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Marvelous looked up, smiling up at the sight of his ship floating above him. He sat up, seeing the rest of his team, as well as the Go-Busters and the 6 other riders, lying next to him.

"Looks like the planet is back to being normal," Luka stated cheerfully, as she helped up Don and Joe.

"Thank god for that," Yoko replied, "Now all we have to do is deal with any stray Buglars. That is, unless Enter came back…"

"Knowing how resilient he is, he'll show up again," Ryuji chuckled.

"We should probably get back to the Energy Management Center," Hiromu stated, getting onto Nick while he was in motorcycle mode, "Thank you for the help, Gokaiger. Hopefully, we will fight alongside each other again someday."

"We're looking forward to it," Marvelous replied, saluting the Go-Buster. Hiromu smiled, then drove off on his motorcycle, while a black van came by, in which Ryuji, Yoko, and J got into it as they drove to the Center, and Jin suddenly disappeared into data.

"I must admit, that was some crazy adventure!" Shotaro chuckled, helping his partner off the ground.

"We'd better get back to Fuuto, though," Accel, also known as Ryu Terui, stated, "Akiko's gonna have a cow if I don't hurry back home. Geez, you'd think she'd get more mellow when she's pregnant."

"P-p-pregnant?!" Eiji and Birth, known as Shintaro Goto, gasped.

"You guys didn't know? Well, it has been a while since we all last saw each other…" Shotaro admitted, getting on his bike, while Terui did the same.

Ryusei looked at his wristwatch and suddenly gasped. "Gentaro, we need to hurry! School starts in 10 minutes!"

"What?!" Gentaro shouted, "Oh man, we're gonna be late! Well, see you guys. We've gotta go!"

"Wait!" Marvelous interrupted, just before the riders were about to go, "Thank you for helping us…"

"Hey, us heroes have to watch each other's backs," Shotaro stated, getting off his bike to shake Joe's hand, "Thank you for understanding me…"

"No problem. If I'm ever around, you'll have to show me how the detective agency looks after 10 years."

Shotaro smiled, as he got back onto his bike with Phillip.

"Bye, Phillip! It was nice meeting you!" Ahim shouted out.

"You too," Philip replied, smiling.

"Eiji…" Luka murmured, a bit shy, "I just wanted you to know, I'm glad you were there to save me. Truth is, I've kinda…"

Suddenly, Eiji did something neither Luka nor anyone else would expect. He moved inwards, as the two suddenly locked lips, suprising the Gokaiger and Luka most of all.

"I'll miss you, Luka," Eiji replied, getting onto his motorcycle and driving off, with Goto following behind him.

Marvelous chuckled at the events that had just come down, as he looked over at Gentaro. Together, the two did a friendship handshake, and then the two groups departed.

They say the universe is full of mystery and endless possibility, and while that may be true, some mysteries may be closer than you think. Lillian and I were able to see this first hand, with the appearance of a male who was revealed to be connected with Lil and a mysterious woman, which led us into a case across space and time…

"Sakura, hurry up!" Akiko shouted, "We have a case to take care of, and I don't want to have to wait for you!"

Sakura sighed, looking at the typewriter that she was typing on, recalling the experience she'd had.

"C'mon, Sakura. You can finish it up later," Lillian stated, climbing out of the treehouse to start a new mystery.

"In a sec!" Sakura replied, as she finished writing the case up.

Overall, Lil and I learned that not all is as it seems. Sometimes you just gotta take a peek through the looking glass to find the truth, and plunge into a new world of adventure.

Tatsuya looked at the time gate, sighing heavily as his teammates stood behind him.

"So… I guess this is it, huh?" Tatsuya asked.

"I guess so. We can't have the timeline changed any further…" Yuuri managed to say, obviously trying to fight back tears.

Tatsuya sighed, trying hard not to look Yuuri in the eyes. "Yuuri, I just want you to know… I will always love you…" He slowly walked toward the time ship as it prepared to depart, until he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Yuuri right behind him.

"We… we make our own destinies, Tatsuya…" Yuuri stated.

"Yuuri isn't seriously…" Sion gasped, looking in disbelief at Ayase and Domon.

"I don't think we could stop her even if we wanted to…" Ayase replied, looking at the two. In his hands was an old picture of Yuuri and Tatsuya in the 21st century holding a young child in their arms.

"Hey, where did you get that picture?" Domon asked.

"I found it in the archives. Apparently, this was all meant to happen afterall…" Ayase smiled, as the three watched their friends board the time ship together to start the rest of their lives.

"So, Luka, how did that kiss feel?" Gai and Don joked as the Gokaigers sat down in the Gokai Galleon.

"You… you two shut up!" Luka shouted, her cheeks turning a bit red. She got up, grabbing the two of them by their shirts, and lifting them off the ground.

"So, Captain, we've defeated the Zangyack, we've beaten Chronos… what do we do now?" Joe asked.

Marvelous looked at Joe, his closest friend and first mate, and smiled, laying back in his chair. "I think we should take a vacation. I mean, we're heroes, eh? Heroes deserve a break every once in a while…"

"Yosha!" Gai shouted, breaking out of Luka's choke hold, "I think we should go to Italy… or maybe England! I've always wanted to see London! Or maybe…"

Ahim smiled as Gai continued to talk while Luka held Don in a choke hold. Even if she'd spent about a year in space with them, it was good that things were back to the way they were and she was with her shipmates… her family… once again.

"Navi!" Marvelous ordered, looking at the robotic bird, "Prep the ship for departure. We're going off on an adventure!"

"Yes sir!" Navi chirped, as the Gokai Galleon prepared for another amazing voyage.

Looking out at a spawling city, a young man in a suit with brown hair stood. He held a strange lock in his hand that looked similar to a melon, which had a label of LS – 04 on it. He continued to lock and unlock the device, as he stood looking out the tall window of the tower he was in.

Suddenly, he heard a beep from the monitor behind him, as a man with black hair that had a streak of white in it as it fell to the side of his face appeared on the screen.

"This better be important, Ryoma…" the man in the suit stated.

"I am pleased to let you know that I analyzed the data on the current fights of these 'Kamen Riders' as well as the one known as Chronos, and we are currently working on our own design for their transformation devices."

"Very good," the man, Takatora Kureshima, replied, "You have done very well, Sengoku. Prepare the prototype devices soon. It's going to be a busy year…"

The End?

Notes: So, nice and short little chapter that hopefully will have surprised everyone! First, I bring all the shipping issues to order. I'm not sure if Eiji was being a bit OOC at that point, but I think it was a good finisher to the shipping thing that I was hinting at with Luka and Eiji.

Now, for Timeranger. I honestly think that Tatsuya and Yuuri should FINALLY end up together, because sometimes you just want to disregard canon and space-time entirely! Heck, Domon has a son in the past, so why can't Yuuri go back with Tatsuya? Overall, I did feel that there had to be some kind of closure to Timeranger, because Toei does not give the series that kind of attention.

Also, throwing in a bit of a tie-in to Gaim here. Honestly, after seeing all the episodes to date, I love how silly yet amazing Gaim actually is. Trust me, I had really low hopes for this series when it was in production, but I've eventually come to like it as it is. I think that Yggdrasill Corporation would have copied the design of past rider belts and use them to make the Sengoku Drivers. I was thinking about making a sequel to this fanfic featuring Gaim and Wizard's cast teaming up with the Kyoryuger, but I think that'll be for another time. Tell me if you would like me to make that, though.

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