The newly crowned King Simba let out a sigh as he pondered on the thoughts that had been troubling him. Looking over the sleeping Pride Lands he now ruled, Simba thought of the struggles to claim the land and the struggles he felt sure were to come.

"Simba," He turned and smiled as he turned and saw his queen, his best friend "what's wrong?" Nala cuddled up to her new husband and King, burying her head in his luscious mane.

"It's nothing important, La" He answered softly as a small purr escaped his throat. He loved being this affectionate with her, to be able to feel her soft fur when he wanted. "I was just thinking about my new life"

"Which part?" She inquired as she slightly disentangled herself from him. She knew that it would be hard for him to admit what he thought, and she knew that he was unsure if he was going to be a good King.

"The part where… I'm responsible for the land my father left behind" Nala felt the lion stiffen and saw a dark shadow fall over his face, though it was bathed in moon light. "I don't know if I can do this right, La"

"Oh, Simba… Why would you think that? You've been King for only a few months and already the rains have come to make the food grow and the herds have returned. In a few months, you've washed away the tyranny of Scar" Nala shivered as a cold breeze danced over them.

"But, La, what if I fail? What if I'm no better than Scar?" Nala didn't answer as her husband let out a long sigh. "My father used to say that a King knew he was doing the right thing when the land sang" He sighed again and bowed his head "I haven't heard it sing" Nala shook her head and placed her paw over Simba's.

"Listen" She whispered, the two of them falling as silent as the stars. Simba listened to the sounds of his home. He heard crickets chirping, leaves and grass rustling in the breeze and the calls of the nocturnal creatures. "Don't you hear the land singing now? Every rustle of the leaves or blades of grass, every hoot of the owl is part of the song. When Scar was King, there was no song because there was no life in the Pride Lands. The land had become an extension of the Elephant Graveyard and the life left the Pride Lands, but you changed that and brought back the song" She cuddled up to him and felt him embrace her as he wrapped his paws around her "The land always sang for you, you just had to hear it" The two fell silent as they gazed back up at the stars, both content in their embrace as they listened to the song of the land, feeling the presence of the great Kings of the past.

"Thanks, Nala" Simba broke the silence as he looked up towards the star encrusted sky before looking down at his Queen "You always know what to say" She purred as he nuzzled around her neck and nuzzled him back. Pulling away, she wordlessly headed for the den, stopping at the entrance and turning back to look at him. With a small chuckle, Simba followed his Queen and entered the den with her. Winding their way around the sleeping bodies of the other lionesses, Nala and Simba quietly settled on the raised platform at the back of the den. Lying down, Nala snuggled up to Simba as he bowed his head over her back and let out a contented sigh. He now understood what his father had meant all that time ago and he felt his heart lighten. He no longer feared the prospect of failure but rather looked forward to seeing how much he could accomplish during his reign.