Breakout by Androidfish7

Carley reloaded the M82A2, and strived to get Byron to safety. Byron took out a Colt Python and began picking off some zombies as they entered the building. All of a sudden, some zombies that were running while lit on fire entered the building, they appeared to be a lot faster and a lot more durable, as it took Byron far more shots to kill a Flaming Zombie compared to a normal Zombie. Carley then found a bathroom door, as Carley put Byron in the door, and using some nearby Janitor's keys, Carley locked the bathroom door. Carley then hoisted up the M82A2 and took aim at the seemingly thousands (there were actually 500) zombies in the school. Carley killed about 6 before having to reload, the Flaming Zombies were going to be an issue. Carley then dashed outside, and nearly ran right into another small horde about to enter the school from the front door. Carley dashed outside the front door, barely avoiding the onslaught of all these zombies. Meanwhile, the Black Titan was still going strong, as it began to run for Carley. Carley tried to get out of the way, as the Black Titan's blow thankfully missed barely, but a Flaming Zombie came from behind and slashed at Carley, a direct hit to the back, which also left a searing scar that began to bleed very quickly. Carley stood up quickly and began to run towards Karie and Eustace, as Karie stepped forward, RPG in arms, as Karie took the attention off of Carley with an RPG shot to the Black Titan, drawing it off of Carley. All of a sudden, when all seemed lost, and Karie had run out of RPG rockets, a small chopper flew in over the school building. Immediately it flew down to the ground, and Blake Winger stepped out of the chopper, armed with a massive Maxi Caraspace armor, a GAU 19 with extended clips to 900 rounds, and the Avenger in pocket. "Everyone in the chopper!" Blake commanded, as, somewhat startled by Blake's sudden appearance, Karie, Eustace, and Carley ran for the chopper. Blake then fired into the angry Black Titan, and after Blake ran out of GAU 19 clips, Blake took out The Avenger, which was roaring with power due to the wounds of the group, and Blake impaled the Black Titan. This did so much damage, that the Black Titan exploded, and black acid came flying out of the body, yet this did not effect Blake or the zombies surrounding. Blake picked up the GAU 19, reloaded it, and finished off the massive horde in 1 clip. After all the zombies were dead, Carley left the chopper and re-entered the school. Carley went to the bathroom, unlocked it with the Janitor's keys, and entered, grabbing Byron, and leaving the school. Blake, watching out for Carley, watched as Carley boarded the chopper, as Blake entered the chopper. "Not a moment too soon eh?" Blake asked, as the chopper began to spin up, and it ascended off the ground. "Not at all, nice timing" Eustace said, as Blake turned to Carley. "We have not met. Name's Blake (shakes Carley's hand), I am assuming you were a part of their group?" Blake asked. "Yes, I believe KArie mentioned something about being married to you? It is an honor to meet someone who is partners with such a good shot. Pleasure to meet you" Carley replied. "What happened with Byron?" Blake asked. "Byron nearly got killed when we got invaded by the Y.A.L.E" Eustace replied. "If it weren't for Brian and Michael's medical abilities, Byron would be dead" Karie said. "Michael Green? Ha, how is that guy? Where is he?" Blake asked, as Blake scanned the expression on Karie's face. "No way! Michael? Augh, this is truly sad. And this Brian guy?" Blake asked. "Devoured by zombies" Eustace replied. "Oh dear, sometimes it's the best of us that get taken out. Kind of like my father. And the other Masters, yet here I still am, here we all still are. We are still here for a reason. I was unable to track down where the next Commander is, but I believe I found another lead on a Commander, the Commander of Acid, called Commander Purple." Blake said. Karie then remembered something. "I have something you may want to see" Karie said, as Karie handed Blake the "Welt Storung" book. "Haha, well, I suppose we have all learned to heed my father's advice, eh? Haha that Black Titan may have been a handful for you guys, but think about it, you guys were not going to be prepared without the knowledge of my father, and as we all know, being unprepared may lead to an untimely death... Or worse..." Blake said, as the chopper eventually reached Blake's house in the heavens. Carley stepped out and looked around. "This is amazing. Me, I have always been an Atheist, so this comes as amazing to me." Carley said in awe. "Karie, please show our guests inside, while I pack my bags, I am heading out soon to search for Commander Purple." Blake said, as Karie did so. It had been a victory for the group, as life would return to a peaceful state for everyone. Blake now needed to head out to start eliminating the Commanders, beginning with Commander Purple, but for now, everyone was safe.

The End