, as our eyes met and time seemed to simply stand still. I'd never met anyone near as amazing as her. Those beautiful eyes, perfect smile, and soft fur made her incomparable from anypony I had ever met. Not to mention her quirky personality. I don't know how long we sat there looking at each other, and to be honest I didn't really care. I was too busy getting lost in her eyes to focus on the time. This is all I had ever wanted. I had her, Jakob, and not a single trouble in sight. What more could I ever possibly ask for?

"Ashie..." she sighed happily, breaking the spell her eyes had casted on me."I think you're amazing...and well. I actually really like you." She said moving her face closer to mine, causing my heart to jump up into my throat. I'd never really even entertained the thought of having something as amazing as her in my life, and now that it was so close to happening, I couldn't believe my eyes

"I-I...I really like you too Pinkie..." I whispered as I moved my face toward hers. We locked eyes again, our lips now only centimeters apart. I could feel her warm softly caressing my skin, causing the hair on my neck to stand up. I didn't care about anything anymore. Just me and her, she closed her eyes and drew her lips even closer to mine, causing me to move closer to as well as I closed my eyes and-


"You've got to be shitting me." I groaned, sitting up in bed only to angrily throw the alarm clock at the wall, causing what looked somewhat like a small explosion.

Jakob's Point Of View

"I swear to God if he overslept …" I mumbled as I turned the key to kick start the ignition. I loved Ashe to death but sometimes he could just piss me off to the point of no return. That and he was impossible to wake up in the mornings. I let out a loud sigh, slouching back in my seat, dreading the day that lay ahead. School. A bunch of selfish judgmental bastards all gathered into one place just to mess with people like me. All anyone seemed to care about was their social status. No tenderness, no compassion, nothing but self-centered people doing whatever they consider best for themselves, even if that means putting someone down.

"Here we go again." I sighed, pulling out of the driveway in my 97' Corvette. It sure as hell wasn't a Ferrari, but it got the job done. That and I was a pretty damn big Chevy fan. I rolled my window down, giving my lungs a taste of fresh air. I sped up the street and zipped around the turn into the intersection that led to Ashe's house, completely ignoring the red light. Disregarding all other signs that notioned me to slow down. I had been driving long enough to know my limits and the idiocy of the other drivers around me.

I turned into the nearby neighborhood, screeching to a stop in front of Ashe's house. I couldn't help but look at the picture that hung from my rear view mirror. A large smile sprawled across my face as I gazed into her eyes. Other than a couple of close friends, she was the most important thing in my life. When I was with her, nothing else mattered. The bullying, the shitty home life, the nonstop drinking, none of it seemed to mean anything when I was around her. Everything about her screamed perfection. Those eyes, that alluringly curvaceous body, but most of all, the amount of love she would give when nobody else would offer it to me. I honestly have no idea why she would even look at a loser like me. None the less, love someone like me.

"Krystal". I sighed happily, finally tearing my gaze away from the picture, only to lay on the horn. "ASHE, LET'S GET A MOVE ON." I yelled. As I saw him through the screen door sling his bag over his back. A waffle hanging from his mouth, as he turned to me, proceeding to take the waffle from his mouth only to stuff it in his pocket while he leaned against the door to make a rapid dash towards my car.

"Jhkb gmme a scnd!" he shouted, half of the waffle still in his mouth, Deeming him incapable to form a single word. I couldn't help but laugh at the dumbfounded look on his face whenever he reached for my door handle and found it locked.

"Dude I'm not letting you into the car until you finish the waffle, remember what happened last time you convinced me to let you have a little "snack" in my car?" I asked him, shuddering in remembrance of when I was stupid enough to let him and two of my other friends eat cake in the back of my perfectly clean vehicle. I had to clean crumbs out of the cracks in between the leather seats for weeks.

He nodded and chuckled a bit, almost choking on the waffle. I had never seen a kid that could eat as much or as fast as Ashe could. I couldn't help but wonder how he managed to stay so fit considering what a cook his mom was. I loved to crash at his place. Partially because he was my best friend, and partially because his mom could probably beat Paula Dean at cooking any day of the week. To call the woman a "chef" would be an understatement. Her food made my mom's cooking taste like school lunch.

Once Ashe finally gave up trying to finish his waffle out in the cold, he rolled his eyes and stuffed the rest of it in his other pocket.

"Finally, I thought you were gonna let me freeze out there BBQ" Ashe shuddered, sliding into his seat and closing the passenger door. "Hey, play some Chelsea Grin or something dude, I'm pissed off to the max right now"

"Firstly, I already told you. Don't call me "BBQ". Do I look like a shitty brown colored sauce to you?" I asked as I pulled away from his house and began the long drive to school. "Secondly, what happened that made you so mad?"

"Just… A bad dream that's all"

"Wait, like a nightmare or…"

"No Jakob, it was a just a bad dream. No big deal, just one of more than one hundred thousand dreams I'll have in my life time"

"Well I mean do you wanna talk about i-"

"No" he interrupted "It's stupid, you wouldn't understand it anyway" He sighed, leaning back in his seat and letting the warm air blow out of the vents in the car and onto his already freezing skin, warming him. I had known Ashe enough to know when he wanted to talk and when he didn't want to. And usually if he acted like. He didn't want to, he really did.

"Ashe..." I growled, pulling the car off of the road "We aren't leaving this spot until you tell me what's wrong" He didn't usually act like this. One of the reasons we had gotten along so well for such a long time was because we were both pretty different. I was mostly the quiet one who was into rock, medium-long hair, depressed all the time, who really never had much to call his own. Ashe however was much more up-beat than me. He loved to play sports and was even on school track. He was always excited, always perky, and always happy. Although he loved all different types of rock, he wasn't so much of a stereo-type as I was. So usually whenever he was sad or angry about something, it was important. After sitting next to the main road in complete silence for about two minutes, Ashe finally mustered up a dry chuckle and spoke.

"Yeah… You know about those dumb little dreams I've had about living in Equestria?"

"Yes, but honestly man those aren't dumb. I wish I could be there to a certain degree as well… Anyways go on."

"Well. This one was about Pinkie" He smirked, looking solemnly out the window.

"Oh… What happened?"

"I know this might sound really weird but I almost kissed her" Ashe shuddered

"Damn dude that is really weird" I laughed expecting to get the same reaction out of my friend. To my surprise he just sat there quietly, still just looking out the window into the flow of traffic that only seemed to get worse by the second, reminding me that I only had ten minutes to get us to South Mecklenburg High School. To drive from where we were to the school and make it on time would take around twenty minutes, maybe even more. That is… If we were going under the speed limit.

"Hang on" I chuckled, a cocky grin sprawled across my face as I yet again turned the key in the ignition, and sped off in the direction of school, almost causing Ashe to fly out of his seat and into the back of the car.

"Dude slow down!" He shouted, both confused and afraid. "Do you want to get us both killed or something you retard!"

"Shut the hell up already! You wouldn't talk and now because of you, we're gonna be late!" I yelled back, almost slamming into a truck that had just pulled out of a nearby shopping center.

"Look we can be late, just chill out…"

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes, slowing down gradually until we were driving a bit above the speed limit. I loved to speed when Ashe was with me, it was so funny just to watch him freak out and squirm around sometimes. There wasn't much funnier than seeing something like that.

"Thank you…" Ashe sighed, leaning back in his seat and relaxing again. The drive to school seemed to take forever, I didn't usually like to go slow, but for fear of Ashe having a seizure I stayed near the speed limit. Once we finally got to South Meck I parked the car and looked at my watch.

"We're 15 minutes late. Good job dick head" I growled at him as we began the walk to the main office. "My English teacher's going to freak out on me now."

"Calm down, I'm sure she'll understand… besides, how bad can she be?"

"A lot worse than you probably think" I laughed, walking in the office and approaching the principles desk to get my late note. Once we finally grabbed our passes, we headed out the door to the main building and split up, heading to different classes.

Ashe's Point of view

"Alright see you later" I mumbled as I started walking towards my first class of the day… Psychology. Yet another class I was absolutely "Ecstatic" about taking. I had taken psychology one last year and thought that it was a pretty cool class. Everyone seemed very laid back, the teacher was funny, and all we would do was perform experiments and watch movies. This year wasn't so great. Mr. Walker was going to be out today and in replacement of him, there would be a substitute that I had already heard pretty bad things about. As I neared the building, I took out the waffle stuffed in my pocket and decided to go ahead and finish it… One way or another, I had to eat. Yawning loudly, I walked into the classroom that already seemed to be full of students. Some of them were new, some of them not, I didn't really care. As long as I could make it through the day without having to deal with too many jerks, I was sure I'd be fine. Once I finally slumped down in my seat, I heard an all too familiar voice from across the class room.

"Hey! Hamilton!" He yelled from across the classroom, causing me to shudder. Of all the kids that poked fun at me… Of all the kids that would never leave me the hell alone… He was the worst. Derek Palmer. That dick had tortured me since I was only thirteen years old. From the school cafeteria, to the parking lot, it seemed like he was always there. I was starting to feel as though ditching class didn't seem like that bad of an idea but just before I had the chance to walk out of the classroom, the new substitute teacher Mrs. Maslin walked in and shut the door as the late bell rang. There was no way of trying to side step it. Whether I liked it or not, I was going to be stuck in there for an hour and a half. I just prayed that Derek wouldn't try anything too severe when I walked out of the classroom.

"Good morning class… My name is Mrs. Maslin, welcome to Psychology two. Now if you had Mr. Walker last year, I will be blunt and assure you that things will be run much more differently while I'm in charge. There will be no talking, eating, drinking, sleeping, or moving around unless I say so. And if any of you have a problem with that, you can take it up with security on your way out of my classroom… Hey! What's your problem tough guy?" She asked looking straight at me, throwing me completely off guard. I had an A in that class, and most of the time a teacher would look at me as a student that seems like he gives a shit about his grades. But if she wanted to look at me and act like I was lower than her… I wouldn't just sit there and let it happen.

"Umm…. You?" I scoffed in return, the sting of my own words surprising me as they left my mouth. I was never one of the kids that was ok with disrespecting authoritive figures, especially someone as important as a teacher.

"Excuse me?" Mrs. Maslin shouted

"Well I mean, to be honest Mr. Walker was strict, but he was also a nice guy. And trust me, if you want respect, don't try to instill fear into a bunch of juniors. Because trust me… we are not scared of you. I mean seriously, what the hell are you gonna do? Hit us? And risk losing your job? Yeah, sounds like a great idea doesn't it. You wanna earn our respect? You want us to listen? Well maybe you should stop being such a bitch if that's what you want. Because you can forget about all of that with that "Listen or die" attitude of yours. I mean I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, heck, if you would have actually approached me the right way, I may have actually been really nice to you. But now you had to go ahead and call me out in front of everyone in this class for no reason whatsoever in a pathetic attempt to establish your dominance to everyone. But really all you managed to do is make yourself look like an idiot. I learned about things like this last year. Usually someone like you needs to exercise power for a reason, and most of the time, it's because people like you are insecure." No longer had I finished what I was saying than the whole class erupted in laughter and shouting.

"Damn! Owned that bitch!" Someone yelled from the back of the classroom. All of the applause and cheers from my classmates would be something that I would normally embrace and use to build up my own ego. But not this time. This time… I was pissed off.

"Obviously your father didn't teach you any manners. I wonder if she is as immature as you are!" Mrs. Maslin yelled, damaging a nerve in me that hadn't been touched in a long time. Nobody who knows me is dumb enough to mention my mom. Even Jakob is scared to wake up that side of me, and he could probably beat my ass on any good day.

"Actually he died before I really knew him" I replied as I stood up and grabbed my book bag, barely able to retain the anger that her little comment had arisen inside of me. I began to walk out, but couldn't help but give in to the urge of wanting to say one more thing.

"Oh yeah, one more thing… Fuck you" I spat, flipping her off as I walked out of the classroom and shut the door behind me. Once I finally got outside of the building, something inside of me snapped, and I collapsed on the steps. I never really knew my dad and even though I could try to ignore it, comments like that really hit home sometimes. I tried to act all tough on the outside; but really, sometimes I couldn't help but let a small tear or depressing thought slip past my iron wall of a mental block. And the fact that some people just liked to tease me about it destroyed my faith in humanity. I sure as hell wasn't gay, but one of my favorite things about My Little Pony was its beautiful message about love and tolerance as well as acceptance.

"If only life could be more like that…" I cried softly, placing my head in my hands in a pathetic attempt to calm myself down. "If only I could live in a place like Equestria… Somewhere filled with bright colors and caring souls. Humanity is so messed up, so judgmental, so spiteful. If only I could just have a chance to start over somewhere like that…. No. I couldn't just leave Jakob behind like that… He deserves better" I sighed, finally calming myself down enough to think straight. I knew for sure that the substitute was now a new enemy of mine, and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I just counted myself lucky that I didn't have to deal with Derek. But now what was I supposed to do? I had no-where to go, and if I was seen walking around campus, I would definitely get caught by one of South Meck's many security guards. So I decided to just wait it out, praying that my day would become easier from that moment on.

Once the bell finally rang, I grabbed his bag and looked at my schedule, I wasn't quite adjusted to my new classes yet. It said my next class was World History with Mr. Martin in B building. Once I had walked into the building, obviously confused at which classroom was mine, I scrambled quickly down the hallway looking for the teacher's name on one of the many doors. I didn't want to be late and risk pissing off yet another one of my teachers. When I found my classroom, I frantically dashed inside, just barely managing to beat the late bell by mere seconds. I looked around for someone that I might know, only to find that I didn't recognize a single person. At least I knew that class would be boring and slow … Just what the doctor ordered.

The rest of my day consisted of a sleep filled second block, a nice piece of school lasagna, which almost had the taste of marinara but just ended up tasting and feeling like the rubber on a tire. Third block actually wasn't too bad, having Sociology had its perks. For instance, being able to watch movies all class was a small price to pay for the weekly quiz that followed suit. I wish I could say 4th block was as great as the other three. I was walking through the hall and heard that horrible voice again.

"Hey where ya heading to Jake?" Snickered a very confident Derek from across the hallway, his comment met by the laughter of his friends. I looked over expecting to see him poking fun at a little freshman or someone who had made the mistake of getting in his way, and was completely taken back by what I saw. Of all the kids I never expected to get bullied, Jakob was one of them. And to see someone as strong and confident as him with his back to a wall as Derek, who was only an inch or two taller than him, tormented him relentlessly completely blew my mind. Jakob had always told me about his problems with Derek, but I had no idea he bullied him! He was my best friend and one of the toughest kids I had ever met, and to see him just stand there and take the abuse like he was a little kid caused me to become just as angry as I was surprised.

"Listen dude I don't know what you're problem is…" Jakob began

"What my problem is? My problem? I don't have a fucking problem; I'm practically swimming in pussy while you're at home watching "My little pony". Now either that makes you a three year old girl, or a faggot. And you sure as hell don't look like a three year old to me"

"Wow that's pretty funny…" He began, with a smile on his face, causing Derek to stare at him with a confused expression "That girl you're dating… The one I was with a year ago, what's her name again?"

"Natasha… What about her?" Derek asked, still just as confused.

"Oh nothing really, I was just curious about something…"

"What were you curious about you piece of shit" He responded back receiving yet another rally of laughter from his group of mindless followers.

"Oh … you know… just wondering if when you kiss her you still taste my cum, or if that little skank of yours finally managed to wash her mouth clean" Jakob smirked, causing a silence to fall over Derek, his face turning red with embarrassment. I had never heard someone's spirit get crushed as brutally as that before, I couldn't help but almost fall over laughing, causing Derek to look in my direction, his face going from embarrassed to angry as he began walking over in my direction. I had to give it to the guy; even iron will couldn't recover from an insult like that. Nonetheless in public, in front of all his friends.

"What the hell do you think's so funny?" He asked angrily, making a pathetic attempt to intimidate me by getting in my face.

"Oh come on now Derek. You can't really call Jakob a faggot if you're only method of scaring a guy is getting close enough to their face to kiss them" I laughed, only angering him more.

""I swear to god, Hamilton if you don't shut up I will end you"

"Dude if you're going to try and kiss me at least make sure your breath doesn't smell like road kill, holy shit that's gross" I chuckled, causing Jakob to let out a laugh.

"OK, you know what; you talk a lot of shit kid. Fight me if you're so tough."

"Did I ever say I was tough? Derek, now you're just making a fool of yourself"

"See. I told you he was just a little pussy" He laughed looking over to his friends for approval. "You won't even fight me. How the hell are you gonna talk all that shit without the balls to back it up?"

"Oh man, I'll fight you if you want. But I'm sure as hell not gonna make the first move. You aren't even worth the time it takes for me to lift a finger" I shrugged, casually leaning up against the lockers. To be honest… I really didn't want to fight him all that bad. In fact I wasn't much of a person that liked fighting all that much in the first place. I never really saw much of a point in it. There were so many different ways in which a fight could be solved without fighting, but If someone either really rubbed me the wrong way, or came at me first, I would never hesitate to put them in their place. Especially a prick like Derek.

"Alright then, let's see what you got" He challenged, stepping back and putting both of his fists up in a pathetic fighting stance. I had seen Jakob snap kids that fought like that in half, and I had learned enough from past fights on how to exploit the weaknesses of the stance itself. Derek looked like somebody that would fight like a wannabe gangster. His fists high up in the air, leaning back sharply, making it very easy to trip him up, and he wouldn't move his upper body at all, just shift his legs very slowly, making it very hard for him to dodge. I couldn't help but let out a small laugh as I eased off of the locker and stood in front of him, not even bothering to prepare myself, just leaving myself completely vulnerable, allowing him a fighting chance.

"Well… Are you gonna kick my ass or not buddy?" I laughed after standing still for about thirty seconds, waiting for the coward to make his move. "Alright then, I guess I'm done here" I chuckled, turning my back to him and beginning to make my way down the hallway towards class. As I started walking I heard the loud murmur of Derek's friends urging him on, followed by what sounded like the quick scuffling of his basketball sneakers. I knew right then that he was going to try and take a cheap shot on me from behind… Just as I had expected when I turned around to leave.

Three things that Derek didn't know about me… Firstly, just because I didn't fight, didn't mean that I COULDN'T fight. I had to deal with being picked on practically my entire life for the choices I had made, and I had received and dealt out a fair share of damage from fights. I knew how to handle myself in a fight. Secondly, Derek had bullied me for way to long not to know that I knew exactly how he fought and that I knew just how to deal with him in that kind of a situation. And thirdly as well as most importantly, by the time he had pulled back to throw his fist at the back of my head, Jakob had already rammed his shoulder into his side sending him straight into the lockers with a sickening crunch, causing all of the spectators to let out a string of "OHHH!"'s and "AHHHH!"'s.

"Thanks dude" I laughed as Jakob stood up and cocked a sideways grin at his downed opponent.

"Nice try, but I can't just let you take a cheap shot on my friend like that" He said, crossing his arms. To my surprise, everyone seemed very shocked. Jakob would always have my back, especially in a situation like that. He and I both knew he wouldn't have stepped into the fight had Derek not tried to sucker punch me. "Yeah… He isn't as tough as he looks; I think you've got this." He chuckled, residing back to leaning against his locker comfortably, Derek's friends giving him angry glares.

"Oh I have no problem with tha-"I Began but was cut off as Derek threw a quick jab and scored a direct hit on the back of my head, sending me straight to the ground. It was definitely a good hit, but it wasn't well placed, so the shot only rang my head a bit, but yet again the crowd that had managed to gather around us within a matter of seconds was in an uproar.

"Had enough?" He asked as I stood up and glared at him, almost amused by the unbelievable amount of stupidity that he must have had in taking a cheap shot on me in the first place. I looked over to Jakob to see him laughing wildly at the notion of Derek thinking I would go down that easy. I couldn't help but smile a bit as well.

"Enough? Why I'm just getting started" I spat, getting in my defensive stance, expecting his Egocentric personality to get the better of him due to the shot he had landed on me previously. Luckily for me and unfortunately for him, I was right. He ran as fast as he could towards me, swinging hard and fast with his right hand. There was something that Derek had failed to recognize when the fight began. For one, he didn't know that he just knew how to hit hard, and actually had no technique to his fighting at all. He also failed to realize that that by the time Derek had finally thrown his punch, that I had already begun the process of easily ducking under it. After I had let him swing at me once I gave him yet another chance as he made a very weak attempt to kick me in the stomach. I stepped to the side, quickly avoiding the pathetic kick and pulled back to throw my first punch right at his kidney and scored a direct hit, causing him to lean over in extreme pain. My body went into auto pilot as I decided to try something that I had never attempted before, whether it was because I was used to fighting more experienced people or not I had no clue. I lifted my right knee, pulling my leg back, and swung myself to the left as hard as I could, the inside of my foot ramming straight into his face with a gut wrenching crunch of what was probably the breaking of a jaw to everyone's disgust and my satisfaction.

"Damnit!" Derek yelled, wiping off the blood that had run down his lip after the devastating kick. Once he recovered, he charged at me, exerting every ounce of strength he had left, Derek pulled his fist back, and swung viciously. Considering how strong he was, I knew the shot would not only knock me out, it would have probably put me in a coma. Even though the guy had no fighting style whatsoever, I had to admit, I was in no mood to take a shot like that to the face. But unfortunately for him, I was one step ahead of him. I knew just how Derek fought, he was a hard hitter. Hell, every fight he won was over in one punch. But he wasn't very smart, and was also extremely predictable; making it very easy for me to figure out exactly what his next move was going to be. Dodging his punch yet again, I stuck his foot out, and diverted all of my strength to using his momentum against him. Before everyone else knew what happened, Derek was soaring through the air, flying into the lockers for the second time in a row, letting out an amusing squeal as he slammed into them. Hard. Everyone cringed at the sickening sound of him slamming into the lockers, except for me. I just stood there and grinned maliciously. I had been waiting for this for half of my life, and now that he had the chance to grab Derek by the collar, slam his face into the lockers and bash him to a bloody pulp for all the years of tormenting and harassment that he had put me through… to make him pay for every bruise I had ever received, every tear I had ever shed, every feeling of loneliness and depression his actions had inflicted upon me… For some reason… Something was holding me back.

"You know what Derek…" I sighed looking down upon the groggy, aching bully "You're not even worth my time. I told you I didn't want to fight. I never messed with you, never provoked you in any way… I never even did anything to justifiably piss you off. Heck, I would've loved to be your friend if you weren't so damn selfish. I don't even like fighting… But guess what!" I yelled, suddenly picking him up by his shirt collar, causing him to groan in pain. "I'M FUCKING DONE!" I screamed throwing the hardest punch I had ever swung, putting all my hate, all my rage and every ounce of my power behind it making my tormentor scream louder than I had ever heard. The sound of the impact was utterly sickening. I don't think I'd ever hit anything that hard before. I slowly pulled away, appalled at the amount of damage I had done.

"You're lucky it was the locker this time…" I growled, pulling my hand away from the now broken locker, knocked completely off of its hinges by my brutal blow. "Now if you're smart… you'll never mess with me or my friends ever again. But if you're not…" I whispered "You're face is going to wind up looking like this" I growled, pointing at the distorted piece of metal before dropping him on the floor and walking away, leaving everyone confused and appalled.