A/N: Now you all know what I've been cooking up, since PoH refuses to allow Ch. 8 to be written! Hope you guys enjoy part 2!

Anyone guess why I chose the name "Respiro?"

Italics = thoughts

Yugi's jaw dropped. Respiro! Who was Respiro? Why not Savannah? He looked over at his friend, who was sitting on a bench, arms crossed, smiling at his confusion. She winked at him.

The man in question sauntered up, hands in his pockets. Even while he was being presented to everyone else, he refused to lower his hood and take off his glasses. Yugi narrowed his eyes at him, a little peeved that he couldn't face his teacher, that he had to battle someone else instead.

Well, he thought, it makes sense that there's someone stronger than Savannah. He decided to put it out of his mind.

"I will personally be refereeing this match," Lavender announced. She checked their teams, their options, and nodded. "Let the finals begin!"

Samurott entered the field. He could see, in his mind's eye, the Pokemon taking up a battle stance, growling. Unfortunately, they were opposed by a Serperior, who kicked off with Coil. Taking a gamble, he decided to use Encore to trap it for a while, giving him time to do damage.

Of course, if Respiro was smart, he would switch out. He made a rookie mistake, however, and stayed in. Yugi watched him grind his teeth while he battered the grass snake with a barrage of Aqua Jets and Hydro Pumps.

Yugi watched him sit there helplessly. This guy beat Savannah? Suddenly realizing he wasn't doing enough damage, and feeling sorry for his opponent, he ordered his Samurott to use Return, testing the happiness of his Pokemon for the first time. The move was majorly effective, finishing the Serperior off.

Next saw an Archeops opposing Samurott. Yugi opted to forgo his Encore strategy, and an Aerial Ace, a Crunch, and an Endeavor later, Yugi was sending out Scolipede. As Respiro sent Archeops in for another Aerial Ace, Yugi ordered an Iron Defense, and he could imagine them colliding. Scolipede was a tough customer at the best of times, Yugi knew very well, and a few Steamrollers finished him.

They went like this, back and forth, Respiro taking out a Pokemon, Yugi returning in kind, until it came down to Respiro's Cofagrigus and Yugi's Swoobat.

He was horrified by Cofagrigus using Night Shade; he almost won with that. But Heart Stamp was having a good run, making Cofagrigus flinch twice in a row, ending the potential disaster. Double Team, Double Team, Psychic, evading attacks...a missed Heart Stamp, Return, it was done!

Yugi almost yelled out loud when he realized he won. When Lavender announced it, and Savannah, Ryou, and his other friends who came to watch him started coming over to congratulate him.

Across from him, Respiro smiled in an oddly familiar way...but then Savannah and Ryou were congratulating him, and the other man just stood and brushed past him.

"Congratulations," Respiro said softly. He kept going, saying something else.

"Someone you know, Yug'?" Joey asked, looking after his friend's opponent quizzically.

"You...could say that," Yugi said, smiling. Thanks, Atem.