Breakout by Androidfish7

It was a long, starry night. Year 4045, and Byron Winger and his friend, Michael Green, were at the local bar, just chatting it up. The friendly bartender emerged from the kitchen. "What can I get for you?" He said. "Just a couple drinks" Byron replied, as the bartender turned on the television as he went to pour a couple of glasses. "It's a bad night out I hear" Michael said, but Michael was making a bad understatement, as the news crew on the television begged to differ. "In more news tonight, it appears that 45% of Los Angeles was swept by the infection, killing or badly wounding and eventually killing them all. It seems that this is the N-5 Virus returning, as scientists have observed it to be. We currently have a team stationed at a Los Angeles airport, let's send it to them." the reporter said, as the camera shifted to a crew, who might have been in L.A, but they were not at an airport, and they were disorganized. The reporter looked very distraught. "IT'S HELL OUT HERE! YOU CAN'T EVEN WALK THROUGH THE STREETS WITHOUT THOSE INFECTED BLOODSUCKERS GETTING A PIECE OF YOU! THEY KILLED CHERYL! SEND HELP PLEASE!" The reporter screamed to the camera, as a rabid hissing sound, followed by a banging sound, was heard nearby, as the reporter turned in horror. "Oh no... They found us" The reporter said, as the cameraman was apparently tackled, because the camera fell to the ground, and deathly shrieks were heard, as a trickle of blood appeared in front of the camera. The camera shifted back, but the bartender shut off the television. "Try to forget what just happened" the bartender asked. "Look! More of them!" Michael cried, as it appeared that 12 or 13 zombies, they identified, were heading right for the bar! "Take out your weapons! Let's get out of here!" Byron said, as Michael and Byron scrambled out, but not before Byron turned to the bartender. "Come on! We have to get out!" Byron exclaimed. "No way, I built this place and paid for the land, I'm defending it" the bartender replied, as he took out a Highlander double barreled shotgun. Byron took out a Five Seven, a simple semi automatic pistol, which would have to do. Michael took out a Dragunov SVD that he had just used for hunting a few hours before. "Change of plans Michael, we're defending" Byron said. "Copy that" Michael said.