Snape advanced until his face was extremely close to his student's; his hooked nose nearly brushing her flushed forehead. Hermione's chest heaved and that sweet pink pygmy puff of romance that was born of devouring her mother's Mills & Boone novels fluttered in her chest at the idea Snape was going to kiss her. Slowly she tilted her face upwards and waited. But he leaned past her head, to reach the bonds that tied her to the desk. As he moved, his erection pressed against her thigh and Hermione felt as if she was going to faint from arousal.

She was released from the desk but her wrists were still bound. With a swiftness that startled he pulled her hands in front of her and secured them together in a bewitched knot. Hermione gulped. Perhaps this was going to be a more severe punishment than she thought.

Snape retreated towards a door at the side of his office, leading, Hermione presumed, to his private quarters. With a tug at her bonds she slipped off the desk, but weak with passion her knees could not support her and she fell to the cold stone floor.

Immediately Snape was at her side, and then she was in his arms. His breathing was fast and hot on her face.

"Granger," he murmured, "I had assumed I had your consent was given due to our mutual...reaction to the situation but perhaps I was over-hasty. Is this what you want?"

Hermione smiled and raised her bound hands over Snape's head, bringing their faces together. She leant forward and kissed him deeply, pressing her chest close to him as she did. Wet and hot and unlike anything she had ever experienced before this kiss took her breath away. When they finally broke apart he vanished the ropes and led her by the hand into his quarters.

In keeping with the theme of his abode they were dark, but with some luxury. The bedspread looked like black satin, or maybe even silk. There was a long bookcase filled with myriad volumes that comprised the east wall. Had Hermione's mind been in its usual studious place she would have gone straight to the tomes, but at this current moment in time she was imagining Snape fucking her hard up against the very same wall.

Her professor sat on the end of his bed and began to remove his outer garments. She went to him and slowly sank to her knees.

"You take the top and I'll -" instead of finishing her sentence she took the lace of his britches between her teeth and pulled gently. Speeding the process along with her hands she released Snape's bulging erection from his pants.

They both took a breath as Hermione lowered her head. Her eyes widened at his impressive girth. While not the longest she'd seen (Krum's had to take that title) it was thick enough to make her throb in anticipation.

"My, my professor," she whispered, the tingling of her skin and the heat in her core making her bold. She slid a palm experimentally along his shaft and earned a deep groan from her fully erect teacher.

Emboldened by his enthusiasm she pushed him further onto bed and clambered on after, swinging her leg over him so that her wet slit was mere centimetres away from touching the throbbing head of his cock. With a wild intensity in her eyes she ran her hands up the long lines of his body, pulling his black shirt over his head and admiring his dark-haired chest. He was skinny, there was no denying that, but some decent muscle tone covered his lean frame.

Snape reached up and fondled one of Hermione's breasts, thumb circling then pinching her hard nipple and she sighed in ecstasy, lowering her hips gently down so that her cunt was in contact with his shaft. Slowly, tantalisingly, teasingly she began to rub her wet slit along his length, which she felt twitch and pulsate.

"Fuck," he gasped, "Granger - what are you doing?"

"Getting even," She said before bending and kissing along the side of Snape's neck, up to his earlobe which she nipped gently.

He let the pleasurable torture continue for a minute or so more until his balls felt about ready to burst. With a guttural growl he grabbed her hip with one hand and his own shaft with the other. Firmly gripping her he stopped the gentle rocking and positioned himself at her slick entrance.

"Are you ready?"

Suddenly blushing, Hermione whispered, "Please could you go on top?"

Snape smirked at the oddly shy request given how brazenly she'd just been cock-teasing him. But he didn't turn down the offer of more control over this limber, wet, nubile young girl.

She rolled onto her back and he positioned himself between her spread legs. He placed one hand on her soft cheek and steadied her gaze so she was looking directly at him. With a tenderness she hadn't thought possible of her sour, dour old Potions master stroked her cheek with his thumb and questioned her silently with those sharp, black eyes.

She bit her lip, nodding slowly and he entered her. Hermione's hands shot out and clutched the bedclothes, gasping as she felt his cock fill her up slowly and relieve that deep longing that had been building up for weeks. Snape began to rock his hips gently, relishing the tightness of her cunt.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she whispered, fingers fluttering open and closed on the sheets.

Snape paused, "Am I hurting you?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "No. Well, a little - but in a good way. Don't. Stop."

And with that she moved her hips into his next downthrust, pushing him further into her cunt. A deep, uncontrollable groan of ecstasy erupted from Snape who had not felt a pleasure so intense in years. Unable to spare a thought for his partner's youth and inexperience he began to move in and out of her at a far faster pace.

With every thrust Hermione felt her wave of pleasure crest a little higher and she began to make quiet whimpers of pleasure, her breathing ragged. Snape smirked and adjusted his hips, feeling his whole length sheathed in her tightness.

With a suddenness that took her by surprise Hermione climaxed and screamed out in pleasure, feeling every cell in her body tingle, her toes-curl and a mind-numbing blackness cover her vision.

The Potions master jerked unevenly when he felt her cunt clench around him, and the aftermath of her orgasm pulsating around his shaft. All it took was a few more thrusts before he spilled his load in several successive hot bursts inside her.

Both panting, he lay down by her side and tried to regain composure. A few minutes passed in relative silence – the only sound to be heard their laboured breathing slowly returning to normal.

"Do not get comfortable Granger," Snape drawled, "You are to return to your rooms immediately."

Hermione blushed and felt her stomach drop – of course this had not been a romantic encounter, but a dirty little tryst. She wriggled off the bed, trying to fight back tears.

Attempting to cover her dignity with her hands she left the bedroom and returned to Snape's office to retrieve her clothes.

She donned her crumpled shirt and skirt but as she went to pick up her slightly damp pink panties, someone beat her to it. Snape, clad in a black dressing gown, held them in his hands as one would hold a trophy.

"I think I shall be keeping these Miss Granger. Next time you feel the urge to act superciliously in my classroom, I will know that our little prefect is in fact nothing but a lusty harlot."

This would have brought on tears without the accompanying clutch that followed it. Snape grabbed the small of her back and pressed her to his chest. He bent and ghosted his lips to her ear, the sensation making her shudder.

"Now I know that not a single word of this encounter will be divulged to anyone, don't I Miss Granger?"

"I won't say anything," she murmured.

"Good," Snape purred in her ear, stroking down her waist and leg possessively.

"But who knows when you might find me in the library…misbehaving again?" Hermione said, turning her head so they were eye to eye and biting her lip.

Snape felt his prick twitch in excitement.

"I look forward to it."