Summary: Hermione was cursed by dark magic during the war. With time running out, her only option is to have a child that could help save her life. She strikes a deal with Fred and George, who offer to help. The only way to survive is to conceive a magical child. Can the trio learn to separate their feelings long enough to save Hermione? Fred/Hermione/George fic, Rated T for now but M later for smut.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters written in this story. I don't make any profit off this story, it all belongs to the wonderful J. K Rowling. I'm just playing in her sandbox.

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Hermione spent the afternoon preparing herself for an evening with Fred, which she was still not calling a date. He was cooking her dinner, but it was probably the polite thing to do before you had sex with someone. Hermione's time with Krum had only been quick tumbles in the bedsheets, there had never been a true friendship or connection between them. The twins were different, they were trying to create a child together. After all this was over, they would be in each others' lives forever. Hermione wanted a family with them. She needed it. Fred and George were safe, funny and determined to help. Having their child wouldn't be as terrify as Hermione had initially thought. They were good people, and it made a lot more sense than the things Hermione had originally planned.

Applying some lipstick, Hermione made her way towards the floo in a black dress that showed off her curves. Every girl had a little black dress in their wardrobe that made them feel more comfortable and sexy. She needed the confidence boost to battle her nerves. Stepping into the floo, she called the twins address and travelled over.

"Hey!" George called, greeting her at the floo. He offered his hand and helped her step off from the floo tile step, onto the living room carpet. "Off to hear Charlie's heroic tale of his latest dragon involved injury. I'll be back in the morning."

Hermione felt herself blush at the sight of George, her body tingling as it remembered what they had shared the other day. "Have a good time," Hermione replied.

"Oh, I'm sure I won't!" George chuckled. He pressed a kiss to her cheek and went to the floo, leaving to see his older brother.

Hermione was left to silence until a hiss of pain was heard from the kitchen. She made her way in to see Fred at the stove, cooking their dinner. He didn't seem in control of things and was cursing at his red thumb, his eyes glaring at the pan that contained their chicken.

"So, you're losing the battle against the stove already?" Hermione asked, a smile on her lips. Fred turned to her and smiled back. He dropped his hand, and his eyes roamed her figure slowly. Fred's smile grew at her appearance, before looking back up to meet her gaze.

"Well, I'm glad I stepped away from the pans before I caught sight of you," Fred joked. He turned to the pan, turning down the temperature before gesturing for them both to return to the sitting room. Fred took a seat, tugging on Hermione's hand to make her sit right beside him.

"Thank you for cooking dinner, Fred," Hermione said politely.

"Are you really here just to test my cooking?" Fred asked, an eyebrow raised. "George told me to go easy with you. Didn't give me any details about what happened with you two so wipe that frown off your face. He just said he explained things a bit more to you. I wanted to ask about it, see how you're feeling about it now."

Hermione bit her lip, blushing as Fred spoke about George. It was strange having a relationship with two men. Fred and George were separate people with different personalities, but they worked so well together, in all areas according to the twins. Plus, there was never one without the other. "We discussed things; I asked to take things slowly while I adjust. I know I don't have much time, but it's still hard to break the values my parents brought me up with. You understand, don't you?"

"Yeah, I get it," Fred agreed. "You know it's a twin thing, here in the wizarding world, right? Mum's brothers' were twins and they were bonded to one girl. They died a year later and never had the chance to have a kid, but Mum said they had a great relationship with each other and their girl. No one's going to judge you when they find out about the baby. Mum will be over the moon because let's be honest; you've been her daughter for years now."

Hermione laughed softly at Fred's words and then nodded. "Thank you, Fred, it really does help to hear that. It's not that I'm worried about, it's just I'm not that experienced. Well, more than that, I'm not as confident as I need to be to get through this,."

Fred's eyes' shone with mischief and he leaned closer. His right hand went to her knee, and his lips moved to her ear. "Granger, you wouldn't walk into my house wearing a killer dress like that if you had any doubts about us being together. Relax, let's eat and afterward we can discuss desert." He stood up after his words and made his way back into the kitchen, leaving Hermione behind slightly breathless. This whole twin thing was going to be a lot harder than she imagined. They both had such a way with words, a way to make her blush.

After ten minutes the food was cooked, and Fred brought the plates to the kitchen table. He offered a choice of drinks, and Hermione choose water, wanting to keep her head clear for the rest of the night. They sat down and started eating. Hermione groaned at the taste. It was exquisite; she had never imagined Fred as a good cook.

"This is incredible; how did you learn to cook like this?" Hermione asked. She used her fork to pick up another piece of chicken. "I never pegged either of you as cooks."

"I cook mostly, George has some talent for pancakes, but he doesn't really enjoy it," Fred explained. "We used to switch up when Mum gave us cooking lessons. I would go to all of his if he did my homework. It worked out pretty well in the end. I get to charm the girls with my cooking and George gets to stay downstairs doing all the account work."

Hermione laughed and went back to eating her food, enjoying each and every bite. After they had finished, Fred took away the plates and led Hermione back to the couch. She felt the nervousness of the evening start build up within her. "What do you want to do?" Hermione asked, clenching her hands together.

Fred raised an eyebrow, smiling slightly at the uncomfortable witch. "Not that Hermione, I only take willing girls to my bed." He moved across the couch and reached underneath it, pulling out a book. He held it up with a huge smile on his face. "This is Ron's diary, something he did for a few weeks before we found out and stole it. I dug it up just for you. Gets pretty juicy near the end." Fred took a seat on the couch and held his hand out for Hermione.

She took his hand, and he pulled her onto the couch, her bum on the seat, her body twisted, so her legs were lying over his lap. She wasn't sitting on him, but she could still feel his hands on her legs. Fred gave her the book.

"Relax, read to me," Fred instructed.

Hermione smiled gratefully at Fred. She should have known he would have thought up a way to get rid of the tension between them. Fred wasn't like other men; he had plenty of ways to make people comfortable. "Okay," She said opening up the first page. " 'Dear Diary, Ginny suggested I do this because I might not have as many accidents with my anger if I find another way to vent. I think it's a stupid suggestion, but Mum's still making me do it. I hate having a sister. She's nearly as bad as having brothers. Anyway, diary it kind of feels weird calling you that, maybe I need to name you something?' "

They both laughed as Hermione read out loud from the diary. Whilst Hermione was reading, Fred was running his hand up and down her leg. She felt him trail his hand further up each time, dipping slightly under her black dress. Hermione's breath was catching each time as teased her. He didn't seem affected, continuing to listen as she read. When his hand moved further up onto her thigh and stayed there, Hermione's voice caught, and she stumbled over her words. It wasn't an inappropriate touch, but it was still something a lover or boyfriend would do. However, with Fred, he was neither at the moment, and Hermione's hormone filled body was reacting to his every move.

"Feeling more relaxed Granger?" Fred asked, a smirk on his face. With her nod, he pulled the book out of her grasp and flung it across the room. Fred tugged at her legs, pulling her closer to him until she was practically sitting on him. Without a word, their lips met in a sweet and gentle kiss. Soon the kiss grew hungry, and they were locked in an embrace, their tongues tasting each other as Fred's hand slipped under her dress, going further than he had before.

Fred's hand caressed her pussy over her knickers, earning a groan of pleasure from Hermione. She wiggled, her body eager for more as their lips continued to move against each other. Hermione could feel his growing erection against her bum and she couldn't resist rubbing against him.

"Little witch," Fred muttered, his voice sounding amused. He quickly moved his hands and grabbed her waist, rolling them until she was the one on the couch, Fred hovering over with his knees either side of her legs. The sudden movement earned a squeak from the witch, but Fred ignored it as he turned Hermione to face the edge of the couch and he slid down onto the floor, on his knees in front of her.

"Fred," Hermione warned, her heart beating faster as she guessed what he was about to do. Fred ignored her plea and tugged at her underwear, pulling them down her hips. Hermione helped, lifting her bum enough so he could slip them off her. Then, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer, to the edge of the couch.

"Fred you don't have to…"

"I know," Fred stated, pulling her legs onto his shoulders. His eyes went to her pussy, taking in the tiny stripe of hair that was there. He glanced up at her, giving her one of his cheeky smiles before he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against her.

Hermione flopped back on the couch; her breathing heavy as she felt Fred at her most intimate place. His tongue swirled around her clit, sucking on it to pull long moans of pleasure out of her. She felt him chuckle against her, and that only sent more vibrations running through Hermione. After a few more moments of sucking and tasting, his tongue dipped inside her to pull a long and deep moan from her lips. Fred worked her faster, using his fingers and tongue to bring her closer and closer towards the edge. He brought her to the brink of an orgasm and then pulled back to look at her.

Hermione was on the couch, withering from the contact and in utter shock. She had been so close to coming until Fred had stopped. She tried not to glare or pout at him, but she apparently hadn't pulled it off when he laughed at her and got to his feet.

"I want to feel you come when I'm inside you Hermione," Fred informed her. He held his hand out for her, and she took it, letting him lead her towards his bedroom. "Those heels are totally doing it for me too. Next time just come over in them and a jacket, I don't think my twin would complain either."

"I'm sure I wouldn't hear a complaint," Hermione smiled as they reached the bedroom.

Fred's hands went to the edge of her dress, just above her knees and he felt the soft silkiness of her skin as he pulled the material over her head.

"You're beautiful," Fred muttered kissing and nipping her neck. Fred kissed her a few more times before trailing down her body, and his talented fingers quickly removed her bra. He covered her with kisses, licks, and nips as he made his way to her breasts. Fred took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently. He moved his other hand up and down her thigh.

He sucked a bit harder on a patch of skin just above her nipple leaving a red patch before he moved to her other breast. Fred gave the breast the same treatment. Licking and sucking until the nipple hardened and then tugging it gently with his lips. His other hand reached for pussy, touching her overstimulated center from their activities just a few moments ago on the couch. His touch was gentle, so gentle that it got frustrating for Hermione, and she started unbuttoning his shirt and undoing the button on his trousers.

Fred stilled Hermione's hands, chuckling at the growl of frustration she released. Fred pressed a kiss to her lips and pulled off the rest of his clothes, his erection sprang free. It was hard and thick, not as long as George's, but thicker. Hermione placed her hand on it and kissed Fred harder. Now it was her that was teasing him, stroking him softly. Her nerves were gone now that her body was begging for the release that it was previously denied.

Fred finally took pity on her, leading her over to the middle of the bed. She lay across it as Fred crawled up her body, hovering over her. He was supporting his weight on his elbows so not to crush the witch. He reached down and grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up, wrapped it around his waist and slowly entered her. He pushed all the way down to the root, holding himself with great restraint to give her time to adjust to him.

Hermione felt her body stretch to accommodate his thickness, but at least it didn't hurt. She felt full, a good and pleasurable feeling. When Hermione had settled, she nodded and stroked a hand up Fred's arm to get him to continue. On her command, he started moving in a slow rhythm. He was slow, but his thrusts were deep, each time he drew himself out almost all the way out from her body then slowly pushed back inside her. Hermione's body was already on edge; her pussy clenched around his dick each time he bottomed out inside her. She had been so close to reaching her orgasm already before they had even started.

For a stretch of time, the room was filled with moans and the sound of two bodies coming together. They were both chasing an orgasm, but it seemed Hermione was having trouble getting there after all.

"Let go, Hermione," Fred said raising his head and staring at her. Locking his eyes with her.

Hermione couldn't control it; Fred seemed to pull the orgasm out of her, and Hermione came with a shout. Her whole body shook from the intensity, and she squeezed Fred tightly. Fred followed seconds later and released into Hermione, shouting her name.

Fred remained inside her for a few moments, catching his breath. After, he pulled out and lay beside her, his hands went behind his head as he closed his eyes. Hermione grabbed a pillow, tucking it under her hips to lift them up from the bed.

One of Fred's eyes peeked over at her "What are you doing?" Fred asked, curious.

"I read in one of the books to tilt your pelvis to help with pregnancy," Hermione told him. She relaxed back, her eye's closing. "Between this, the potions and having sex with you and George, I'm positive my chances will be rather good by the end of the month."

"Muggles really do have a good sense of humor," Fred smiled, rolling over to lean over his witch. "I bet it doesn't work; they just write all that rubbish to see if they can trick enough people into believing it."

"I'll want an apology when this works."

"George and I will want credit when this works."


George smirked as Hermione came into the kitchen the next morning. She was wearing one of Fred's shirts, which dipped down just to her thighs. It was comfy and the closest thing Hermione could find to grab in the dark.

"Good night?" George asked placing a hand on Hermione's hip and pulling her towards him. Hermione smiled and stroked a hand down the back of George's' head. She twirled the short hairs between her fingers. She moaned when she felt one of George's hands trail down her back and cup her bare bum.

"I had a good night, and now my morning isn't looking so bad either."

"Good, you deserve it," George replied, pinching her bum. "We're not so bad after all, are we?"

Hermione shook her head, words failing her as lots of different emotions hit her. She was seeing them both in a strictly sexual relationship. Apart from her brief relationship with Krum, she hadn't really had one night stands.

Being with the twins wasn't as awkward as she had suspected. Hermione didn't feel any guilt towards George for sleeping with his brother the previous night. She knew the three of them were in it together and that the twins truly were good at sharing.

George seemed to spot her run of emotions and moved his hand to her face, his finger stroking her cheek. "You'll be okay. Those potions have made you extra horny, right? If you get too embarrassed when you go home and analyze all of this, just blame that."

Hermione laughed at his words because the potions were making her extra hormonal and increased sexual need was one of the side effects. Or benefits as the Medi-witch had explained. "I'll remember that for when people find out," Hermione informed him, a smile on her face.

George smiled for a few moments, and then his face turned serious as he glanced out of the kitchen door and turned back to Hermione. "How was Fred last night?" George asked with a worried expression. "Did he wake up during the night?"

"No, he took a potion and went straight to sleep. It looked like a dreamless sleep potion," Hermione replied. She remembered George saying something about Fred struggling to sleep, but she hadn't paid it any attention the night before. "He was fine George, honestly."

George didn't look convinced but just nodded his head. He turned from her, his eyes on the stove. "How do you feel about pancakes for breakfast?"