Relieving Tension

Hermione's eyelids were rebelling against her brain's urgent demands they remain open and study thoroughly the text in front of her detailing the 1001 uses of a bezoar. Her life had become so hectic with her NEWT workload that she had completely forgotten about the extra 18 inches Snape had wanted for a supposedly 'insolent' remark in class the previous week.

Realising she'd need more resources, Hermione stood up and stretched, feeling the featherlight material of the invisibility cloak slither over her skin. It made her shiver. Quietly she ventured deeper into the depths of the restricted section. Her fingers traced over the spines of various tomes. If she had only been using her eyes she probably wouldn't have noticed it but her fingers snagged on what she thought was a page sticking out.

Being a stickler for bookish order, Hermione moved her lamp to the offending section. To her surprise it wasn't a wayward book but a magazine stuffed in between Taming the Tempestuous Tarantalugra and Tarrot Reading for the Blind Witch or Wizard. Curious, she eased it out.

Her jaw almost hit the floor. On the front cover of the slightly peeling issue was a pair of ginger twins, in Gryffindor uniform...but that wasn't what had stunned Hermione. They were topless, and fondling each other's breasts. The once-scarlet title read "HORNY HOGWARTS HUSSIES".

She hurried back to her little table, and snuck the magazine and the lamp both under the cloak to have a closer look. She turned the first page. Explicit moving pictures swarmed in front of her.

In the first a lithe, long-haired platinum blonde Slytherin girl was sprawled on a green leather sofa with her legs spread wide apart revealing her hairless pussy. A dark-skinned muscled boy was eagerly licking up her thigh making her moan in anticipation.

Hermione's face went bright red and she felt herself begin to tingle. Without even realised she was doing it she slid a hand under her skirt and began to rub herself through her panties.

On the next page the images were even racier. A sandy-haired boy lay on a pile of silken cushions while a plump, ebony-haired Ravenclaw girl with porcelain skin handled his erection expertly, teasing the tip with her dark lips. A petite, pretty Hufflepuff girl moaned in obvious ecstasy as two other students sucked at her breasts.

Hermione felt herself becoming wetter. She slid her panties down her legs to allow better access and pulled her bra off. It was almost 3 am. Even Filch would be fast asleep by now, there was no danger.

She began to tweak her hardening nipples with one hand, relishing the delightful twinges of pleasure, and continued to rub her swelling clit with the other.

On the next page an athletic Gryffindor girl rode the cock of an older boy hard, her breasts bouncing up and down while her housemate sat on his face, writhing in pleasure. A feisty looking Slytherin girl with brown pigtails was taking one man in her mouth and gently teasing at the clit of a smaller, red-haired Ravenclaw.

Hermione was slick with lust now, and focused all her efforts on her clit and pussy lips. She turned the page and gasped as she saw what looked to be a professor bending a student over a high desk and fucking them from behind. She stuck two fingers inside herself and slid them in and out in pace with her beating heart.

Aware that she was doing it but past the point of caring Hermione let out loud moans. Finally all the workload was completely wiped from her mind as all she could focus on was her primal desire for pleasure. She was soaring, rising on the wave of her orgasm, could feel it carrying her to the brink. Her legs began to shake and she moaned louder than ever, whispering "fuck" amongst the guttural sounds. She was at the point of ecstasy when –


The sound nearly stopped her heart. In one adrenaline-fuelled move she leapt to her feet, knocking her candle over and in the process letting the invisibility cloak slip from her shoulders. She stood, frozen still, illuminated only by the moon's rays. A chill touched every part of her body as she realised she was standing with her panties round her ankles in front of someone who'd heard her...who knows how long for.

"Well, well, well Miss Granger. What have we here."

The deep, rich tones of Severus Snape sent trails of fear and panic down into the depths of her stomach.