This is an idea that wouldn't leave me alone will I've been writing 'Sudden changes'. I did debate between this idea and a marriage law fic but this wouldn't go away so I've just posted it. Also, this is really short because I'm not sure what reaction I'm going to get, if any.

The medical advice and information in this story has no grounds to real life (obviously! lol) so don't get upset and flame me about it please.

Its probably going to be a one shot unless you guys like it.

If i continue this it will be a Fred/Hermione/George fiction. I want to also warn you that the chapters will be very smutty.

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"I don't understand," Hermione whispered to the medi-witch. She'd only come in for a health check. The ministry made all their employees get health checks every few years. Hermione was only in for a general check and happened to mention the pain in her arm. She had expected the medi-witch to give her some cream to sooth some infection but instead the woman had run full blood tests.

The results weren't good.

"I'm really sorry dear; it's a very rare curse. I've personally never seen it before," the medi-witch said. "Theirs options, the curse gives the infected person four years before it usually turns fatal. Do you know when you were stabbed? It's usually a knife which has had a blood sacrifice ritual carried out. "

"I…" Hermione nervously glanced at her arm and slowly revealed the Mudblood engraved mark she'd received two and a half years ago from Bellatrix Lestrange. "Two and a half years ago, I got this during the war. It's the only thing that could possibly be…"

The nurse studied the mark and gave Hermione a sympathetic look before sighing. "Well that would leave us with a year and a half. Not to worry though, we can do a blood transfusion with a family member matching your blood type. Your blood group is pretty common but the family member must be blood related and they have to magical or else it won't work."

"I'm Muggle born," Hermione said gesturing towards her mark. "There's no one else in my family."

"Any children?" The medi-witch asked pulling out a notepad and jotting things down.


"Is that an option?"

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked nervously. She didn't have a boyfriend. Things with hadn't worked out a few weeks after their kiss at Hogwarts during the war. They were better off friends and he'd started dating Luna. They were getting on pretty well and were now madly in love. Hermione had been too busy with her work at the ministry to get involved with relationships. She'd been out on a few dates but nothing serious.

"You need someone magical who is blood related. If you have no one in your family than I think the only option is to have a child. Your procedure would be performed just after the child's birth and it wouldn't hurt the baby in the slightest."

"I don't have a boyfriend," Hermione stated feeling slightly embarrassed. "Even if I did there would be no guarantee that the baby would be magical or that they would be my blood type."

"There are spells that we can perform, it would make your womb more adaptable and we could influence it to have a baby with your blood type and that carried magic. It's very rare and it's only allowed if you put a request in at the Auror department. They would look at your reason for the spell and then hopefully grant you permission for it."

"If I don't have a baby…"

"This curse has a four year time frame and I would say that in eighteen months' time you would deteriorate very quickly. Your heart will become completely infected with the curse and it will suddenly stop beating. There won't be anything we could do to restart it again, I very sorry dear."

"I need a baby," Hermione whispered mostly to herself. She felt the tears escape her as she began to shake with fear. She didn't want to die; she had so many goals in life.

"I know it's a lot to take in," the witch smiled. "Go home and talk to your family and if you decide to try the baby route then we can explain things better to you. It's your choice; take some time to think everything through. The process will be hard, you have to take lots of potions which will make you ill and then you've got to think about actually having a baby."

Hermione nodded, barely taking the information in as she headed towards the door with her had clutching the booklet with information in it.

She only had two options. Find someone willing to have a baby with her or life the next eighteen months of her life as best she could.

Life was very cruel at times.